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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hello my darling BVs, Please I need you guys advice..

 I'm the 33yrs BV that wrote a chronicle few months ago about leaving her second marriage because my husband started sleeping with his baby mama and I had to leave with my only child. 

Hmmm, I've been living with one of my elder brother and he has been supportive.. I told you guys I'm in a relationship with another guy that's talking about marriage but you all advised me to forget about another marriage for now and try to build myself. 

Well the issue now is that this my brother I'm living with called me for a meeting with another of my elder brother that's like a father to me. They said they went somewhere to inquire about my case because they are really worried about me. They said the man told them that adim n'otu(I belong to wherever), that's why the men I marry see me as their enemy. That if I still marry another husband even up till 10times, same thing will keep happening.

 That I need to come with them so he can use water from our village stream and work on me.. These are the people I respect so much and I've never said no to.

 They said they have paid the man 150k so all I need to do is to follow them any day I'm not on my period so he can do the work and my estranged husband will come back as a changed man begging. 

When they finished talking, I thanked them for their concern and promised to let them know when I’m not on my period. 

Well, I don't and will never have any other god except the almighty God so I need a way to tell them I am not interested without offending them. I discussed with our mother and she asked me if I have ever seen or heard that she visited those kind of places.. 

She said she would have quarreled with them, but since they said I should not tell anybody, I should tell them I had a bad dream concerning that so I won't be able to go. She advised me to continue trusting in God that she's praying for me and I will testify that God never abandon his own.

 NB: Our dad is late, they're the people that returned my dowry to my first husband, so they're the people I'm hoping to return the second one. How do I tell them I don’t want without offending them?

Haaaaaaaa!!!!... Your brothers wan go use you do ritual? You should not tell anyone so that when you go Missing no one will know your whereabouts abi? Please go and look for another accommodation for your own good... HA!!!

As for how to tell them, try what your mum said and tell them that you had a bad dream about the whole thing and you cant go....If your brother asks you to move out make you know say you dont knock their Job......


  1. My sister abeg run, brother and sister that want to help you outside the way of God Almighty will end up compounding your issues no matter how much they mean well.
    Please face your God, if marriage no work, invest your time I'm developing yourself and being great.
    You no kill person, na marriage no work! 💝💕🥰😘🥳

    1. The issue with solving spiritual problems or challenges through water if not rooted in the bible is kicking the can down the street. You have a momentary reprieve then the whole demon is in leashed installmentally that you become confused and more sacrifices are made and you go deeper. If you're lucky, you start all over ie afresh or die in the process if you're not lucky.

      Thank them for their concern, make up a story and move on.

      What you need is deliverance and not prayer or sacrifice.

      Good luck.

  2. Thank you Stella, I thought I'm the only one that it occurred to her brothers want to use her for ritual (money ritual). Poster that house is no more safe for you, you better move out immediately. You can go to your mum for few days for now then think about what to do next.

    1. Raise some money and get your own place
      Also if you say you serve just one true God, please hold that God tight.
      You cannot be a lukewarm Christian and expect to fight against forces.
      There’s nothing that is impossible for God, hold Him and let Him be your deliverer from whatever possession.

  3. Don't follow them and don't let anyone persuade you to follow before you go carry legions of demons.

    Tell them your mum is on the know and leave his house. Go and stay with your mum for now. It is well

  4. Well they could be sincerely concerned But it depends on you.

    If you believe them, then you now know the source of your problem and therefore you can tackle it with prayers.
    If you also want to follow them, it all depends on you

  5. Hmmmmmm!
    So sad 😭😭😭, Please tell them that you developed a cold feet ever since they discussed that babalawo stuff with you....tell them that you are not going because you don't want to die..
    Use your mouth and set yourself free biko.

  6. Una go do everything, pray all the prayer..but the most important thing wey una suppose do, which is working on your character, you modern women will not do. You no dey any nonsense spiritual cult . Na behaviour you no get. And the men you dey marry haff tire to deal with your bullshit. Most of una no get behaviour when dealing with people, especially men. That's why you all will keep on getting the same result with different men, over and over again. Eg tonto dike. And lastly until una stop to dey play victim and accept say me sef I get wahala, and begin to dey work on those issues,'ll be having same outcome with different men. Thank you.

    1. Are you high or you are fond of typing rubbish?

      How can you tell she has a bad character? Go and seek help for your selfhatred you project on people?


    2. You are one of the people who will shame women who want to leave their marriages. How can you conclude that she doesn't have a good character? Do you know her? Is walking out of 2 marriages enough reason to conclude that she is a bad person? Common let's do better than think like this.

