Stella Dimoko Actress Chioma Toplis Says Her Father Abused Her Mum And She Wont Attend His Burial..


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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Actress Chioma Toplis Says Her Father Abused Her Mum And She Wont Attend His Burial..

 She says she had a useless Father and refuses to forgive him even in death....


  1. Replies
    1. Sometimes it is better to pay evil for evil inshort with more evil sef

    2. Decorum!

      The man is not even dead yet. Where did you get the guarantee he will die before all of you?

      Just asking.

    3. She better be careful, my mum suffered so much left my dad, took care of 6 kids all alone but you know what she eventually died before my dad.
      Make she sha dey careful

  2. Hmmmmm, what a pity. So many useless men as fathers. Is it that they didnt have good role models growing up?
    Ir they dont even know what parenthood is about?

    1. And they couldn't think for themselves, decipher right from wrong?

  3. Nobody should curse her cos you're not in her shoes, bible says forgive and forget, some sin don't worth forgotten.

  4. This is so wrong that you cannot forgive your dead father. Please forgive him and wish him well , he will face his judgment in heaven or hell.

    Your mother is a survivor from your dad’s abuse. May God give you the heart to forgive your dad.

    1. One, the father is not dead. 2, it's not ur place to tell someone like that who watched her mother being brutalised to forgive the person. It's not anyone's place

    2. Thank God you don't have that kind of father, because if you do, you will encourage her not to forgive him.

      My father really fucked up that I have told my mum more than 4 times to divorce him, that I will give my father back his bride price.

      I'm a man.
      Now he is old, people are saying we should forgive him. Non of my siblings like my father. We are just managing him.
      That man showed my mum shege.

    3. Anon 16.10, until you find yourself in someone's shoes, then you would understand what they are going through or went through. I chose to forgive but not everyone can forgive.

    4. Eka joy!! Always saying "It is not in your place". Did you just learn that? As a Christian, you should always preach forgiveness... its his last day above ground, why carry such grievance? If not for anything, he gave you life, forget his indiscretions and just go say goodbye, it wouldnt take anything from you.... you will even feel better afterwards.
      I'm speaking from experience, my father was not a good person, in the right sense of the word, when he died, my mum also didnt want to attend cus she believed he wanted her dead at some point, but after some soul searching, she had a change of heart, and we all went. To forgave him and it was like a huge weight off our shoulders.... so dont say that Eka.

    5. Anon17:18, when Osinachi's children will grow up to hate their father, will you preach them forgiveness?
      If a men treat your daughters like that, will you encourage them to forgive?
      When a ladied treat your sons like that, will you encourage them to forgive?

      Forgiving her father is her choice to make and not you forcing it down her throat.
      This is how you people encourage people to stay in abusive marriage all in the name of religion.

      Fuck family, blood and forgiveness when it makes you unhappy.

    6. Blood
      Family means shit if there is no kindness

    7. Neither is it your place to tell the anon that. Aproko.

    8. Forgiveness is very crucial and more rewarding to the offended more than the offender.. This has been proven over time both spiritually and medically. Read Tyler Perry's story about the point he had a major breakthrough in the movie industry was when he forgave his father. We do ourselves alot of injustice and damage when you keep such weight in our hearts..
      The Creator made the heart to only function at its peak on the foundation of LOVE only.. fear,hatred, bitterness, resentment,anger, jealousy,envy,unforgiveness,judgemental , hypocritical malicious habit put alot of strain on this fragile organ which have been manufactured by the manufacturer to function only on the short term,forgiveness may seem to bear a very high cost but it's long term achievement outweighs the short term discomfort..please let's choose love over hatred,over selfishness..

  5. Lol at open the ground and throw him in at the corner of the house 😂😂😂🤣

  6. Eyaaa,it is well,please forgive him,it hard,may God give you the heart to do so

    1. I want to believe that that's the only way for her to heal! A lot of people are speaking up now and that's good! Please speak up and save a life! I want to believe she will forgive him later!

