Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - Having Your NIN Can Save Your Life In Nigeria...


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Thursday, March 03, 2022

Couch Convo - Having Your NIN Can Save Your Life In Nigeria...

The National Identification Number (NIN) is supposedly needed a Nigeria for a lot of things.....

After reading this you will realize that the NIN can save your life in Nigeria....

A Blog Visitor Sent this in Today Thursday March 3,2022...

''A lady came to my office some days back ,her sister was having difficulty in delivery so they booked Her for Caesarean Section.

The family was able to raise some money and paid into her account, by the time she went to the bank to withdraw she was told she had to update her account before she can withdraw the money.....

The Bank requested for her NIN but she didn't have, She tried to beg them to release the funds since it was an emergency but they told her there was nothing they can do without her NIN.

She had to come to my office to do her NIN and went back to the hospital empty handed since NIN takes 21 days before it becomes active.

Lucky enough for her when a doctor saw her crying in the hospital, he asked her what the problem was, she explained and showed him her withdrawal slip and her NIN enrollment slip. He also went with her to the labour ward and saw the sister in labor that was when he gave her 200k to cover some of the cost.

It could have turned out differently.

Please and please lets go for our NIN, if your sim card is stolen you can't retrieve it without NIN. Your child that wants to write WAEC and JAMB needs NIN.

Do not wait for the dying minute before you register for one''.


  1. I did mine since last year and up to this point it hasn't been validated. Last December I was frustrated from making huge withdrawal cos of it even when I had a a pressing project I needed the money for.

    I'm still using the account even though it hasn't been validated. The bank saw reasons with me that it wasn't my fault.

    I vowed never to bribe my way over it and so shall it be.

    1. I have a NIN registration center in Ph. Registration dose not take 21 day,it's supposed to be 1wk,maximum 2wks,but they have a lot of back load. Tj you pay to validate. Validation takes less than 3days.

  2. She could have simply asked to close the account. No bank can force you to keep your money with them. After sorting out the NIN she can reopen the account. A bank tried similar stuff and gave me grace when I politely asked for account closure procedure.

  3. Please how do I get my NIN?

    1. You can get it from MTN GLO offices or nimc office.

  4. Replies
    1. I had the chance to do mine then, it was super easy but thank God I didn't, as I have now changed my surname.

    2. Anon you could have easily done change of name, nothing special

  5. Fulani terrorist data base to finish us off. I no go do cos it will be useless by 2023

    1. This registration process was started as far back as the GEJ years, a man who isn't Fulani. Did he also want to finish us off?

      Tracking calls and bank accounts to people has its security benefits. Pantami has not done enough to renounce his terrorist inclinations in my opinion but that doesn't take away from the utility of systems like NIN and BVN. Without using much tech, Fulanis know where non Fulanis are in their neighborhood and vice versa. The ethnic and religious clashes and farmer and herdsmen crisis have proved that.


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