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Friday, April 08, 2022


 Hailings for the Weekend......


Your Friday going well? Mine is awesome..... I stopped taking Lactose free milk or any other type and switching to Almond milk and the stomach wahala is gone......

Check your milk, it might be the problem...
Reduce Carbs..
Increase Veggies....
What else...?

I did a mini call out the other day inside in house news where someone had a testimony and BV Defaultsmile, the snake that i called out has been replying as Anonymous and cursing me out...... I dare you to post what i did to you with your full ID and i will enable it and respond...

I repeat here that BV Defaultsmile, you are evil and karma must visit you for bearing false witness against me when i did you nothing... Continue cussing me out as oh,i can see you..... All una plans failed? Awwwwwww.
I pity the people you live with.... You called me Ugly? I agree but at least i look better than you face wise and every other way wise....

I can be really petty when i want to be, if you continue with the comments, i will load a full scale call out with your photo and your alleged crimes.. leave me in peace and move on oh ..... This one you want to start, i am ready oh, lets see how many members of the porn group you belong to will help you out...

Move on oh.......

Jennifer i see you started commenting again after all said and done? It is well

Please no one should comment here calling me petty which i know i am, when i was being dragged on Instagram, many of you celebrated it and i saw those who came out to defend me live and direct..... One ID that used to comment here went on Instagram with his full name and called me Prostitute and a lot of other names and was celebrating my downfall...Hahahahahahahahaha.

Nobody should preach forgiveness to me, I do it every day and i must tell you that it is not easy forgiving some kinds of things.... I will keep asking God to heal me and make me forgive all of them that ganged up against me for no reason but because one person needed to revenge and used them.

I will not stop talking about it or calling out until IT IS FINISHED.

Cooking oil , tissue paper and some food items are SOLD OUT and new arrivals sell out at once because of the war in Ukraine.... The World has been too dependent on Russia and Ukraine productions and now that they are war, everything is expensive...... I tire....

I made Yam porridge that a BV sent me whatsapp tips to do and it turned too delicious...Thank you so much Lady!

Enjoy the rest of the day and just gist and free your mind like i just did up there...

See you in the Friday night Amebo post.....



I have been having pains in my heels for a while now when I stand for too long. I have been told to always wear shoes with soft insoles but I have not been doing this as much as I should. I need to check it out at the hospital though but that’s for later.

Recently I was trying to massage my heels before going to bed and I noticed my heels were cracked, thick deep line running along and painful too. I was surprised, don’t mind my ignorance please, I thought it was only people who did hard labour such as farming etc that were susceptible to cracked heels.

So I went in search for causes online and it's prevention and I learnt a few things such as standing for too long, obesity, wearing shoes with open back such as sandals, dehydration, bathing for too long with very hot water, extremely dry skin, athlete foot, eczema, diabetes, flat feet etc could be the cause.

I also read up on ways to treat cracked heels which I have started implementing. What I do now is to soak my feet in warm water for twenty minutes, I put dettol. Scrub with pumice stone, not too hard just enough to remove the dead skin.

Rinse my feet, dry it thoroughly and I apply moisturizer and coconut oil. I then wear my socks to keep it all locked in. Vaseline can be used too, this process is just once a week, for the daily routine I cream my legs with moisturizer three time daily. I am hoping to see changes soon.

I saw faster methods online and better products that can be used, some cost as much as a hundred dollars minus shipping, they had positive reviews and are claimed to give results in a week but I will stick to my cheaper and slower paced method.

Hopefully in just few weeks from now they would have healed completely.

I like how you know how to inform yourself...Ignorance is a disease!!!



Hello House,

I want you all to be mindful of your security. Listen to news regularly, please.
The country is going through very difficult and unsafe times. Presently, there are calls from foreign concerns to declare Nigeria a failed state. This is because of the level of insecurity present in the country presently.

We all need to be concerned about our safety. Do not say it can never happen to You. No one is safe. No one is safe nowhere is safe. Let us try and observe strict security protocols together with our prayers.