    3. Okay she's so perfect with flawless character naim man number 1, 2, 3 no fit stay? As in all of the men wey she dey meet na monster abi? All these advice you women give to each other no go ever help. No accountability whatsoever. And una dey expect different outcome...oya na, make una continue.

    4. 2 marriages? She is the problem in her life. The men may not be innocent but she is the obstacle to her desire to be in a good marriage.

    5. I won't be surprised if the two anonymous people blaming this poster for her failed marriages are women. If she had stayed now and she died due to DV or an STD, na una go still blame am for not leaving. It's not fair.

    6. You obviously did not read her first chronicle but you had to judge so quickly and wrongly. Blame blame and blame. The first marriage ended because of fertilty issue if remember correctly. She now had a child in her second marriage. Learn not to judge and jump to conclusion

  7. Stella, sense dey wetin you talk, gaskia!

    Poster, please move out of there and fine your way as soon as possible before giving them a feedback cos once you refuse to go with them, they might try something else that isn't far from you. If you can't afford a place now, go and stay with your Mum. Na wa!

  8. Galatians 5:11
    The cross of Jesus Christ is an offense. . .

    Nne, you have to offend them to keep you faith, however you do it.

  9. Do as your mum said, your mum should also call them that she had a dream where you followed them somewhere and something bad happened to you.

  10. Ritualists everywhere these days some parading themselves as our fathers, brothers, husbands, sisters, friends. Only God will save us.
    The kind of boldness people are using to serve the devil these days ehn and most of them still identify as Christians too. Wetin people dey see for that village stream naim I no understand at all.

  11. Please listen to your mother, those brothers of yours did not carry you for nine months, nursed you and brought you up.
    Thank God that your mother knows Jesus.

  12. Haba,Stella! Her brothers do not want to use her for rituals;they are just genuinely concerned and proffering their best solution!
    It's not unheard of for people going to ask questions from a traditional source when things aren't going right in some of our cultures it is called "i ju ese" in igbo.
    My brother has done same for me,but owing to my faith in God,I had told him I wouldn't go through with it,I believe God will do it for me,and even if he will not, like the hebrew boys, "I will not bow before you,o king" is my conviction! She should just let her brothers know she will not go against her faith; gently but firmly!

    Omo! E no easy to type o! makes me wonder how them German juice and co kept on with their fight...

    1. Why not write it more appropriately;
      "...people going to ask the devils questions when things aren't going right?"
      Just invitations to devils to plunder people's lives.

  13. Stay single, coz if you keep leaving because of cheating, you will marry upto 100 husbands.

    This is my 4th marriage, I left others coz of cheating, I have decided to stick here. This one cheats too, but he doesn't flaunt it like others, infact I happened to find out by mistake. I gnored him n guy was edgy for weeks. I had to calm him down, promising that I'm ok with him cheating, he said noooooooo I should not be ok, that it's not normal for me to condone it. Till today I'm wondering what he meant.

    1. Mu nwa kwulu ya12 April 2022 at 16:08


      Guy man is afraid

    2. Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      This is so funny.

    3. Sorry, I had to burst out with laughter. Uncle is afraid of his life.

  14. Madam face front.

    Face your child, build your career and your self worth so you are not jumping from marriage to marriage like a ping pong ball.

    Anyone who wants to go should go, the person who wants to stay should stay afi 'husband begging.' Lolll.

    In the history of herbalists have you ever heard of a herbalist saying 'Go there is nothing wrong with you??'

    How you wan make e chop????

    At least doctor in the hospital can do test and say they didn't see anything to treat, but those ones must find (create) problem for you as you no wan keep leg for one place.

    Herbalist that cannot change the country for the better, that one na herbalist?

    It's really up to you o, you can go to them sha and let them dash you as many problems as you want or you can face front and stop selecting useless men to marry.

  15. I think Stella has given you expo.

    SHe who has an ear let her hear

  16. My sister go and do it
    Sorry that’s all I can say
    If you won’t to be sure go and check with another pastor or whatever you like. If you keep hearing same, then go and do the washing and your marriage. They don’t want to use for anything by the way. This is what they believe and they’ve come to tell you
    Only thing I would do is try another place first because this guy could be lying

    1. Who told you it is "a pastor?"
      How many people did Jesus collect money (the 150k) to cure their marriages?
      You want her to go and dine with Satan?
      Or did you just comment without thinking?

    2. 17:47 so so talk
      Have you given her husbands house to stay in
      She should do her research and try them if she wants
      Try not to eat anything
      That water washing one too is scary small
      Ask if they have other options

    3. @19:11
      That's naivety there. You can't go to a medium without eating and the meal is a blood meal,
      no matter how they manipulate your visuals. You can eat "biscuits" but it is blood and human flesh.
      The safest action is inaction; don't go! And that is God's command.

