Stella Dimoko Lady Who Called Off Wedding Replies EX And Shows Receipts Of Losing 2 Pregnancies After He Beat Her Up


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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Lady Who Called Off Wedding Replies EX And Shows Receipts Of Losing 2 Pregnancies After He Beat Her Up

After she called off the wedding which would have held on Saturday April 16, 2022, the man she would have married came out to accuse her of taking off two pregnancies but she has fired back showing proof that she lost the pregnancies after he beat her...

She said on the day gospel singer Osinachi died , she received serious beating and decided to leave after she heard of the tragedy.....

She posted.....

''Ma'am Osinachi Nwachukwu
You didn't die in vain, God used you and saved me, I will always remain grateful. I wasn't strong enough to Call Off the wedding at first, my intentions was, I am already in this mess, if eventually we got married and everything keep being Bad if God wishes we will go our separate ways. That was why at some point I started fighting for "Court marriage" which with both the help of our church pastor and my supposed husband's immediate elder sister he accepted to do the court marriage with me.

But the unfortunate coincidence happened!!!

That same day Minister Osinachi Nwachukwu death surfaced the internet, it was the same day My supposed husband beat me again mercilessly and it was his immediate elder sister that even pushed me into their own room and locked the door in order to protect me, I wouldn't expect them to be truthful about if their brother always beat me or not after all my supposed husband is their only son and brother.

After the BEATING I went to my father's house, it was there that my little sister called and was like mum said David beat you again, I didn't say anything. She went ahead and told me to check the internet that the Popular singer who sang Ekwueme is dead, and they said she was killed by her husband just the way David is beating me.

She asked me something that made me cried : Sis, do you remember our sister, your own immediate elder sister that died have you ever seen her again? She still went ahead to ask me did you finish University Education to go and die?
I bluntly told her I don't have MB which she immediately shared to me..

My heart was shattered not just only for Minister Osinachi Nwachukwu's death but for myself seeing my death and because of what people will say I am trying to walk through it.

So that night I didn't sleep I got a rethink .

I decided that if my supposed husband will be the only man that will marry me on earth, it's better I remained and die single.

Already I went to Obiozara police station to seek for Advice, I told them I am not here to arrest anyone but I am so confused and I need an advice. After narrating my story and showing my wedding IV to about 3 top police officers and they advised me to leave the village if at all I am no longer interested to marry the said guy, that marriage is not by force.

I planned leaving the village immediately even without telling anyone not even friends or relatives because I knew they're going to talk me into staying back.

On my supposed husband's post yesterday 

He said I had scattered his marriage plans severally but that's laughable because it was never my fault!

In Igbo land there's what they called "FREE BORN and NOT FREE BORN" (Ohu/Amadu). According to them He is Not a "Free Born" and they cannot give their daughter who is a Free Born to him for marriage without a fighter. And this whole thing delayed the approval of the marriage. It surprises me that my supposed husband always sounds as if he's not from Igbo land and knows nothing about Igbo tradition.

Anyways because of the love I have for him I told him not to worry that I am going to marry him whether anyone support me or not, after all I don't believe in any form of Segregation or discrimination. I divided my family into two just to be with him, I fought everyone just because of him, I disrespected everyone just to marry him, until I convinced my mother to back me up, thanks mum for always being there for us, for me and I am so sorry mum that I failed you.

Back to the subject matter, after all my fight and I succeeded for the marriage to hold he turned against me.

He kept beating me in any little provocation, because he knew I don't have anyone to talk to, after all at first my family asked me not to marry him that it's against tradition and I decided to disobey everybody, all my family and friends turned their backs on me. At that point I don't know who to talk to, all I always do is to call the Chairman of our kindred to report to him how my supposed husband has been abusing me.

Even when I took in I will tell him to give me even if it's a little space like a month before S*X, so that I won't miscarry but he won't rather he will drag with me and end up beating me.

