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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - The Institution Called Marriage..

This story is a must read!!!

I have the kind permission of an associate to share his story with the rest of the world. Kindly grab your popcorn and drink, recline your seat and enjoy this short love story.

Ade and Jane (not real names) met some years ago. Theirs was love at first sight, who says love at first sight does not exist still? 

The two lovebirds were inseparable.

 They got friends and enemies alike green with envy. However, trouble started during preparation for the events leading to their wedding. Jane wanted an elaborate wedding, but Ade wanted a living room wedding party. Jane comes from a well known family and her mum belongs to several social circles. "Ade must be sick!" Retorted mama. "What's wrong with that boy?" Eventually, Ade bowed to pressure and Jane's family won the battle. 

Their wedding party was topnotch.

There was actually no honeymoon for the newly wed. Why go on honeymoon when mama was willing to move in with them on their wedding night? Like they say, after the wedding comes the marriage. Jane went back to work almost immediately and Ade assigned a driver to Jane, even though Ade had none but who cares? I love my wife, and no big deal afterall. 

Ade's business nose-dived and his fortunes started to dwindle. 

He had to relieve the driver of his appointment and Jane would not touch the steering with a long pole, so Ade had to step into the driver's shoes. They both lived in the city so it wasn't so convenient for Ade to do office runs to and fro everyday since he had to hustle as well but Jane would not take "any of that crap" from Ade. 

Thank God mama was now permanently living with the duo and this protective mama who had graciously accompanied the beloved daughter to her matrimonial home would call Ade and command him to leave whatever he was doing and go and pick Jane from the office. 

"Who born monkey!"" 

Mama succeeded in raising Ade to obey the last order. This malaise continued unabated over a long period of time. At a stage, Ade dreaded going to his own supposed home and unfortunately (or fortunately) for him, he doesn't club smoke or drink, being a staunch Christian.

The kids started rolling in, but Jane being a career mother, her maternal responsibility ended immediately after delivery, remember she had to go back to work after a few weeks? She's a high flier and on a very serious note, she has done so well for herself in her career. Recall that Ade's business had now nose-dived but he was still struggling to make ends meet but Jane and mama failed to get used to the reality of Ade'!s new status and that marked the beginning of his woes.

Jane started driving herself around, did I hear you say finally? Yes. It became stressful for Jane at some point and she had to engage the services of one of the junior staff in her office who was now driving her home. At this point, she had driven Ade away from the matrimonial room to the living room. 

The kids occupied one of the rooms whilst the junior staff who assisted with driving was given the guest room. At this point mama had relocated but she continued to monitor the activities of the home from her new location. Ade forged ahead and Jane too carried on with her life but at this point there was no love lost between both of them.

Ade got the first shocker of his life when he went for PTA meeting in his son's school and the boy's class teacher asked him an innocuous question "please sir, how many fathers has this boy because there is a particular man who has been coming around before you". 

Ade was so mad that he quickly put a call through to Jane to confront her with this startling revelation. An unruffled Jane simply responded that it was that same boy she had brought into the house. Few minutes later, the boy called Ade and dressed him down. Ade is the calmest gentleman I've ever met in my life.

In a nutshell, it was alleged that Jane was/is having an affair with the said boy. After six months, Jane eventually rented an apartment for the boy and their romance sizzled throughout the whole summer.

Few years after, Jane met another guy, a wealthy one this time around and during one of mama's visits to the country Jane brought her new catch to the home to come and meet mama. Behold Ade walked in and met dude but trust Mama, she took charge. All Ade could do was to go inside, change his dress and disappear from home for some days but "only him one still waka come back".

I think it is safe to conclude or pause here, for now.

*I am so upset, please come back and finish this story.......come back!!!!


  1. The destiny of all SIMPs is to be disrespected, cheated on and treated like trash. They're actually trash tho.

    This they can't escape.


    1. Ade should have done better with his business. Women from wealthy homes are accustomed to men being the main provider. Ade really should have married from his class. And of course she had to return to work immediately after giving birth since her husband had no income. Poor Jane.

    2. wait, did we read the same story? So Jane and her mother are justified for treating Ade this way because things became hard for him? Jane is justified for cheating on him?

      I agree with you on one thing though: Ade should have married his class

  2. To think she has one of the very few good men around and decided to mess it up. Or was he good because he didn't have money? Men always show their true colour when they have money and only the wife knows better.

  3. You got us hooked with this story and left us hanging.

  4. This life sha...person wen get head e nor get cap while the one wen get cap nor get head

  5. I am following this story like Google map. Come and finish it please. But braa Kunle, e buru sha. How can you leave us hanging like this till next Saturday. Me wey no dey take ear hear say story and drama don burst. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  6. Honestly you must finish this story! This is unacceptable! Some mother-in-laws are the ones wrecking marriages,what a shame!

  7. Marriage is not a bed of roses. People are going through a lot in the name of marriage. Until people start realizing that marriage is not a do or die affair, and marriage isn't for everyone. No one deserve to be in an emotional abuse relationship all in the name of marriage. Even Jesus said in Mattew 19:11-12 that "Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life. it requires a certain aptitude and grace. Ade and Jane case is like my brother in law's case. His wife moved out of their matrimonial home 9 months ago abandoned their two young children with their father. We found out last months that she has eloped with her coworker boyfriend to another state. Her husband refused to file for divorce hoping that she will still come back after 9 months.

  8. Come back with the complete gist oga kunle

  9. Oga K, ooooooo, did you say it's true story?


  10. I've said it and will always say it.... The fate of a marriage may be known from the wedding circumstances surrounding the wedding preparations. A preparation with selfish, uncompromising attitude already signifies issues....and vice versa

  11. Plz sir, come back and finish d story πŸ™ 😒 😫


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