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Thursday, April 07, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



I love my girl so much that i cant stay for 4 hours without hearing her voice....

 We have being planning to see her people by next month but recently she started complaining that she doesnt like the way i am calling her,(we have been dating for 3 years)..

She will cut my calls sometimes and text me that she is is really affecting my mental state and my job and i get angry easy now, i shout at people with little chance. 

I am really hurt..

She now demands money from me more than before...

I went to her place but she refused to open the door for me, and told me that she did not invite me...

I have never loved like this before..i need advice, i need help urgently help..
I am losing it..


This is what they refer to as LOVE STRUCK!!!

You want to go and see her people for what? that what happened?

I know you are in love and will not hear what anyone says until she dumps but just know that she does not love you and probably just milking you for cash and recently increased the milking cos she will soon end the relationship.

And now to you.....You appear sick oh, this is not how to love a woman at all, you are practically stalking her on phone....which kind love be this? wake up!!

To protect your mental health, please end this thing you call a relationship and let yourself heal well before you attempt another one

End the relationship


  1. She don get bigger fish, more bigger than yours

    1. Court the attention of another girl. Just get friendly with her and let your attention shift from her. And when it shifts, keep it shifting further. You never see wife o.

    2. Will Smith @Ms Saphire..
      Chai!!!! I love you jaree

      Guy, wake up and leave that relationship immediately!!!!

    3. Too much of everything is not good
      My father will say “over availability breeds disrespect “
      Calling her every 2 hours, I swear i will get tired.

      She also doesn’t really like you or you have become a bore to her.
      They say “distance makes the heart grow fonder” try giving her space
      Why the hell are you pouring your aggression on innocent people? Them no send you love, if you can’t control yourself then you are not a serious person.

    4. She has been waiting for you to take this seriousness to the next level & you waited for 3years. Maybe someone else has come for her & she wants move on. Na now you come dey love. Pls, move on!

    5. She is not in love with you period.

      My dear let her be.

      Travel for some weeks.

  2. Oga, she has another man.
    For your own sake, withdraw and focus more on yourself before you start losing friends and making your family worry about you.
    You went to her house and she refused to open up for you cos she didn’t invite you....that’s the height of it for me.
    You see that love you have for her, pour it all on you.
    Just so you know, she’s now using you and will dump you any moment.

    1. Efo riro on the beat, if you know you know.

  3. poster please dey call me and buy me gifts, that is your love language and I love it. my own won't call just view WhatsApp status and keep mute, am tired self.

    1. Also dump yours. That's not a love relationship.

  4. It is finished walai! I pray you will receive the grace to move on. She has been enduring and will soon let you off the hook. Prepare your mind

  5. Bros, you are in LUST.
    Love is not selfish...See I Cor. 13:4 to understand what Love truly is.

  6. Oga, please travel away from her. Switch your mind off the relationship and perhaps play a prank on her to truly discover how much she value you.

    You are dating yourself rn. She has a bigger fish and you don't come close to her preference..

    By the way, you are obsessed with her. That's not love. You are suffocating her and it's mentally unstable. You can text her regularly not call, she might be busy at work and your call is uncomfortable at that moment.

    Run away and take care of your mental health.

  7. 1 Corinthians 13:4–8a (ESV) Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

    Do you see what Love is?
    Not resentful or irritable and does not seek its own way.

    Get out of that relationship and ask God to save you so that you will be able to work on your flesh and banish lust.

  8. In as much as we are in love with our significant other, as a person you must have your own 'individual life'. When I was unemployed and my partner was working, I felt I was not been given enough attention, when it was the other way around, I felt choked as I would be receiving calls in the middle of work.
    Bottom line...get busy, if you have so much time off from work, you can take up a hobby. Go to the gym, do yoga, watch real life documentaries, become more spiritual.
    Are you happy with the way things are turning out? Love becoming an obsession! If she leaves you, don't you think you'll be suicidal? Channel that energy somewhere, I hope all turns out well for you!

  9. Lol
    This reminds me of a lady I dated before.
    This lady will call me and we will talk on phone for like 30mins to 1hr and end the call. After 1hr max, she will will call back and we will talk for another 30mins to 1hr. She will still call back the next 1hr and say I don't like calling her. I will tell her that she don't give me space to call. She will wait for 2hrs and call back and say that she didn't see my call.
    Las las I broke up with her because to me, it is obsession not love.
    Someone that will ask me why I don't snoop on her phone. That if I truly love her that I'm suppose to snoop on her phone and quarrel/question her for chatting with other guys.
    She said I don't get jealous when I see her talking with other guys.
    Honestly it was tiring dating her.

