Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - Where Does Your Fulfilment Come From?


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Saturday, April 02, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Where Does Your Fulfilment Come From?

This piece is a must read...WOOOOW!!!


There is a rumor making the rounds that that a "super cop" has been allegedly linked to some criminal activities ranging from fraud and abuse of office to bribery and illicit drugs. For now, these are mere allegations and he is presumed innocent until his guilt is proven.

I received a call from a colleague and in the course of our discourse a knotty issue came up. We both wondered how and why a super cop who is well celebrated will still be getting himself involved in all of this, allegedly.

 The question on our lips was that how come a man who is widely touted as one of the "richest cops" in Nigeria still reportedly got himself involved in these heinous crimes?

Then I remembered a case I handled some years ago. I was in paid employment at the time and I was detailed to visit the Ikoyi office of NDLEA where a client was being held.

 Initially I was a bit worried because it was my first time of visiting that dreaded office. In any event, I was not the suspect but I was only visiting in a professional capacity after all and this emboldened me. It was not far from my office and I arrived in no time.

 The officers were so friendly, contrary to my expectations. They ushered me into the office of one of the Commanders who ordered his men to bring in my client. I interviewed him but he insisted that he was clean and I came back to the Commander doubly assured that I was fighting a just cause. I was unable to secure his bail that night and I had to take my leave at about 12.00midnight.

 The following day I went back to the office of the Commander who implored me to advise my client to cooperate with his team but I insisted that he was clean.

 You know what, the client may have done this or that in the past, but hey! He's cleaned up now, or so I thought? He had vast interests in a number of businesses around the world and he was well known in social circles as a "big boy." 

The Commander then asked his men to bring in one gentleman (a black dude) and another well-built white woman. He introduced them to me and behold they were FBI agents! 

They sought my help. Encouraged me to appeal to my client to cooperate with them. I insisted that he was clean. He was later brought in from the cell and the FBI agents confronted him with the greatest shock of his life. Listen to the story of his life. He at some point became uncomfortable in the country where he had lived for over 20 years and moved to another. 

Guess what? The first phone he bought when he got to the new location was an FBI phone! His lines were bugged for 4 solid years! 

All his calls and messages recorded. By the time the young man saw the overwhelming evidence they had against him, it became apparent to him that his game was up. FBI will never come after you without enough evidence. 

Meanwhile, I forgot to add that NDLEA had been on the trail of Mr A for close to 2 years in Nigeria, without luck because he owned several and lived in over 5 houses in Nigeria and he changed location at will.

After the meeting with those FBI agents, I knew that he was on his way back to America. When I got back to the office I informed my boss who in turn billed him to forestall his extradition but he found the bill way too high and that was how the firm debriefed itself. 

He went and briefed another law firm. Few months down the line I was at the Court of Appeal when his matter got called up and behold I found out that he had been whisked off to America from one of the prisons in Nigeria during the pendency of the appeal against his extradition. 

He was reportedly taken away from the prison and flown to America on a Sunday. Details of his extradition remain scanty. He plea-bargained and got a lighter sentence. In fact, he's been sighted at different locations in Lagos.

You may now ask me, what exactly informed this piece? Very simple. Despite the fact that Mr A had laundered himself and gone legit, he never quit the underworld. He was the godfather of the underworld. He had actually earned billions legitimately from his legit business endeavours, yet he was still chasing the peanuts from crack because his satisfaction and fulfilment chiefly came from that and that alone.

 Who knows where our "super cop" derived his wealth and fulfilment from? Just musimg aloud. 

It's a crazy world you know?

Stay safe...
Its Kunle!


  1. Replies
    1. Really a crazy world.

      They shld take him to US.

  2. Pertinent question. What pumps your adrenaline can make or mar you. Great piece sir!

  3. Very crazy world! Well-done Kunle

  4. Greedy people are never satisfied.. They keep grabbing even when consequences are staring them on the face.

  5. Men and women like this are all over the Island. Na normal levels.

  6. Things are really happening, kaị!
    Insightful post K!

  7. This reminds of Jamie (ghost) in Power. Even when he went legit, his whole foundation was rooted in the underworld of drug dealings. It eventually consumed everything and almost everybody he had; Angela his lover died, his daughter was killed, his wife choose to go to jail instead of their son who killed his father (Ghost). Even the young Terrik (his son) couldn't live free. He continued cos it's in his DNA.


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