I would like to advise you all never to stay out of the house late.
Come back home or stay close to your house latest 6pm

Be careful on how you travel in marked vehicles at all times. Be circumspect on the security context of area and time you use marked or branded vehicles. For example, vehicles bearing names, company etc.

Do not travel in groups. If you are to go for a program, move in little groups of two to three and staggered movement.

If your area is being for whatever reason attacked, switch of all lights including any switch with lights no matter how tiny. Remove all jewelry on your body and wrap your phone in a cloth to prevent light reflection that can betray your position.
If you hear gunshot, leave your bed and lie flat under the bed and away from your window. Get out of sight. Lie close to any wall.

Do not take ride in any vehicle that you don't know. Take public transportation at all times, if you need to.

When you go out, dress normal and neat not flashy. Never wear any clothes that can get you noticed or identified.

If you are going out to somewhere, tell someone where you are going to and the expected time of your arrival. If possible don't go alone.

On no account should you visit online friends. People who you meet on social media, you should never visit them either in public or in their homes or offices. NEVER.- Beware !

Speak very little when you are in public and never comment on government, political or religious issues.

Always maintain call credit on your phone and always ensure you have power on it or buy power bank. You may need to make contact incase of ATTACK or EMERGENCY situations.

If under attack, do not make voice calls, because sound travel faster and quietly at night, just ring the number repeatedly if the person pick, don't speak. Just send text. When doing that, do it under cover so that your phone will not reflect any ray of light.

Don't buy group dress from anyone for now. No matter how close they are to you , don't buy.

Don't attend parties that you are not closely concerned or associated with the organisers.

If at all, you come under attack, remember there are only 2 rules to guide you.
If you panic, you will attract attention of the attackers to yourselves, and you will not remember exactly what you need to do to keep you safe.

This is not the time to do fashion or to showcase your new clothing and shoes. Anytime you go out, wear dress and especially shoes that will allow you to run incase you need to get out of troubled area fast. Wear cheap shoes that you can throw away if it impedes your movement. Your dress should not hinder your ability to run.

Prepare for any eventuality. Do not say it can't happen. Be Prepared. Trouble can happen anywhere any time. Remember your life is very important,not your phone or your property.

If you have to run, throw away anything in your hand. Save yourself first. Don't wait to pick anything that drop from your hands. Run as fast as you can.

If there is shooting, try the rules. Do not panic. The fact that you heard the gunshot means that you are not hit and you are alive. If you are hit, you will not hear the SOUND.
#. Reduce your height first by bending down as close to the ground as possible.
#. Then try and identify the direction of the shots first then draw a cross putting the direction of the shot at north or south, run East or WEST.
#. Never run straight line in opposite direction because bullets travel at straight line and never run toward the point of the gunshot.
#. As you are moving out of the troubled area, identify hard objects or structures that you can use as protection where you can hide.
#. If you notice the sound is coming closer, shift your location a little as you continue to run. If not, find a safe place and hide in sitting position to avoid stray bullets from hitting you.

At this moment, avoid arguments with People. When you notice people are showing anger, don't wait to settle them, move out of the place as quickly and quietly as you can. Innocent people end up loosing their lives while trying to intervene in such kind of situations. Don't go to places of incidents to go and look at what's happening. You may be unlucky.

At this moment, stay as close as possible to your home. Know the shortest possible routes to your home, incase you need to get home quickly.
Always keep some change at hand. Not much, maybe 2k or less incase you need to board a public transport out of any trouble area.*OPEN YOUR EYES AND BE ALERT.*

Pray without ceasing!!!!!!. Commit your ways into the hands of God for divine protection and He will command His angels to deliver you in times of trouble.
_Suspect everything including people and places._.. 



As circulated on Whatsapp.



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I live a great life; a life free of pain, sadness, and anything that’s associated with darkness because I am born of the light of God’s Word. My whole body is full of life. There’s no trace of sickness, disease, or infirmity connected to me.

  2. Tight hug to you allπŸ’•πŸ’ž

  3. April is your month where greater blessings shall overtake you!-coybarker


  4. Wow may God help us not to keep our enemies close...Good afternoon everyone..

  5. Default Smile, I don’t even care what you think Stella must have done to u to deserve such betrayal from you. I don’t care!

