Stella Dimoko Nigerian Lawyer In The UK Fined For Allegedly Telling Job Seeker '' I Like What I See''


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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Nigerian Lawyer In The UK Fined For Allegedly Telling Job Seeker '' I Like What I See''

A Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal panel has fined a 48 year older United Kingdom-based Nigerian lawyer, Victor Nwosu, almost £45,000 for s#xually objectifying a young paralegal seeking her first job by making erotic remarks during an interview.

According to the Daily Mail, Nwosu interviewed the 22-year-old lady for a position at his law firm in April 2018. 

She described how he told her 'you're very pretty' and 'I only employ beautiful women' among other unwanted compliments, before quizzing her over whether she had a boyfriend or a brother.

Nwosu was quoted as telling the female candidate ‘mmm, I like what I see’ during the interview and told her to 'only wear skirts and high heels', a disciplinary hearing was told.

The young woman, who has a first class degree and a masters, said she was the first woman in her family to go to university and sobbed after the trumatic interview and reported him to regulators the next day to prevent other women being put in a similar position.

She said that she was so 'horrified' that when he briefly left the room, she messaged her friends and boyfriend, saying 'I don't know if I want to work here' adding that she felt 'scared'.

“He said that I was very, very beautiful. He told me that I have to wear skirts when I come into work, he doesn't like it when women wear trousers. He was undressing me with his eyes and he kept leaning forward and I'd lean back. I felt like an object. I felt so small. God I'm actually crying. The owner of the firm is disgusting,” she said in a message to her friends.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found him guilty and fined him £20,000 for his conduct and ordered him to pay additional costs of £23,550. 

Nwosu, who denied all the allegations, said he was happily married and called the case ‘female activism gone wrong’. He said it would be ‘rude’ for the tribunal to believe the woman over him, ‘a solicitor of the Supreme Court’. But the panel found his remarks had ‘s#xual connotations’.

-from instablog

*Why would they believe the Lady over him? She had NO proof that he said all those things.....


  1. Thank God for Africa.. our fore fathers that set standards are really th4 mvp.white men should continually being knows how to tame a lady the right way because they understand women better.

    1. That is how they would continue to diagrace you lots when you take your ancient mentality to their countries.

    2. 17:15 dont mind them. They will carry their gutter misogynistic behaviour to civilised societies where they will be cut down in a flash.
      Its not everywhere you will cry barbaric behaviour like a bingo and you will be encouraged.
      See that bufoon talmabout 'taming a women', goan learn how to tame your

  2. Happily married man spewing rubbish....he will learn to say meaningful things next time..

  3. What evidence was used in this judgment? What if the lady was lieing? I'm not saying the man is innocent but I have seen a case where a young boy was sentenced and hung to death. 70yrs later it was found out the young boy was innocent of the charge that killed him.

    I will end this comment with a quote from the football maestro Neymar, after he was exonerated from a rape accusation.

    "This has been a stage in my life I'll never forget for many reasons. Mainly for the damage it has caused me, my family and the people who really know me. If I'm being honest, I can't say I'm happy, more relieved. This scar will remind me that human beings can do good things, but also the worst.

    "Yes, my world has come crashing down and hit the ground. But as a jiu-jitsu legend once said: the ground is the final of everything, but for us it's just the beginning."

    1. Wetin dey annoy me for all these accusations be say when they find out that she lied, they won't serve her the same punishment that she wanted the man to have gotten.

      E.g false rape accusations. If the punishment for rape is 14 years imprisonment, then the punishment for false rape accusations should be the same.

      Women are Scum๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿฝ‍๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿฝ‍๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿฝ‍

    2. He has not denied saying the words though. He is only rejecting her connotations of his words with a very weak defense.

    3. Have you forgotten they are CCTV cameras almost everywhere abroad

  4. Na wah for these people ooo! Just like that? They believed what the lady said without any proof? Nobody is safe then, anybody can come up with anything and said you said it.

  5. Unlike what's obtainable here....peeps should learn how to respect their Organization and the ethics of the firm they are representing....Such a show of foolery from a married man.

    1. They take their rotten behavior to other countries where the law works. Here in Nigeria, he would even rape a job seeker and go Scot free.
      After they are bursted, they would remember they are married men with children. You would hear "I'm a responsible married man"
      Roaming dogs in human clothings.

  6. Considering how some of our Nigerian men behave when they see a beautiful woman who needs a favour from them like in that case, a job, I won't vouch for him. The way they lick their lips like dogs when they see a beautiful woman , he may have said those things.

  7. But why would the lady lie about all that?? To what end? I believe the lady...Why?you may ask.. Because Nigerian men fact most men objectify women. When they see women, they undress them...quite pathetic...please keep your perverse thoughts to yourself .

    1. If I nod you, women that are objectifying themselves and claiming body positivity is the one you're saying we are objectifying.