    Poster you are obsessed with her. What you feel for her is obsession not love. You type can get jealous and harm the one you "love" because of insecurity from your side.

    1. Thank you
      It can be suffocating.
      You can’t keep calling someone like a mad person
      You won’t even give them time to miss you.

      Please poster read this, you are not emotionally mature for a relationship
      I know some guys back in school that date only mature ladies cus they don’t disturb them with “why haven’t you called me”

      Give her the space to miss you, it works like magic
      If she doesn’t come back then she’s not meant for you.

  10. she has left the ship

  11. Hi Dante 👋 👋 👋
    Waiting to read from you lol

    Poster I dont have much to type but this babe is cheating on you .

  12. The Original ShugarGirl7 April 2022 at 15:25

    Poster since she's not reciprocating your energy she simply isn't in love with you.

    Wait and search more for that girl who is never tired of hearing your voice who equally understands your actions/love languages. When you meet this kind of girl you will be feeling stronger, brighter than you have ever felt before bcz she complements you vice versa.
    Get someone who speaks your love languages that's how to fall in love.

    Don't marry someone who will crush you. Marriage is no child's play. I see so many women and men being taken for granted by their partner bcz they had believed that only their love for their partner was enough to make their marriage work.

    It takes 2 to tango.

  13. Poster try and give her a break,not all babes like dis kind of love.i think u should have a sit down with her ask her if u're choking her,find out wats doing her.u on d Oda hand try and face ur work oh! If u loose ur job bcos of luv ur eye go shine oh!! She will kukuma japa oh!try to relax.

  14. She is tired of the relationship,poster please move on.

    1. Poster I believe you think you care, I wish mine care to at least call twice a day but on a serious note too much call can frustrate
      Try drop message for her, reduce the call
      She has a mental health too, you can’t be interrupting her thinking process.

      Bug repellent

  15. He has another man. Fact.

    1. This just got more interesting.🤣🤣

    2. No be only "He"

  16. She has found someone else. It’s time to move on

  17. Y'all should not waste ur time advising him ooo... just leave him. Never advise a person in love, because they will never follow ur advise...I know this because I've been there...

    Loving eyes may sense wrong, but Loving eyes don't see wrong

  18. You do not love her, you are simply obsessed. Love does not choke. Man up abeg, stop behaving like a simple minded man.

    1. Abi . Very stalkish behavior

  19. Text and say you need to talk about what’s happening. If she doesn’t answer, you can reach a frd and ask. After that , let it go

  20. She no get bigger fish
    She loves you
    But reduce the calls ok

  21. Ladies don't like when you choke them with constant calls. It is as if you are monitoring her and you feel not secured or don't trust them. Sometimes let them know your life doesn't depend on them. Have a life of your own, hang out with friends and do things that distracts you from just her. You seem to be choking her with calls and the truth is she has taken you for granted or found someone else.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl7 April 2022 at 17:07

      No one likes it.

      You just have to create a balance. Live your normal everyday busy life and then look for spare time to reach out to your love interest.

      Don't try to flip it else your love interest will feel being monitored or choked.

  22. But sometimes when u re in love like real love ooo.all you wanna do is call or be with whom you love.
    Endless calling goes well with me oo.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl7 April 2022 at 17:10

      I totally agree. So I don't see the poster as one who is obsessed.

      It's just that he is the only one having this special feeling while Aunty doesn't understand it and she's feeling choked instead. She is not feeling same connection as the poster

    2. Please don't choke me with calls. We are not teenagers struggling with puberty.

      There are so many ways now to stay in touch throughout the day if you exercise your brains well enough without necessarily calling.

      Send a link to a song, share funny memes, jokes, pay for lunch or breakfast tray, send a handwritten letter, YES HANDWRITTEN LETTER through a friend etc, TEXT, WHATSAPP, tweet at them etc etc etc etc etc. Literally hundreds of ways to share each day with your partner without dialling them every breathable minute asking DAFT questions 'Hawayu, what did you eat'?

      It's irritating, childish and BUSH. GROW UP.

      Call them for business deals, call them up to share information that will vastly improve their lives, when they know the person on the other end of the line always has something intelligent to offer, they will RUSH to pick your calls.

      Afi special feeling, na too many romance movies dey do una.🤣

  23. It's either she gave you a love portion or you have the begining of mental instability. And u say u get angry easily with ppl is a show it's the second one.

