Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal -The Institution Called Marriage Part 2


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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal -The Institution Called Marriage Part 2

Recall that in Part I, Ade left the house for some days, to cool off. His sojourn in the hotel was brief as he returned home after some days.

I forgot to add that Jane actually informed Ade that the children were not his and threatened to take them away from him, but as we speak, none of the parties has subjected any of the boys to a DNA test. Ade holds the view that they are his anyway, and the boys actually look like him.

Things got so bad in Ade and Jane's home to the extent that Ade was banished to the living room and the few times he attempted to sneak into his supposed bedroom to ease himself at night, Jane refused to let him in as she constantly locked herself in the room whilst she engaged in endless telephone conversations with unidentified persons.

Jane is a millennium mother who holds the view that bonding with children or husband is outdated, so I need not write about her relationship with the boys.

Gradually, Jane graduated to the point of going to work and not returning home for a period of two to three weeks. In all of this, and surprisingly too, Ade never attacked her physically but he confronted her on few occasions to register his protestations but all his entreaties fell on deaf ears.

Wait until you've heard this part before you pass your final judgment.

 In the last days leading to the "exit" of Ade from the home, Jane graduated to a point where she started cooking for her suspected "new catch" in the apartment which she shared with Ade, every Sunday after which a dedicated Uber driver would come for pickup. Meanwhile, Jane stopped cooking for Ade over 5 years ago, or should I say that Ade stopped eating Jane's meal, for obvious reasons.

Conclusively, Ade's final decision may shock most of us. Ade did not committ suicide. Ade did not stab or shoot Jane. Ade simply walked out of the matrimonial home but he continues to provide for his sons and continues to discharge his paternal duties towards the boys. For now, he hasn't approached the court for a divorce and he has not got himself involved with any other woman. He is hale and hearty.
I think his case is a peculiar one.

Thank you for reading Ade's story to the end.

Please note: For obvious reasons, the writer has elected to leave out some sensitive portions of the story and tweaked some of the characters and events.


  1. Ade really exercised the patience of Job.

    I hope he finds a good woman someday

    1. If only he fasted and prayed harder, she would have changed.
      It is good he made compromises to accommodate Jane and was not violent. But I think he too should look at himself and make sure he isn't adding unnecessary weight and looking good.

      Has he tried MFM? Spiritual wife might also be responsible. He should keep praying to break generational curses. What God can not do does not exist.

    2. War room, holy oil and midnight prayer after full day fast. The devil is a liar.

      Oga Ade needs to forgive madam, learn the lesson from this experience, heal, confirm paternity of the children and start his own life with his actual wife, not the polyamory involving mummy and the maid. He deserves happiness.

    3. Sapphire is saw what you did.🤣🤣🤣


      Man go and watch war room. Good accomplished women are scarce O. Remember God cannot give you load you can't carry. Please go for deliverance and remain a supportive husband. Don't forget your wedding vows.

  2. Which kind of stupid millennium mum that would not want to bond with her children. Anyway I know at the end Jane will regret all what she's doing.

  3. Ade is a Practicing Christian.

  4. Ade tried, he is an example of what some men should be like. its not gra gra and gbas-gbos beatings all the time, in times like this you just have to see it as what it is and take an honorable exit like ade did.

  5. This life! The best thing is for him to move out,but Jane will definitely reap what she sows

  6. Wishing Ade the best out there... His type is really rare this days... I wonder what we women sometimes want, you get a good man you complain, you get a bad man you still complain... Hmm.
    In all may God give us partners just as we are so at the end of the day there'll be peace... Therefore if you want the best, you should also be the best in whatever you do and vice versa ✌️

  7. Nowadays men dey pack comot for house leave am for women. Nobody ready to die on top marriage palaver again.

  8. Wow. Ade is one strong man.

  9. He learned to bear his cross and took to heart the saying "it's not greener on the other side" except it's AstroTurf.

  10. Hmmmm... Who sent oga Kunle to be twerking, sorry, tweaking our gist na? Is that how you used to do? Hian! Stop diluting correct gist na. Haha!

    I guess I imagined a different ending to their story. Ade is either a rare breed or the fear of his "rich" inlaws made him "tolerate" their excesses for zo long, too long. In all, it's good to know he is doing well mentally and emotionally. Better days ahead.


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