Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post..


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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Boredom Eliminating Post..



  1. I've this unrelenting spirit that has made me to always believe never to give up. I have this belief that things will in one way or the other work out good for me and in most cases it does. I'm one person that believe in fighting till there's no more breath in me. Just like what happened yesterday. It was a great miracle I didn't see coming even though I have been working towards it. It came as a huge surprise. Yes it was a financial miracle 😁😁😁

    One Ghanian quotes I love, have it to say, " never say die, until the bones are rotten." ~Accra hearts of oats.

  2. I am sincere and honest to a fault. My boss still commends me till date and I know the favour I have gotten from them because of this.

    I used to find it very difficult to forgive people who hurt me, but the place I am presently, I can't believe how I easily overlook people's flaws instead of bearing grudges. God is gracious. I can finally see the result of my prayers for so long begging God to change me.

  3. There’s a typo in your question ma’am

  4. #1 - I don't know biko. Strength with this my big head? Success is subjective jor. 😠
    #2 - Faults hindered me ke? I don't know jare. I'm just perfectly unseriously playful. 😌 it hinders nothing but attracted slaps when I was growing up. Yeye people 😒

  5. Strength k3, me that have no strength on my own.

  6. My strength... My Never giving up spirit. I believe so hard that God cannot give me more than I can carry. Weakness... People take my niceness for granted a lot 😢 .

  7. My strength... My Never giving up spirit. I believe so hard that God cannot give me more than I can carry. Weakness... People take my niceness for granted a lot 😢 .

  8. I don't know if na dullness but sometimes, some of these questions I no dey know how to coordinate the answer. Like this one now, I dont even know where to start from.

  9. I call it Grace and the other taking me for granted

  10. One of my strengths is never giving up.
    I had some immigration issues a few years back but I never stopped building my life. I got my degree, did my thesis at a multinational and learned the language even though the threat of deportation was hanging over me. Finally the deportation became a reality but by then I was so loved at my company that they told me my job was secure and I was going to continue receiving pay all through. Because I had a job, I could re apply and it only took 21 days. I thank God I didn’t give up during that period.

    My weakness — I’m very quick to cut off relationships with people once I sense dishonesty but as I get older, I’m realizing that life is not always black or white. I’ve missed out on so many relationships that could have added value to me. I’m trying to change.
    I pray for more patience

  11. I stay calm, very calm in the face of tsunami. My calm strength is of highest quality.

    I have very high understanding too. Nothing moves nor surprises me.

  12. My strength, tolerance and love, it has helped me in my business, made many customers to stay.
    My weaknesses, I'm paranoid, I've not seen the disadvantage yet, especially in business.

  13. Strength,I believe in moving and acting in silence,I won’t tell u my plans if I know u will discourage me,I’ll just do my thing with all my might quietly until I succeed in it,always works for me,cos iv done somethings I never thought I could do on my own without seeking for help or assistance,I push and encourage myself alot.
    Weakness i procrastinate a lot.i don’t do much until I’m mentally ready to work.


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