    1. Gbam. Poster seems depressed or going through other issues. Check your mental health poster

  24. People are saying she's tired of the relationship and you're choking her, but they don't think she's choking you with her monetary demands.
    Bro, the very fact that she didn't let you into her house when you went there unannounced shows that you mean little, if not nothing to her(other than a cash cow sha) and your successor might have been inside.
    Gut this thing you call a relationship and work on yourself

  25. Pls move on.The babe don get another person or she’s scared of the uncertainties of taking the next step in your relationship.Have a conversation with her first then take your decision.

  26. May we not fall in love with users.
    May we not invest our emotions,time and money on heartless being.
    May we not find a partner who constantly demean us and make fun of our financially conditions because they are richer or more successful than us
    May we not fall in love with demons in human form.People that lack empathy and treat us like thrash.
    May we not fall in love with small minded people that choose tribe over true love.
    Finally,may we have the courage to move on from toxic and one sided relationship and may we find the strength to build our self esteem afterwards.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl7 April 2022 at 17:53


    2. Amen!
      Very powerful words

    3. Anon 16:51, your words are deep and can't only be fully understood by someone who has been thru them all.
      I wish I can give you a thousand likes for this comment.

    4. Amen.I have been there I fell in love with a guy that treated me like thrash this guy will make fun of my dressing,hairstyles,my job in short everything just because he's rich and doing well for himself.Intially I saw it as a joke and will laughed it off The funny thing is I have never insulted or begged him for money before I managed the little I have and if I want to move on he will begged and begged I will forgive him because I actually love him and I thought he love me too.Thank God he finally married someone in his class I almost lost my self esteem in that relationship.See ehh if you're not good enough for a guy please do yourself a favor and walk away I know it's hard and all but please don't stay in toxic relationship.The guy will never change it will get worst as time goes by.
      There are thousand and one guys/ladies out there who will love you for who you are some will encourage and help you to be better and more successful.

  27. 15:20, thank you. Absolute truth you said.

    It is not about too much calls. After 3years?

    She is billing you so much to drive you away.

    Madam don moooove on sinceeeee!

    Bros, abeg for d sake of your health and work, leave dis woman alone.

    Unless you are the owner of your business, your new behavior at work may earn you a sack letter over a woman who has abadoned you. Wise up. Move on.

  28. E be like say you are love-drunk. The babe no get ya time.

  29. She has gotten someone she feels is better off than you.u are also choking her.Get another girl and start hanging out with her,that should distract u too.She doesn’t love u anymore she is just collecting ur money.Except u are under a spell,I expect you to use ur brain.

  30. Poster give her space
    She opened tap on head for 3 years and you ignorant of it.
    Now she is giving you a very big signal and you don't want to understand it.
    If I may ask do you need a hot slap to reset your head?

  31. Poster i know it's hurt and we just want to give our all to see the one we love the most love us back but i will tell you the truth this girl doesn't feel the same as you please ghost her and move on it's not going to be easy but try even if she have comes back don't marry her you will suffer and please stop giving her money you don't buy love.

  32. 😂😂😂😂😂 poster o. Mirror emotions in a relationship. As she locked you out that day. You would have ended the relationship. We are empaths, we love hard, but learn to become a super empath. No matter my love for you, once I catch you cheating . All the love dissipates into the air. This your case has passed becareful! After she locked you out, you still in love! Nor be juju be that ! This your case is now a mental case.

    1. Instead of seeking help for his mental health, he’s chasing after a girl that’s disrespecting him.

  33. The woman has no love or even any respect for you .She has to value and respect you first before she can love you.Refusing to open her door when you visited uninvited was a huge sign of disrespect.You should have ended the relationship that very moment.You may be a bit obsessed which is showing by you overcalling her but how come she has no problem overbilling you? She has moved on and will keep disrespecting you as you mean nothing to her.She is overselling you because she knows she has nothing to lose anymore.She probably has another man who is laughing at your situation.

  34. Guy check your mental health. Hope you’re not depressed, stressed out or burnt out. You shd take some time off work and rest very well to recharge. Seek therapy and maybe take natural supplements to boost your serotonin levels. take vitamin D, let the sun shine on you, go for a run and sweat it out. Your current gf is your high(almost like an addiction) and it’s not healthy at all. Almost like you’re starting to stalk her. I’d be worried too honestly. Seek help to balance your brain chemistry so you can have healthy relationships and set boundaries. Respect yourself bros and let go of that relationship and focus on you and your mental health for now before getting into a new relationship.


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