  7. I can only imagine what she must have watched her mum go through in the hands of her dad. I don't blame her at all.

    Men of these generation are claiming women of these generation are not wife materials because they choose to leave their wicked husbands. Then they compare it to the low case of divorce back in those days.

    Do u know what most of those women went through and endured, all in the name of societal endurance nature of marriage. I am glad my mum never suffered this or my dad would have been at the receiving end of our brutality now. I no dey forgive nonsense! We better finish it in hell.

    I am glad women are wiser and stronger and are becoming more courageous. Hopefully, every woman going through both emotional and physical abuse find the voice to speak out and the courage to leave.

    1. Eka Joy, hell is a miserably MERCILESS place reserved for the devil and his demons.

      FORGIVENESS liberates the soul here on earth and in eternity.

      Please, forgive. You will be glad amd God will also forgive your own wrong-doing.

    2. Don't play with hell dear. It's not a place for you or I. You can pass your points without placing yourself in hell. Reject that! Words are powerful.

    3. Na una know that one oh. There are some things I can never forgive oh.

  8. It is not every soul that deserves to rest in peace. Some need to rest in pieces and more pieces.
    People like that osinachi husband and other men like him deserve the hottest part in hell

  9. The Original ShugarGirl12 April 2022 at 16:33



  10. Unnecessary

  11. To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you, this is the dilemma of the oppressor because they already know that two wrongs do not equal a right regardless of which version of the truth is to be believed.
    The desire for revenge is an ugly monster that can affect anyone, it eats at your inner mind and gnaws on the positivity that urges you to move on with your life.
    Looking back in anger in any situation is unhealthy for the individual looking over their shoulder.
    It can be very difficult to move forward in life if your focus is behind you and not in front of you.
    Forgiveness is not an act of condoning something deemed by many as unforgivable.
    Forgiveness is a positive that allows you closure on any unsavoury circumstances you may have been subjected to.
    Forgiveness may be difficult to do but, when you do forgive it is like releasing your mind from a prison cell it has been stewing in for far too long.....copied

  12. A lot of useless men abound.

    I know one who died recently in his 70s and still pummels his wife who is also in her 70s.

    The children went to pack their mum's things from the house and left him alone. He died recently and it was mixed feelings for them. He disowned my friend because they took their mum from his evil grip. How can I be alive and you will be beating my mother? Someone with grown up children? Mstchew.

  13. That’s how my friend was telling me that she was keeping money for her father’s funeral. She died suddenly last year and the father is in their city driving and healthy.


  14. I RAN

  15. So sad, some parents (both fathers and mothers) put up some characters that are termed unforgivable by men. If God helped you to survive the wickedness of a father or mother, please find a place in your heart to forgive. Even for your own relationship with God, remember what the Holy Books said about forgiveness.

  16. This word {forgive} resonates so much from the Nigerian's mouth that it has come to mean nothing to me. How can a man beat on his wife then jump on her at night for sex and the kids grow up witnessing this and hear her cries at night due to her pains and sometimes more beatings. Any income she makes via work or trade becomes his for drinking and womanising. In some instances the man rapes his daughters on a regular basis. Please do not gasp as this is common practice in the SS and Eastern part of Nigeria.Now sanctimonious Christians who haven't walked in such children's now adults shoes feel they have a right to judge and advice. Above i read Hell is for demons and devils well, that is where such abusive men also belong and i find it insulting for an individual to tell me i will be in hell with such because i choose to walk away from such an abusive father. In the Western world such a man would be in jail while in Nigeria he walks about abusing women he has relationships with. Do not advice or preach forgiveness to children of abusive parents(fathers) as they have heard enough through their life from churches and family members. They make their decisions and live with it. Sometimes just walking away and never looking back is best..There is therapy out there if needed PS: I was brought up by a divorced loving father, who raised his 4 daughters and a son on his own, after our mother chose to return to her country.


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