    Stella carried ur matter on her head when you had ur issues and made us all pray with you. We prayed and hoped for things to work out for you.

    I can remember how we all rejoiced genuinely when u shared your good news on this platform Stella used for you. Then you go back to betray such a person.

    I keep saying this, y’all don’t know the kind of punishment that awaits you when you destroy someone that has helped u in one way or another. Y’all don’t know.

    This thing is vexing me too much. Maybe I should just go and sleep it off

    1. She will come under anon to yab, na her way.

    2. Thank you Eka for this. We were here on the blog" when Stella compelled us to continually pray for her.

      People should learn not to forget whoever was there for them when they needed to be heard/ loved/ helped and refrain from hurting that person when the time comes but sit down ,reflect and go the way of dialogue

    3. Many are like that,too much bitterness.Imagine dragging someone you have never met before. When they crave for attention and you ignore them . The next is to look for a way to pull you down to notice them. Many are mad few are roaming.

    4. As in I remember those days.

    5. It is really sad that someone you stood by in their trailing period can disappoint you like this. Me I have come to learn that it is human nature, we tend to forget good deed easily. Take the Israelite in the Bible for example. Stella you will always be at the TOP

    6. Default smile what you did was all shades of wrong! No matter what for the fact that she stood by you when you were trying to conceive was enough reason to be loyal to Stella.

    7. This is why most bloggers don't relate with their bvs,they post and move on.But I understand the kind of blog Stella is running, which is not a bad thing,but things like this will always result from it.
      Those that go about tarnishing one's image should realize that what we sow we reap,for God is not mocked. It is well with your soul Stella,I can feel how angry and betrayed you feel from the write up, me I will say just relax,free your heart, Vengeance is of the lord.

    8. The shame is on her and not Stella. You can play man but you cannot play God. The way we prayed and also rejoiced with her. Even if Stella offended her, can't she think of the past kindness and let go of the offence. May God not allow us bring curse on ourselves by hurting the hand that has ever fed us or helped us to stand.

    9. Stella, please take it easy, all your good deeds will work against them and all their evil plans will be their end IJN AMEN

      On a lighter mood, my name is JENNIFER, πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† .
      the "other Jennifer " please stop your evils acts, we Jennifers are not known to be evil.

      A Good afternoon to everyone.

    10. This life is very simple. Do good, you'll receive good. Do evil, you'll receive evil. Don't bite the fingers that fed you. It's well.

    11. If their "background" is default already don't heap it on Stella. People are wuked. I don't get it how some people will just wake up and start insulting Stella, as in she's the cause of their depression? Stella, hand them to God.

      May God protect and deliver us from evil, amen.

  6. Security alert post. Thank you.

    Motherhood poster, you can use heel balm, it is just 700. For someone that grew up with cracked heel. Heel balm is a quaranty.

  7. While driving on top speed to catch her cheating husband red-handed, a woman died in a fatal accident.😭
    who killed her?πŸ˜₯

    1: Husband
    2: Side chick
    3: Informant
    4: Herself

  8. Stella my ear dey itch me oo make una give download of what transpired na. Default smile why na. Stella was really good to you and many of us put you in prayers so that the devil be put to shame.

    Anyway a wiseman said the wounds in my body is not from my enemies but from those who claimed they loved me. It is well with all.

    So many people really need validation on this blog badly. It is well with una.

    Blessed afternoon all. Enjoy this weekend

  9. please is there any one who can suggest a natural way to open a blocked fallopian tube apart from hysteroscopic tubal cannulation

    1. Have I tried castor oil massage? And serrapeptase supplement?



    3. God bless you guys, I will try it. please can I get this drug and castor oil from the pharmacy stores? thanks



  10. Stella keep your energy .You don't need to keep replying faceless people that can't stand you. Some people are less busy to wake up everyday and be looking for who to drag to the mud. you are the CEO here,don't let them drag you to be like them. Oya press block button or ignore. That's how we roll.

