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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



My sister is so rude and mannerless even to elders. 

She’s toxic and always angry and fighting everyone. I want to stop associating with her completely. 

She leaves me drained and I feel lost as to what to do. She’s like sugar mixed with bleach salt izal and acid. 

She’s in an abusive relationship that she’s hell bent on keeping even when the baby daddy threatened to kill her if she leaves him. I always leave with so much negative energy from her that my head hurts. 

Will I be wrong in distancing myself from her? Pls advise.

*Have you considered that the relationship she is in has damaged her and she needs help? or was she toxic before the relationship? If the guy has promised to kill her if she leaves, don't you think she is scared and crying out for help with her toxic behavior? Have you talked to her and tried to help her? It would be nice to try and connect with her instead of Judging her...

She may not know she is toxic.

Please do not distance yourself from her without genuinely trying to help.


  1. She needs help...... take her to a Counsellor.

    1. As if she will agree to go

    2. Has she always been problematic? If your answer is no, then her bf has had a negative influence on her.

    3. Northern guy you speak from both sides of your mouth.
      In one breath, you blame the church for Osinachi’s predicament. Not two seconds later, you say it’s not easy to drag to drag an adult around.

    4. Stella is right on this.

      She is ur sister. Keep encouraging her and stay close. Dnt forget to put her in ur prayers too ok

  2. Replies
    1. Dear poster, its the relationship that has made her toxic please let her recognise it and try to help her

  3. Answer Stella questions and update us in the comment section. Please learn to love her

  4. Try your best in helping her before throwing in the towel

  5. Stay away from her a bit. Of course check in and all but go live your life
    Go and live your own life

  6. If you can't face her to talk about it,write her on whatsapp and tell her how you feel about her character don't forget to proffer solution.

  7. Confront her boyfriend while you secretly record ,report him to the police then get your sister out of that relationship. That could be her turning point that she needs

  8. This is serious o,please your sister need help,don't abandon her.

  9. Dear Poster, please learn from this Mrs. Osinachi's story, you are saying "toxic, sugar, acid", if she enters six feet today, who lose? Fight this battle, maybe that is why God is laying the burden in your heart. Find a way to report that guy to police and force your sister to leave him. It's very hard but she may thank you eventually.

  10. Hi everyone she’s been like this but got worse in the relationship. She has fought with all his friends and family members. She doesn’t think she needs help. She fights everyone who has an opinion on her relationship including our father threatened to lock him up for interfering. She threatens his side chics with death etc. My self esteem has nosedived due to her abusive behaviour towards me. At this point I can’t continue. Thank you all for taking out time to offer your advice.

  11. People who are constantly angry and rude are acting out something. I wouldn't be surprise if in the right setting and giving your sister the opportunity to speak to an unbiased person that some things would come out, some things you have no knowledge of that would make you understand why she is the way she is, even beyond the abusive relationship.

    Show empathy, show love, cause you do not know what she experienced to make her the way that she is. When you see someone like that, always ask what did this person experience in life to make them this way.

  12. Ahhhhh, poster, I feel your pain. It’s like you described my sister. Honestly, for the sake of your sanity please maintain a distance. These people don’t understand, that’s why they making their suggestions.
    Stay away for a while, let her realize how her toxic behaviour is ruining relationships. Let her miss you, miss your sisterly comrades. Maybe then she will seat up and see her faults.
    Ever since I took a decision to introduce space between myself and my sister it’s like a load of my chest. I am so much happier. Before I was on eggshells


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