Stella Dimoko Apostle Suleman Warns Church Members ''If You Beat Your Wife We Will Beat You''


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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Apostle Suleman Warns Church Members ''If You Beat Your Wife We Will Beat You''

He says only weak men beat women!

He says....

'There are certain marriages that should break. That's why I kept quiet but now everyone is talking about the latest, someone reached out to me and said "when you said it years ago they insulted you."

You are in a marriage a man is beating you, you won't leave? stay there you will die we will bury you. If I catch you in this church as a man you beat your wife, we will beat you I'm not joking.. what is happening?
All those women that their husbands are beating don't they have brothers? if they have no biological brothers there are Christian brothers. I am warning you now if you are beating your wife stop it.

If your wife reports to me that you are beating her, i would report you to the Police to take permission and let them know what is happening and as a Pastor they should allow me and some brethren.. I will gather them then we will keep you in a room beat you so you will know the feeling of a slap. The Bible only said "thou shall not kill not thou shall not beat".

Only weak men beat women, any man you see beating a woman is weak, how do you beat a woman? talk! how can you keep her? talk! To control a woman is in your mouth not hands. 

When your hands do what your mouth is supposed to do you are an animal. Animals don't beat their spouses any man who beats his wife is less than an animal.

 In this church if you beat your wife we will beat you. If the marriage is not working everybody should go, you cannot die inside a thing called marriage before " Yes I do kills you kill yes I do" because if you die the man will marry someone else.

You have brothers and they are beating you? all your brothers are useless... invade the man's house all of you hold hands and pray first, commit that beating into the hands of God."


  1. The Original ShugarGirl17 April 2022 at 10:37

    Thou shall not beat??

    1. LET THE PEOPLE SAY AMEN!!! I cannot ever imagined why anyone will beat their significant other!!! It is totally appalling and evil for anyone that does that. Period. However, I’m a Woman and a wife but have seen some women being the abuser themselves and we need to talk about domestic violence in both ways. Sometimes is from the wife to husband too. Some women are the abuser that raises their hands to their husbands too.

    2. The Original ShugarGirl17 April 2022 at 14:35

      Right anon. DV is a two way street. I know women who abuse their men and God knows how irritating it is. It annoys me too. I would advise men like that to leave such environment.

  2. Pastor, you said if your wife reports you to me"

    That's where the issue lies. Some women that want to be a Mrs. by fire by thunder, that doesn't want their kids to be shamed because their parents are divorced, that wants to maintain the respect they think being a Mrs earns them irrespective of whether they die from the next blow they will get or not WON'T report their husbands o.

    In fact, helping them get out of such a WWE kinda marriage is a total waste of time cos they will still go back there. Make I no give example.

    Until a DV victim is ready to walk away (he/she), any intervention is seen as a waste of time. Na wetin dey vex me be this.

    All the same, well-done Pastor.

  3. Commit the beating into the hands of the lord..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. I swear, this is nice to hear. A slap for a slap

  5. Good one. And any woman who beats her spouse too should be beaten. Let it balance

  6. They will beat u in the name of the Lord πŸ˜‚

  7. Hhahahahaahahahahaha... This man is so funny... Which one is hold hands pray first,commit the beating unto the hands of the God.
    God bless ya sir!!!

  8. Beating on a different level. SAY NO TO DV

  9. Seriously, a man that beat a woman is weak, irresponsible and less than a man. No matter what a woman will do, just walk away and leave the space for her. Some times the silence treatment works better. But make sure you are not the cause of her trouble.

  10. Church agbasala

  11. its a normal thing in Edo, if they catch you beating your wife, be sure to chop beating from area boys in that area. unless they are not aware. Even a popular APC politician in Benin then got roughhandled for beating his wife.

  12. "Animals don't beat their spouses any man who beats his wife is less than an animal". Well said sirπŸ‘

  13. Nice one bikọ.
    And same should be done if a wife beats the husband.
    Ndα»‹ ara everywhere.

  14. Little beat should be allowed for correctional purpose, as women need it to re-boot their brain.

  15. Ok. So who re-boots the man's brain? Abi men never need their brains re-booted?


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