    1. Allow her express herself pls.
      No use trying to form bigger person then end up storing so much anger and bitterness within.
      This too shall pass

    2. Let her Let it all out,so her mind can be free

  11. Wow!! Safety tips so important. Thanks for sharing

  12. Good day everyone,hope your day is going on well?it's ending in praise.

  13. Today makes it exactly a week that it was Friday...

  14. That bv default smile betrayal is still shocking me.

    Stella, your good will always fight your battle for you.

    The mind of a woman going through motherhood, I have that feeling too when I stand for too long.

    Thanks poster for the security tips.

    1. Justyswt, that's why it's called betrayal. It comes from people and places you'd never expect it to come from. If you bend down you see Aba.

    In 2015 a Nigerian politician bought a horse for a race at N100,000

    The seller agreed to deliver the horse the next day.

    In the morning, he drove up and said: "Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The horse is dead."

    The politician replied: "Well, just give me my money back then."

    The seller said: "Can’t do that. I’ve already spent it."

    The politician said: "OK, then, just bring me the dead horse."

    The farmer asked: "What are you going to do with it?"

    The politician said: "I’m going to raffle it off to Nigerians as a speed horse that can win the race"

    The seller responded: "You can’t raffle a dead horse."

    Politician replied: "Sure, I can. Just watch me. You don't know Nigerians, l will post wonderful pictures of a horse, I just won’t tell anybody it's dead. I will market it with propaganda and present him as capable of chasing criminals away"

    A month later, the seller met up with politician and asked: "What happened with that dead horse?"

    Politician replied: "I raffled it off. I sold 1million tickets at N2 each and made a profit of N2m

    The seller was dazed and asked: "Didn’t anyone complain?"

    Politician said: "Just the guy who won. I told him it died on our way to deliver. So, I gave him back his N2 with apology. I told him l have refunded everyone. He consoled me and told me to keep it up that am a good man.’ That after all I have suffered (a lot of loss). He prayed for me and called on God to bless me. Telling me that Nigeria needs honest people like me to come and run for office".


    *The political raffle ticket sellers are back about to sell to us another dead horse in 2023*
    *SHINE YOUR EYES!!!!!*

  16. Good afternoon everyone
    It is well with all us
    Happy weekend

  17. Choi choi I have missed you pipu kpa! All the amazing shaking heads like mine. I am preparing for the weekend. **long hiss and sigh** Another cooking bazaar in my kitchen. Thanks to my competitive sisters. And I hope to dive this husband of mine and not let go till Sunday or Monday sef. I've been sexless since my people came. When I wake up in the morning, they'll ask me useless questions, make stupid sexual sounds and use their sex-detector eyes to scan me and my husband. I'm so embarrassed and shy that I just closed shop. Which kin wahala is this? I have told them to leave, they said they must complete their 2 weeks. God abeg na. It is well with my thing.😌😌😌😌

    Anyhow, Stellasticide, take it easy. Be calming down. Don't mind them biko.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ enjoy my Sister. Good afternoon ooo.

    2. You will not kill somebody o. Just bear e go soon reach u to do.

    3. You be case, just 2 weeks o

    4. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 you be real yeye person.

    5. Which one come be stellasticide again?πŸ˜‚

  18. A Conversation Between My Friend and A Naija Yahoo Girl😌😌

    9ja girl: I and my friend wants to go and hand out, do you want to come with us

    My friend: no

    9ja girl: just say you're scared of billing

    My friend: like I'll take responsibility for your friends before, do I know them? I'll only take care of yours, even though you're the one inviting me and supposed to take care of the bills, like you girls always say, when you want to excuse not paying/sharing bills for dateπŸ™‚

    9ja babe: it would look somehow sha..

    My friend: ok

    9ja girl: so I and my friends want to go to (.....)

    My friend: Okay, have fun

    9ja girl: please send me money to go out

    My friend: you want to go out but you don't have money,. Sit down at home

    9ja girl: please naw

    My friend: not today

    9ja girl: Those girls will ask you for money you'll give them,when it's me you'll ask to wait

    My friend: those boys will ask for sex you'll give them, when it's me you'll ask to wait

    9ja girl: what has money got to do with sex

    My friend: in all honesty, what do can you give me? You just ask for money every time like am your bank or something.. are you not ashamed to be asking for money from someone always and not thinking of anyway or anything the person can also gain from you?