He practically caused all the miscarriages I went through by his BEATING and not even having a common self control.
It was never an Abortion, it was miscarriages (2)
And I have my EVIDENCE.

Please look into the Scan result below From Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki 

That was the pregnancy that I miscarried last year due to his Violence and Rage which he said Teaching Hospital Abakaliki Aborted his baby without his concept.
If the Hospital have CCTV, it will be recorded right there because it was her eldest sister Juliana Okike who accompanied me to the hospital.

Why did she accompanied me and not my supposed husband?

He kept giving excuses, babe wait next week, next week that never finishes.
Women who had witnessed miscarriages will tell you how painful and heartbroken it is to know that you're carrying nothing and you're still carrying it.... My good people in my own case my supposed husband kept delaying everything, I kept begging him that even if he doesn't want to go with me to the hospital that his eldest sister Juliana Okike is a health worker, he should send her with me, after everything he accepted.

Now tell me How did I went to the hospital without his Consent and do Abortion?
It was a Miscarriage and only God knows what I went through.
PS: It's better for me to Live without anyone believing my Truth than for me to die proving Nothing.

This my photo here was taken by his eldest sister Juliana Okike at the hospital with my own phone.

Please guys be kind to my picture, I never knew we I are going to sleep over in the hospital that day so I didn't remember to go there with my Wrapper.

Guys: my supposed wedding Day is my SURVIVAL DAY.



Minister Osinachi Nwachukwu Lives Forever!


  1. Enter your comment...Of course I knew the stupid boy was only lying to save face.

    1. My dear, don’t even bother explaining anything, we know his type.
      You have gotten your freedom, enjoy it.
      Happy Easter

    2. You think he will come out to say "I am so sorry...I used to beat her with iron and even chased her with cutlass". Of course he is not going to say that

    3. What an animal. Imagine delaying the evacuations of your children whom you murdered in the womb then revealing this publicly to shame the mother who bore all that pain. Wild animal. Degenerate. Murderer.

      What if she died of sepsis or had complications and Asherman syndrome or something else set in?

      Woman, run o! Other women, please bookmark this monster's face and blacklist his family. They are bad news.

  2. I knew he was lying,that guy is a bastard.
    Thank God for you sis,it is well with you.

  3. When he said he hasn't touched her in the last 3 years, I knew he was not being truthful. Other years nko? It is panel-beating level?

    Just thank God for you girl, He saved you o. Go and make peace with your family.

  4. My gut feelings tells me this lady is telling the truth! Na wah oooo! Thank God you are free oo

  5. We believe you dearie, don't stress yourself.

    Why will a woman who agreed to marry
    you suddenly say she is no longer interested especially in Nigeria where a lot of women don't joke with the MRS title?

    Why will she keep getting pregnant when she didn't want to marry you?

    So she went to do abortion and took your sister along?

    She must have seen hell in that marriage so tey she run 4 40. No normal person will leave a caring and loving partner.Dude has issues, only boy syndrome, probably spoilt and pampered. It is sad you will having a child with this sort of person.

    Thank God you ran, congratulations.

  6. Osinachi's death is like George Floyd's death. It has ignited conversation around the scourge of domestic violence which many women are exposed to in our society.
    I am happy that this lady and many more found the courage to leave.
    I am also happy that many Pastors are speaking out against DV.

  7. I knew the monster was polishing the cold Zobo.

    Your sister asked you thought provoking questions which helped you to make a good decision.Congratulations once again sis,please watch your back though cos he is a sore loser who wont take the rejection easy.

  8. Actually, what she went for an Evacuation. She had a miscarriage, but still had parts of the foetus in her. This causes excruciating pain. The hospital does what we can evacuation to take out the remaining foetus.

