Stella Dimoko Senator Stella Oduah Reacts To Viral Video Of Lady Paraded Naked Because Her Husband Died While They Were Actively Intimate


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Monday, March 14, 2022

Senator Stella Oduah Reacts To Viral Video Of Lady Paraded Naked Because Her Husband Died While They Were Actively Intimate

Senator Stella Oduah has responded to a shocking viral video where a lady was paraded naked and disgraced because her husband died while they were actively intimate....

Have you seen the video?

The Press release on facebook says.....

''My attention has just been drawn to a most disheartening video clip currently doing the rounds on social media, of a young woman being publicly paraded naked under the pretext of being directly responsible for the death of her husband.

To say that I am shocked, petrified and angry is to put it mildly for I cannot for the life of me imagine that something as backward and despicable as what was showcased in those clips, still exists in today's world where there are established lawful channels for seeking redress.

No matter how grievous an alleged crime is, the law is there for redress but what we saw in those clips is nothing short of barbaric, inhumane and evil, which should be condemned by all decent human beings that have the fear of God in them.

I am distraught and do not take kindly to maltreatment of any kind, let alone, that meted on a widow who should and must be protected.

Consequently, I mandated our team to

1. Ascertain wether the distasteful incident did infact occur in any community or the alleged community in Anambra North which is Aguleri, and they have reported back that it is true.

2. We have also located the family and I've personally spoken to the widow in question and can tell you that it is indeed, a terrible case as she cannot even walk as we speak.

3. I also intend to take this widow under my wings by first ensuring that she gets proper medical attention, then enrol her under one of our numerous skill acquisition programs after which, we will ensure that she is provided with funds for her learned trade. Our team are currently on ground putting things in place to ensure she's taken to the hospital as soon as we get the nod of her family who understandably, are still quite shocked and highly protective of her as a result of the unfortunate incident.

5. I firmly believe that this terrible thing would not have happened to her if she was educated and I intend to have a sit down with her to find out the extent of her educational journey and if she is willing to go to school.

6. I have also alerted all relevant security agencies with a view to getting to the root of this matter and I will ensure that this doesn't get swept under the carpet.

Bottomline , I shall explore all options to see that this woman becomes something in life and can only offer pity to all those ignorant folks who thought that they were shaming her by their despicable actions without knowing that they were setting a dangerous retrogressive precedent in that community.

I saw children in that crowd and wondered at the kind of mindset such children would develop when they become adults and wondered how adults could allow such a travesty to happen under their watch.

Women should be protected and I fail to see the correlation between a spouse's death and whatever allegations peddled against this young woman who incidentally, the law accords innocence until proven guilty.

May God save Humanity from the debilitating scourge of Ignorance and may our women, especially the widows amongst us, be seen as human beings to be protected and treated with kindness, humanness and love.''


  1. Smh at the oppressive and ever backward plus barbaric igbo traditions..

  2. Replies
    1. These things are happening and yet they will still have mouth to talk bull. Can this ever happen to a man? I am so pained.

    2. Na this victim card dey always vex me..

      How many female thieves have you seen them naked like the way they do men?

      I have experienced both and have once said it here before, in the case of the male thief, it was a female that brought the idea of getting him naked and everyone bought it, in the case of the female thief, when she was naked, some ladies there took offence that men were ashawo and want to take advantage of the situation..

      It's this double standard I come here to point everytime and na hin dey vex Una..

      Until we all agree that both gender does evil, both are aggressors and both are victims, until then Una go call me names tire. I won't support demonising one gender just to sound politically correct. This victim card stunt has been pushed too far

      I'm just getting started Fam ✌️

    3. Dante who are the gatekeepers of this patriarchy that I mentioned? We may have male misogynists like you but to be sincere, there are a lot of female misogynists even on this blog. So, it's not about claims to victim.

      Fact remain we need to unlearn and disabuse our minds from these two mega problems.

    4. Saph..

      We also may have feminist like you, but to be sincere we have a lot of SIMP even on this blog πŸ™„

      Anyway, how do you think this problem can be solved? I say it here everytime but No, your colleagues don't want to be accountable for anything, they just want more right, but don't want more responsibilities, they enjoy the traditional role of baby girl life, but want the 21st century respect/freedom.

      Until you guys level up, that respect won't be given. It's just the truth. You guys laziness and hatred for eachother is what's enabling this bullshit..

      And it's not by coming here to shout everyday, be a real feminist, support your gender in the right things, cos the only supports you guys give is when you want to insult men or support a hoe mindset- "it's her body let her wear what she likes".. na there Una feminism/sisterhood dey end..

      Until then, Una just dey waste Una time oh🚢🚢

  3. What is the chairmen doing about it?
    The chiefs,women,men were all in support of it..
    She married the man for 8years without a child..
    The husband before he died didn't suspect it.

  4. Such a thing should not being happening at this time and age.... Why are some people still backward? Those involved in this barbaric act should be punished as a deterrent to others.