    9ja girl: so your sisters exchange sex for money, Abi you don't have sisters

    My friend: first don't ever involve my family in such a stupid conversation, if you have no regards for yours, I have for mine. 2ndly, I have 2 sis, one is married, and my younger sis doesn't ask men for money.. you know her, she's very comfortable. I'm not supposed to even tell you this.

    9ja girl: sorry for involving your sisters. But If you give money in exchange for sex, what does that make you?
    You are a male prostitute, a professional one

    My friend: if you always ask men for money up and down because you think you are a female that deserves the baby girl life without work, what does that make you? BTW, that's not the definition of a prostitute

    9ja girl: lol

    My friend: lol. Ok, lets reason πŸ™‚, everytime you visit me and make me happy, I'll give you (.... Naira)..

    9ja babe: fuck you

    My friend: ✌️

  19. Hmmm, is this what the once peaceful and happy Nigeria(ns) has been reduced to? God shall arise and deliver us from this evil, no matter the source or sponsors.

  20. I use to think default was a respectable married woman. I remember how BVs prayed for her during TTC and the jubilation that followed when she took in, and the congratulations that also followed when she relocated. Humans ehn... Smh

    1. I even called her when she birthed then,all courtesy Stella...Humans are scary...

  21. Happy weekend fam ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Slimzy my lova❤❤❤❤

    2. Good afternoon Yeye person,I hope your weekend is going well ❤️❤️

  22. *Breaking*
    *Good news*:
    *So many Nigerians have NIN and they are unaware. The truth is that everyone that did their BVN when it was introduced in 2014 has NIN automatically assigned to them*
    *just dial *346# with the same number you registered for BVN and retrieve your NIN*. *Don't go to NIMC centres to queue,*.

    *Please circulate this info to help others and to relieve their stress*

  23. I don't know the whole story between you, Default Smile and Stella but you can't do this to someone who has shown you so much love here.

    Sort things out with Stella and stop all these cos God watches, see and knows everything. He knows how to pay everyone what is due to them. This goes for everyone too and not Default Smile alone.

    Stella, like I've always said, there are still some good people here who love and appreciate you for all you've done for them and is still doing. Let that be a consolation and always remember that God gat you always. No worry yourself.

    Make I face wetin I dey do jare.

  24. please someone should recommend drugs that shrink prostate.

    1. I can't recommend any drugs because I don't know the state of the prostrate,go to a good hospital,you will be asked to go for scan to know the size of the prostrate,my dad took a flight from Abuja to Lagos with a catheter on,the hospital ran some tests and scan on him,he was placed on drugs,within 1week the catheter was removed and he could pee on his own,he travelled back to his base,went back to work,he was on a diet,he responded well to treatment,but then suffered a relapse because he went back to old habits,but he's doing okay now.
      I will suggest you stop taking alcohol,make eating of fresh tomatoes part of your meal,go to the hospital for proper diagnosis.

    2. Use duodart, and you can per with ease.

  25. I remember default smile, why bite the finger that fed you.

  26. Replies
    1. Elegant I J of PITARKWA,I hail oo.How you dei?

    2. Elegant I J of PITARKWA,I hail oo.How you dei?

    3. I greet you all lovelies😍😍

  27. Nawao. Good afternoon everyone

  28. Awww I miss my hood. Our vibes is always different. Good luck with your training.

  29. Safe trip and enjoy your weekend

  30. Stella bekee, you know your a powerful woman, so don't expect less, buh God will always turn it to a testimony at d end of this, when things like this happens,take it that,there is a door God wants to open for u,so let it go, don't let the devil use anyone to bring u down,I ♥️u,we ♥️ u nwanyin bekee

    Ada ohafia

  31. The woman from motherhood column abeg try dey rest sometimes as no be only you born. no be only you dey experience things and it's not a must that your column be published everyday cos I wonder how desperate you are to be in our faces that you had to tell us about your cracked heel. You no know where dem do manicure? Abegi!