      People that are always looking for a reason to go naked..
      Even to protest now, na so dem go off cloth.. Wetin concern nakedness with protest๐Ÿ™„

    2. You actually underestimate what some ladies can say to either get validation, make money off someone or deal with a man.

      Women complain that men objectify women, but we all know that women also objectify men. The fact that we don't talk about it does not mean it is done to one gender only.

      Women oogle men with six packs or men with pink lips. I have pink lips, I know how many times women have told me they love my kissable lips. Isn't that objectifying me? Yet, I have never complained of such.

      I even had a colleague (i work in the UK) tell me that my wife must enjoy kissing me daily. Yet, I didn't report it. If i were to report, HR won't even do anything simply because I am a black male. They might even change it for me (and say I made it up), so I respect myself and smiled and avoided the lady for many months.

      So please this is not one gender based.

      Also, we all know a number of women lie through their teeth as long as it favours them. White women even lie more.

      Case in point, Neymar was falsely accused of rape. The police believed the girls statement over his integrity. Luckily, the dude had cameras recording his bedroom, and hence was lucky. If not, a womans little lie could have ruined his life and that of many people that his income support.

      Another case was that of Nedu's wife. She tried to paint Nedu (of Wazobia) as the deadbeat father, only to realise (with reciept) that she was the one who brought a bastard child into the family.

      Another case is that of Ronaldo, dude had consexual sex with a woman. The babe lied that he raped her. Ronaldo paid out of court to avoid losing sponsorship deals. The lady came back ten years later saying the money was not enough.

      Another case is that of a BErry Lubala blackpool footballer (english lower league). Dude was lied against by an 18 year old girl that he raped her. It turned out she was lying. Guess what, he lost his football career, started working as an amazon worker on the shop floor.

      Here's the link to the story:

      And you know what, the lady got away with the lie.

      Another one is Ched Evans. Dude lost his football career simply because a lady lied about him raping her. He lost his career, yet the dude was cleared eventually.

      Here's the link to the story:

      It took many years of fighting, many years of losing deals, losing trust of family and friend simply because one lady lies without counting the cost of how their lie will destroy the life of men.

      Yet, you claim that why would a lady lie. There are thousands of proofs out there to support what I have said.

      I just don't have the time to dig out the news story.

      So please, stop making it sound like women are angels who don't commit any lies. We know that is not true.

    3. Anon 16:24, God bless you for this great input. It was a good read.

    4. God bless you's crazy that people will try to destroy other people's lives for nothing.

  8. I doubt it very much that this solicitor was disciplined without any proof to support the lady’s allegations. It doesn’t work that way. There’s more to this story.

  9. They have proof. How else would a solicitor be fined in such a way?

    1. Actually, they can use a mere woman's word to convict a manif that woman does not have any history of lieing and has good standing.

  10. Nigerian men have carried their irresponsible character abroad tueh

    1. Always behaving like horny bingos.

  11. I wrote a comment earlier but Ma'am Stella did not post.

    To all the "real men" littering the comment section with their tiny minds.

    What the paralegal said it's true.

    Senior lawyers are notorious for their sexual harassment of their female juniors especially new wigs but cos of the Nigerian mentality of turning the other action is taken and it continues to the next.

    A SAN in Abuja here only hires fair or mixed race female lawyers only. If you like, look like Agbani as long as you're dark, he will not hire you even if you made a First Class.

    What do you call that?

    Y'all busy running to defend an obviously randy lawyer forgetting it happened in a country where the law works.

    And I will say this to all of you mitches on will ALL do the same if you were the same position.

    So leave all this your "stories" for tortoise.

    1. Olodo,
      You think you're the only lawyer here bah, always coming to shout lawyer everyday but you no get one single level..

      How many female new wigs were sponsored to the last bar conference by male senior lawyers.. I caught one of them that was exchanging porn videos with her lecturer from back in school, he was the one that sponsored her flight to and fro to the conference.. you'll see all those girls going to greet senior lawyers, smiling sheepishly and claiming to be their fans just to sell their 'market'.. Una don use to collect all the jobs finish,. Male new wigs no dey even see work again, yes, in Abuja.. Una salary no reach 50k but una dey live life of person weh dey earn 500k..

      Next time you want to say your usual nonsense, just avoid me.. I'm not Stan.. no be me break your heart

    2. For the Record..

      I'm a Real Man,. Not fake like you, sending a fake photo to IHN competition.. living for online validation from unknown people and shii

    3. Leave them up there, let them keep justifying their vile attitude by saying stuff like "after all women also objectify men", if a woman harasses you sexually as a man, report her...but of course being your scum self you will actually enjoy it ..this is not a gender war, call a spade, a spade..a decent,upright girl will not get that job because that man on top will not 'just' give her the job, without first asking to 'see her thighs', yet people like that 'real man' up there will open his mouth to call women "ashewo"...kmt...Nigeria ..indeed you have a looooong way to go!

    4. 20:11 which 'real men' are on this blog, abi una dey laff dem...๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ apart from aboy, which other dey use head for common sense and not carry generational problems.