  9. I believe you totally Ada Ụbụrụ.
    Thank God for you.
    I Celebrate you!

  10. I know how losing an unborn child feels. In fact i have had lost two. On the second miscarriage, the doctor said the baby is no more. We went to the hospital in the morning, he said we can have it evacuated today or tomorrow. I told him today doc. How can i be carrying a foetus that is not alive, then i even go home. Depression and other unwanted thoughts would kill me. So that is how they evacuated that same day. I am sorry to the lady that had to carry a baby that was not alive for 7days 😢😢😢

  11. You have divorced your husband, all these internet explanations aren't necessary at all.
    But the ultrasound scan report did not state what caused the miscarriage? Is it in every miscarriage that the woman was beaten?

    1. Man came to the internet to lie that she had 3 abortions and you say these explanations not necessary?

    2. Anon 13 27...

      The ultrasound doesn't say the reason for the miscarriage. I have had two miscarriages, non of the ultrasounds had a reason for the miscarriage. In my case the doc came up with an explanation why i lost the babies. Anyway i don't know about other ultrasounds, maybe they give a reason.

    3. Na them. Awon abuser iranu. She explains, you tell her to get inside because you are the local government chairman. She dies there, you ask why she didn't leave. Keep asking till you discover Mungo Park

    4. very very very very stupid comment...when the guy came out with his response did people like you not believe him? me I knew he was lying. which teaching hospital does abortions for people? congratulations for having the strength to walk away. May a good man locate you. may God also protect you because boys like this can come back to want to harm you....

  12. Thank God you left, happy Easter

  13. Reading his part of the story, you would know he was not telling the truth. I applaud your courage to walk away from the abusive relationship. Its better to be alive and single than married and dead. Please men can learn to do better. Let a woman go if you cant kept your hands off her.

  14. I didn't even bother to read to the end. What uttermost rubbish. A man was doing all these things to you and you still accepted to marry him? To what end? A woman had to die for your senses to correct. How would you open your eyes and agree to marry your enemy? Did he infect you with HIV? Even if he gave you deadly infection, must you die there. You were even ready to bring in children into this your frustrated settings.

  15. A mere looking at the prewedding pix,their smiles look forced.
    The lady doesn't even have to do all this explaining. Once I saw him claiming she did abortions at a Federal hospital (like when did abortion become legal in Nigeria) and playing the usual defence card Nigerian men play,accusing women of infidelity, when they are called out,without addressing the main issue,Domestic violence,I lost interest in what he had to say.Baby girl I believe u..Its better u leave and live.

    1. Exactly! When I read that about doing abortion in a Federal hospital it just confirmed to me that the guy was lying.

  16. Most women are dumb, how can you be with a man that made you lose a pregnancy not to talk of 2 pregnancies you couldn't leave him when the beating started or when you lost a pregnancy, even after losing two pregnancies you were still with him, if not for osinachi's death you would have still got married to him nawa

  17. Girl leave the beast alone! Only beast like him would support him

  18. Who raised these kind of animals??

  19. I knew he was lying, devil!

    Ada Agu

  20. I didn't expect the fool to fess up that he physically abused her, but his lies that she is a whore and that she wilfully aborted his babies show a lack of remorse. He is lucky she didn't press charges.

  21. Once simple minded people hear abortion or infidelity alleged against a woman, fiam, all objectivity is out the window. The start asking for the third version or wondering who they will believe. Do you think any man would come out and say "yes, I have indeed been using hammers and cutlasses to induce miscarriage in my woman"?

    He is my only son- I hope you can see how terribly that can turn out. Give that only son of yours the discipline needed for him to be of use to himself and to you in the future.

    My dear, thank God everyday for saving you and congratulate yourself for choosing life. God will give you your own man. Staying with a wife beater is bestiality and against the scriptures.

  22. My dear, I'm sure 90% of people didn't believe him. Thank God you have had sense

  23. Thank God you left.Happy Easter.

  24. I wondered how a federal government hospital will do abortion. They will only do evacuation when there is incomplete miscarriage...Thats how i knew it was a lie..

  25. Badly raised only son, of what use is this son now?


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