    Aunty abi na Uncle security personnel kukuma tell us not to exist again because of security consciousness cos I don't understand all the plenty radarada you wrote up there in the guise of rules. Even Jesus our savior no do reach this one. I'm sure you live in one of the troubled states in the north.

    Una happy weekend oh.

    1. Chai anon you harsh o,abeg be caiming down inugoπŸ™„πŸ™„

    2. I love reading her column, i have been educated from it once or thrice. It's not just a story but something is always there to learn from. About today column, believe me someone here today have learnt the easiest way to avoid cracked heel

    3. Hahahaha kai. Una no dey get joy at times

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  32. Just asking are the Security tips is for Ukraine warzone or Nigeria?

  33. Maybe I need to join Instagram and follow SDK. I don't like the fact that l do not understand the real bruhahaha. My own is that We should be careful of what what we do or say against another because karma is real. It might not come as easy as we predict but definitely there is a day of recon. SDK for you to hold this for this long means they really hurt you because your heart is full of love and does not have space for hate.
    To whom it may concern.. please leave SDK alone. You can't be in someone's house (blog) and still fight the person. Na morter head breaking you dey look for.

    The weather here has been lovely

  34. Good afternoon sweet people, guess your day is going smoothly.

    So I'm here to say thank you to my Kano mama,my sure customer with a great sense of understanding.I appreciate your patience when delivery company frustrated life out of you and I,thank God it turned out well and the package was received.

    You're highly appreciated,God bless you and yours...Amen

  35. @PARIS SAVANNAH,you dei so?Why are you so scarce like £Sterling?I hail oo

  36. @PARIS SAVANNAH,you dei so?Why are you so scarce like £Sterling?I hail oo

  37. Eka Joy, I saw your comments about hair and leave-n conditioners.

    Moisture is the best ingredients for your hair, water promotes health and makes even 'stubborn' hair very manageable. When your hair is dry it causes tangles which when combed forcefully causes breakage and growth is not retained.

    LCO (Liquid cream oil is an excellent way to moisturise and seal in moisture to your hair).
    L- let your liquid be a Leave-in conditioner. Water alone will evaporate fast but conditioners have other ingredients added to water. Look for a conditioner with aqua/water as the first ingredient. Remember that the goal is to add moisture to you hair.

    Wash your hair with a shampoo fro dry hair (Head and Shoulders is a cheap and common shampoo that is good for dry scalp. Schwarzkopf also does a really good hyaluronic moisture kick micellar shampoo, the one in a blue packaging, it washes the hair clean but doesn't dry it out- should be available on Amazon).

    afterwards, conditioner for about 3 mins, when rinsing the conditioner out do not rinse out completely, then dry hair with an old cotton shirt or a micro fibre towel so won't drag against your hair. (Garnier banana conditioner-in yellow packaging is a cheap and great conditioner. L'oreal elvive has a moisture locking hyaluronic acid conditioner also)

    Then apply your leave-in all over your hair.

    Afterwards, section your hair small sections (to ensure that you reach every strand during moisturizing). Apply leave-in again this time to each section making sure to work/rub it into each section with your fingers. Pantene gold detangling Leave-in is an excellent one, As I am is another great Leave-in conditioner, African Pride has a moisture-miracle leave in as well. Aunt Jackie's also has a moisture intensive leave-in (I think you can get them on beauty bay or look fantastic websites or Amazon if they're not easily accessible to you) if not, look for a leave-in with water. Cetyl/Cetearyl alcohol dries out the hair so avoid ones with alcohol in the first few ingredients.

    C is for cream, after working the Leave-in through the hair, apply a cream to seal in the liquid. As I Am double butter cream is really good but I've read Good reviews about Aunt Jackie's coconut and butter cream (also on Amazon).

    After L and C, use Oil to seal in all the moisture you've added. Pantene gold does a great lightweight hydrating oil, alternatives can be Argan oil (ORS has a good one) or grapeseed oil (Aunt Jackie's has a brand as well). Lightweight oils penetrate better instead of clogging up on the hair strands like grease or shea butter tend to do.