    5. Dante's second reply ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    6. Dante...For the record no one broke my heart...I left.

      Secondly, your fellow "real man" did all that childishness and I have treated his ish directly. I don't need a blog. You really need to work harder on your insults...if you call it that.

      I schooled you on this blog once and I can do it again but alas been busy plus you're just another wimp looking for a glory on a blog owned by a woman.


      Pathetic I must say .. I only came out cos of the glaring rubbish of a write up cos it's only where women are concerned that you show . Not on politics or foreign policies...women which basically shows like the rest of your ilk that you have a tiny rabid mind as I said earlier.

      I will end this by saying this...we rise by lifting others and as such only kings make kings. No one called you a real never where and never will be.

      You ARE Nothing and as such there is nothing to come for.

      And I will say this again...I dey Abuja , state where and when I will have my driver come to you. He can show you what a REAL man looks like...LOL.

      I have to end this, you have filled up my quota for stupid people today.

      Goodbye and feel free to drop another epistle of things that never happened.


    7. do you like your wine? You are the real mvp.thanks for schooling that little child up there.

    8. never were, and you never will be.
      He doesn't come out to discuss 'politics,'foreign policies ' etc because he doesn't have the intellectual bandwidth. You want him to disgrace himself? Let him go where that single digit IQ can shine bright like a diamond abeg.

    9. LOL..
      See them..
      They want to turn the blog to a feminist blog and they hate it that I'm their problem ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

      STELLZ where my reply to the beautiful Abuja lawyer nah Lol..

      Una never know as e dey go.. Una go cry tire..

      Realest Man signing out๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  12. Wow... This is good. I pray Nigeria gets it right in the nearest future๐Ÿ™

    Even rapists walk around freely here... No justice whatsoever. May God have mercy

    1. Country that cannot give you ordinary electricity, you are talking about rights for women, LMAO.
      Keep dreaming.

    2. I t's going take a miracle to get it right in Nigeria though! Nothing works and nothing is working! It's so sad!

  13. When you conduct yourself like a dog, expect that there'll be ex and current members of staff, ex applicants, male and female alike, who will testify at such hearings when a woman is bold enough to report. They'll look through texts, emails, past history of how many colleagues you've dated and how all that started. The tone of your communication with your staff and how many you've leaned into too close or told you like what you see or how they should wear only skirts. This guy had it coming for a while.

    No one wants to start her career with this kind of drama as it spooks employers. She holds a Masters, something foreign to the credit worthy men who borrow money from women to support their business and are looking for women who earned a medical disease to marry as if MBBS/MD is a sexually transmitted disease. They have no idea what it means to walk into a room after such accomplishments only to be treated like meat in front of a wild dog. They are asking for evidence, knowing that asides the truckload of circumstancial evidence a body of professional lawyers assessed, there is nothing else she can present.

    This case is the same as the story of the Igbo corper who was raped by a useless Oba in Osun state and asked to tender a video of proof. After dragging the woman through hell, the governor of the time colluded with the judge to let the animal go Scott free. I type this with pain as a Yoruba person.

    None of the males who are begging for evidence (because from their frequent comments, even about a widow of an icon, they talk like this sick lawyer) have asked what can be the motivation of a woman just starting out in a promising career to do this. They have not stated exactly what kind of extra evidence they need that the committee of experts forgot to demand.

    From their obtuse views about a murderous cult ravaging the Igbo land they have willingly removed themselves from to the dehumanizing and insulting comments on the body of a widow of Ojukwu last week, you'll realize they are simply supporting their club member. They are the Yomi Fabiyi to this fool's Baba Ijesha.

    If you have no respect for Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu or her husband, how can you feel for the women who are being widowed and raped by the thugs your death cult armed?

    This same guy typed that those female students who were forced to miss a year if school and their principal killed have to make sacrifices of which he has made none, in fact, he has only benefited from stoking tribal conflicts for financial gain on this blog? What a legacy, gaining from pain of innocent children.

    I hope those that excuse such wickedness on this blog have their conscience revived and I can only wish the guy God's help as he has a long way to go. Unlike other hopeless irritants, he sometimes attempts to make sense so there seems to be hope.

    "I respect women", no be for mouth.

  14. 22:46 God bless you. I respect men who say it as it is. When your gender does something wrong why support it? Women on this blog condemn bad behaviour from their fellow women and praise who they feel are doing well. The real simps on this blog support any rubbish their gender does. That is why I respect Mark Morgan on this blog. And they tried to label him a simp and gang up against him on this blog because he does not tow their actions of exonerating his gender at all cost. He calls them out when they are wrong and they don't like it. Same thing they tried to do to Martins. Imagine that one saying he will 'nod' somebody up there. Real men don't need to be abusive or violent to prove their point. That lawyer got what he deserved. He thought his position would cover him in a country where laws work.

    1. Lolll, that one is a clown na.
      Even fellow imbeciles don't take him serious.


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