    To madam's comment and I quote "No matter how grievous an alleged crime is, the law is there for redress but what we saw in those clips is nothing short of barbaric, inhumane and evil, which should be condemned by all decent human beings that have the fear of God in them." Did she remember the fear of God when she was stealing Nigeria's national wealth for person and selfish gains?

  5. This is one victim out of a million others. The ultimate goal is a public sensitization and enlightenment program to ensure this barbaric act never repeats itself. Well done Senator

  6. I watched that video and felt very bad. Some women are really suffering. Those men that did such rubbish should be locked up. The humiliation is too much on a woman who had just lost her husband. According to a source, the man died of cardiac arrest while having sex with the wife.

    They paraded her naked walking down the village.

    1. Is the wickedness perpetrated by these men up to the cannibalism practiced by your Ipob brothers? πŸ€”

    2. Eesah nothing can get compared to the horrific way Fulani bandits kidnapped and raped vigorously The Emir of Bugundu.
      It's sacrilege yet the bandits roll free.
      You didn't comment about that,ehen

    3. Eesah, I should join those who will give something to get you to shut that your poohole mouth.

  7. This is sad, so the man died while they were having sex means she killed him? Na wa oh...

    1. Ignorance and wickedness.

  8. If it was the woman that died, while being intimate with her husband, would he be treated the same way? The answer is NO.

  9. Such inhumane treatment to a poor woman.where was the women in that community who could have fought for her right.. This is despicable and condensing to her dignity as a person.

  10. I never see the video and l no want see am. This is what those who come here to critcize the government daily can do. An average Nigerian is wicked. Give him little opportunity or power and see him bare the fangs of his wickedness in public glare. It is this same wickedness that is making people in the Easten region cook and eat people of other ethnicty who visits their region while their supporters come here to cheer them on. It is this same wickedness that has turned many of our southern youths to yahoo boys and some Northern youths to kidnappers and bandits


    1. People eat who.

      Gosh, your IQ keeps getting lower by the minute.

      Have you traveled to the east before?

      I dislike middle aged empty vessels. Get a book and read or travel.


    2. Although I am no supporter of Eesah, however, a den of cannibalism was uncovered in the east last month and Channels TV aired it.

      The DSS rescued the remaining victims while shallow graves were discovered.

      Cannibalism happens everywhere; some have not just been discovered.

  11. Chai! This one really pained Stella Oduah. I pray the woman will be willing to go to school. Thank God she saw the clips. Very barbaric and wicked treatments meted out on women.

  12. Can you imagine the way they go about such wicked act and call it tradition.

  13. Kai 😞 barbaric set of human beings. How can you shame a married woman like that? Wasn’t she performing her conjugal rights?
    In all of that pain, losing a husband, they had no sympathy.
    If tables were turned, would they have treated the man same way they did this woman? This wickedness must stop.
    Madam Odua, I hope all that you wrote here, you’ll carry out nor be to make mouth.

  14. If it is man,It is fair but for woman it is not fair.
    How true is the allegations????
    All this traditions should stop ✋

    This is unfair πŸ˜’ πŸ˜‘

  15. Well-done madam. Thank you for speaking up on her behalf and taking action. Some villagers are EVIL. Who told them that the man died while they were making out?. Who entered the room and saw them?. So parading her will bring back the dead. May God heal us from bitter souls.

  16. Good that you reached out to her, thanks.

  17. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

  18. Political talks!
    Have you gotten the perpetrators arrested? No
    All you are doing is looking for votes on top of these?

    1. Stella Oduah doesn't need your vote to win an election. As at 2008/2009 I was working for her,she had skills acquisition personally funded by her running for the local government. Her people worship the ground she marches. To think she wasn't into politics then.

    2. Aluoma, same way Rochas started his scholarship funds then. Sometimes, these things are meant to prepare the way for their political entry. Just saying..

    3. Stella Odua does a lot for his constituency especially this acquisition things

  19. So we have female senators in Nigeria

    They actually exist

    Is this for reelection purpose or what?

    Female senators in Nigeria are equivalent to the personality of an old unused furniture in a carpenter's shed. They make impact on nothing. Their voices are not heard. The only thing they come out once in a while to say is how they cook for their husband. That's it, that's all.


    I am glad Stella is taking an action.


  20. Stella oduah you are the senator representing the senatorial zone this evil happened you should not only be talking you should be acting, Anambra has two female senators i wonder why this evil act still take place, what are you and Uche Ekwunife doing in that house the both of you should make sure this matter is not swept under the carpet

    1. Okwa afa ya bu ‘Ekwunife’, ngwanu, onaghi ekwu ihe obula.

  21. Even I can't believe this kind of a thing still happens in Nigeria at this age and time. I have said it and still saying I am yet to see any African culture and traditions that makes sense all natural shit.

  22. They have learnt a lot of these sort of practices from Nollywood. Nolly has tutored them about how it used to be in days gone by. Just like a lot of traditional rulers have 'glammed up' since Nollywood. Like a lot of things in Nigeria sha, things begin to move out of line at some point. They just begin to overdo.


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