    After all, comb out the sections with a wide-tooth comb and twist or plait it. Your hair should be moisturised and hydrated for at least 3 days.

    You may get a spray bottle, with water, leave-in and a little oil added, to spray on your hair when you feel dry or before manipulating it (combing it out or styling it). If you can't be bothered (like me), As I Am has a great JBCO (jamaican black castor oil) water which is fantastic to just spritz on your hair when it's dry.

    Also try to wash hair at least weekly. The more water getting into your hair, the better and healthier it'll be. Unwashed hair for long leads to product build-up which means that none of your healthy creams are penetrating into the scalp, which just makes it drier and more difficult to manage. Washing the hair gets rid of all the product its accumulated and ready to get in new nutrients (think of it like taking a shower and washing away build-up of sweat and body cream before applying creams anew)

    This was an epistle but I hope it helps you!

    1. Also:

      Water, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are great humectants (add moisture to the hair) so products with those ingredients should be a favourite.

      I suspect you may have low porosity hair which means that your hair finds it hard to absorb water (when shampooing your hair, you have to really saturate it with water for a while otheewise the water jsut doesn't do anything and rolls off the hair-washing with warm water is a tip) which is why it's important to seal in the water with oil..

      Curly Chemistry on YouTube is a great place to figure out your hair type and what your hair likes. You may have to do a lot of trial and error, I remember using Soulmate and Dax and ori in the past and it seemed like they were just making my hair worse, but knowing the basics of moisturising is an important first step to ensure hair is well hydrated and nourished.

      OK that's me finished. πŸ˜‚

    2. HΓ‘!

      You have killed me oh. How I was cope na?

      Thanks for the detailed explanation, by God’s grace, I will find the strength.

      Anything to avoid shrinkage? As in massive shrinkage after washing

    3. Sectioning and twisting out your hair after moisturising stretches it.

      Or using a hair straightener if you prefer, make sure or use a heat protectant and only use the iron to run through once or twice to avoid heat damage. Ensure hair is well moisturised before straightening hut do not straighten dripping wet hair.

    4. Thanks a lot. You've been really patient

  38. Good day!! I just remembered when I firstly got a car.. naso I drive to one mama put eat ******* after I was done I forget say I bring car come oooo
    Na so I carry bike return home. Even tell bike guy to speed up. I reach house na inside bathroom wey soap still dey my eyes I remember say I no carry motor come house. Now I just drove pass the same scene today

    Thank you Jesus

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    3. Hahahaha this thing you said one neighbour did like that. Forget his car in his neighbours place and trekked back home. Only to remember midnight that he knew he went out with his car, where is the car

    4. This!!!!πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    If your stock-in-trade is to leverage on the social media to spurn cheap blackmail to pull someone down(PHD),malign people for clout chasing or personal fulfilment,please desist from it forthwith.It is mischievious and maliciously murderous an act.Don't allow the devil use you as his loyal agent.


  40. Good afternoon! Safety tipsπŸ‘,Bv Default smile abeg allow Juweluchi rest whom God has blessed no man can course.

  41. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone.

    Chai Jewelu star woman,me and you on same lunch table..I just finished eating sweet yam porridge I made with dry fish and fresh spicy pepper.

    I remembered bv Default smile,then I haven't gotten an ID,bvs and Stella were always praying for her when she was trying. Stella and bvs carried her matter for head o,then God answered her and we all rejoiced with her. I thought she was a godly woman o..chai people get mind o.

    Motherhood poster,I suffer that heel cracks too,I was massaging with Shea butter then I put on socks but it wasn't working again so few days ago I decided to have a pedicure..chai you need to see my heels now..soft and clean like that of a new born baby. I think mine is because I'm always putting on open slippers and again I bath hot water too,no matter the weather I can't pour cold water on my body.

    Hello Nazirate's ink poster, how are you doing.Hello Phoenix baby 😘, hope you are good.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe.
    E go surely be ✌️.

    1. You really don't know how much you encourage me and those around you. Thank youπŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ₯°

  42. Good Afternoon Beautiful People!




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