    4. You can go without eating
      Don’t mind people scaring folks
      Do you know what your mother did before she had you

  17. Poster, you are about to produce millions for your brothers but you won't be there to enjoy the money. Na you be the sacrifice. You better move in with your mum ASAP or just move away from that house before they hypnotise you.

    1. Now you are thinking wholesomely.

  18. Dear poster, please follow your mother's advice, your brothers want to use you for ogu ego (blood money) that's why they didn't tell your mom.
    Just do what your Mom says and move out to your own accommodation.
    These days, I have come to know that blood is not thicker than water
    E-hugs. ����

  19. Enough with all these seers. Why can't they see something good for once? Why did your brothers go "consult" him on your behalf? You had bettet shine your eyes, YOURSELF. Do not allow anybody cleanse you for anything. Know your God, and seek His face.

  20. Dear poster, once a problem has come to the level of "Don't Tell anyone" my dear know that there is something fishy about it. People you respect kor people you respect ni... Stella spoke exactly what's on ma mind up there. Dont try it o.

    1. Thank you. I have come to understand when anyone tell you "Don't tell anyone", please do tell someone. There is something fishy there.

      Poster, do as your mum says. Have faith that things will work out well for you. What you believe and confess becomes your reality.

  21. They just want to help you the best way they can. But based on your knowledge of the Word of God, you are not comfortable with it. If you can only find your independence and stop looking for them for help, only then can you also be bold enough to make life decisions for yourself especially issues of spirituality and belief. I just pray your brothers will be kind and selfless enough to understand/respect your own point of view.

  22. I read @15:22 and chuckled. Soon you will read other comments that all failed marriages are 100% the fault of men or based on your choice of men.

    Poster, there is a female bv here who told of how she was taken to a river to bathe in search of a husband, but ended up with a wicked spiritual husband that destroyed her relationships and even killed her fiance. She said her case was of torment. She was already thinking of suicide when she got succour from God through a woman she met in a bus.

    A word is enough for the wise.

    If you choose not to go. No need to lie about it. Thank your brothers for their concerns, love, help, and support. Then tell them that you still want to trust in God. Let the foundation of your new step be based on the truth.

    Well, the support may cease. Prepare for that. Pray it does not.

    Again, introspection and personal renewal does not need money. We all are bound to do both.

    1. Poster, don't go anywhere for any form of cleansing. Don't create room for the marine spirit to deal with you.

      Politely decline and tell your brothers you're not interested.

      Once you visit that dibia and he takes you to the river, forget peace. Your problem will multiple. You might not see any suitor again not to talk of marriage.

      You brothers meant well for you but from a negative perspective. They only told you what they practice which is contrary to your belief.

      I don't think your brothers want to use you for any rituals. Please be guided and be mindful of the response you give them.

      Why don't you embark on fasting and prayers with vigil? Seek God and ask for His help. There's nothing impossible with Him...

  23. Put your trust in the lord almighty. Go before him in prayers, let him reveal to you the cause and he will also proffer solutions.
    The Devil can not cast out the Devil

  24. Please don't follow them,just tell them your spirit is not at peace with the arrangement.
    Look for another accommodation asap.

  25. Poster pls don't go with them for any cleansing. They only want to use you for their own selfish gain like rituals
    In fact, you have to move out of that place ASAP. Who has time to be going on spiritual consultations on behalf of someone now? Has he finished with his own problems?

  26. I can't even stop laughing but all the same sister, you need to be careful cuz I don't trust those seer oooooo

  27. There is nothing like ritual here.if you don't want to go just tell people should stop polluting her mind with this ritual thing..they only asked her not to tell anyone so she doesn't get discouraged.

  28. Please do not go and concoct any story of dreams and whatever else.

    Be bold! Be firm! Tell it like it is!

    "I don't and will never have any other god except the almighty God". Add "Thank you", and go about your business like normal!

  29. The matter is not even serious to go looking into. As men, would your brothers not know that men cheat all the time and make outside babies, who would need to go seek out extra sight for something that happens so often in society, it is even trivial. And the amount of money supposedly paid for a bath seems excessive.

    Yes, it did cross my mind before I saw Stellz red pen and other comments that it could be something darker and deeper at play here. Please relocate even to your mother's place and go on protection vigil. I desperately hope my feelings are wrong, but in these times and with money worship taking a hold of so many you can't be too sure of anybody.

    Give the excuse like your mother said and look for other accommodations. Keep extra guard on your child and don't linger a moment longer.

  30. Don’t mind them
    You can’t even advice your friend to stay clear of a guy they will say you don’t want them to marry
    This brother takes care of her and loves her
    He went to find solution
    Whether he is wrong or right in the way he tried why are most saying he wants to use her for something

  31. There sorrows shall be multiplied that seek other gods. Ps: 16:4.
    I happy for you. See as men dey rush you for marriage while those who never marry before no see man toast them. Draw closer to God because you have a good luck.

    1. Pray

      Leave man matter and take care of your child while building yourself and your career

  32. But think logically. What about her story would make anyone want to dig deeper? Don't married men cheat all the time and make outside babies? Their desire to seek for more answers does not fit the situation and that is why it is suspicious to me. Plus, men are not typically invested in the romantic lives of their siblings to the point they have to journey into the woods for answers. How they easily reach to a diviner, but they did not reach to the husband to give him a hot slap or enquire why he is an asshole. Their actions is.....hmmmmmmm.

  33. Your brothers do not want to use you for ritual, such things do exists, otu mmili, otu Ani, otu ofia, they exist, what you believe in, is what works for you, if you do it with this state of mind, it won't work and things might get worse.
    Just tell them, you are not interested, and hold your Bible well, avoid sexual relationship with any man, pray until something happens.o' Chineke Nna, kelu otu n'ine. Always remind yourself that you are God's creation. Shikena

  34. My dear Stella is so right. I am going through same. I know, I am praying fervently and no one can help except God!Some brothers can be evil. You will think is love, but they are in the occult.They want to use your destiny completely as in house sacrifice. Start looking for another accommodation and cut them off completely.

  35. You are going to a river for cleansing with your brother's, and they said "do not tell anyone", that should be a red flag. Ok if you want to go, tell them that I have already informed your mother and a friend and hear what they would say.

  36. That Northern Guy, are you new on this blog ??? With what we read and hear everyday you're still asking this kind of question. Definitely there's a whole lot of difference between the North abd South and the kind of crime and evil perpetuated in both places respectively. Ka ji kwo?????

  37. Hi Poster, one thing I know is once there is confusion you are not the right path, trust me if it was prayers you were asked to do you won't be afraid, you will be praying from strength from God to go through it. You alone know your brothers, we live in a spiritual world so seeking answers is natural as human especially when you hear stories of things people go through,If you know them to be good people before now they are only tired of your situation and trying to help but my best advice because I have been in situation I visited all these sources, the problem didn't go cos God was trying talk to me cos I didn't put my trust in him, one thing I found out is the more you go out, the more money you will spend, the more confusion will set in, bad prophesies here and there and giving you titles that are not yours. Best bet fast and pray and genuinely tell God please let your will be done till then did I begin to see changes. Don't worry you will be anxious but still keep holding on to the word Of God cos the more you pray it will seem there is no way out but God is working through it,this is the holy week before easter beg God he resurrected so it wasn't for nothing that he shed his blood so you are going to live like the battle is gone and trust me he will Come through he is still the one that gave power to all the pastors, prophets, herbalist so put your trust completely in him I believe he will and can do it and through this season be not only prayerful but be calm so you can listen when he talks cos is voice sometimes is not so loud it takes a discerning spirit to know it take note of your dreams and co so please pray for more wisdom from him,if it is too follow Godly pages watch videos that strengthen your trust in him,this period what you watch, listen shapens your mind if its to un follow pages that gives you doubt please do and only follow ones that can help your unbelief. Also domt forget to genuinely repent your sins and keep a clean and pure heart, sexual purity and all of those too included.The lord be with you and yours sorry I'm just writing as it flows to me so don't mind my words. Much love

  38. You better tell your mum to call you people and go the dream way like mothers do... That she dreamt bla bla...

    They want to use you for ritual.... You better don't .....

  39. The man from Nassarawa who took his nephew out and dismembered him for promised millions only to receive thousands is from where

    A heavy culture of silence doesn't mean they are any better just hide it more

    Which is worse

  40. You people are not answering her question though. She has made up her mind not to go which is great but she needs to know how to go about declining without being disrespectful. Please help her with suggestions and not "don't go". She's definitely not going! Eeiisshhhh....

    Poster, please tell them u dreamt 3 times that you guys had car accident on your way there. Say u saw one of them lying in a pool of their own blood in the 3rd dream which came after u prayed. Do it like this so that they will be frightened. You need to scare them!

  41. Madam je luo oru ndi ogbanje ka inwete onwe gi, they're right if you marry 100 husband without freedom from marine husband, if you don't belive in it then start serious fasting to be liberated form spirit husband, join mountain of fire ministry since you don't belive in solving your problem in traditional way ,do it in church way by praying to be free

    1. Thanks@amacastle...pls go and do it not without going to another prophets to make enquiries abt Your journey...just tell the prophets u are abt to go on a journey with your brother and you want to know if u will be back alive...very simple


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