Stella Dimoko Late Politician MKO Abiola's Daughter Tundun Replies Half Sister Hafsat For Using Their Father's Name To Campaign For Gov Bello


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Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Late Politician MKO Abiola's Daughter Tundun Replies Half Sister Hafsat For Using Their Father's Name To Campaign For Gov Bello

The presidential bid of Kogo State governor, Yahaya Bello, is causing a ruckus in the family of the late MKO Abiola.

Tundun, daughter of the late MKO Abiola, the acclaimed winner of the 1993 general election, has criticized her sister, Hafsat Abiola-Costello for using their father’s name to promote the presidential bid of Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi State.

Abiola-Costello, director-general of the Yahaya Bello presidential campaign organization had, on Sunday, appeared on Arise TV; where she disclosed that the similarities between her father and Bello, encouraged her to take the job. But reacting to the development, on Monday, while co-anchoring Morning Show, a programme on ARISE TV; Tundun said her sister did not have the right to “exploit” their father’s name for Bello’s benefit.

She said it was, even more, “unfortunate” that the late Abiola’s child would be involved in such political gimmicks.

A visibly angry Tundun added that her half-sister should have focused on elaborating her principal’s plans for Nigeria; instead of dragging their father’s name through the mud.

“I have come to expect certain things even from that individual. Just because it is not surprising doesn’t mean that it is not staggeringly inappropriate,” she said.

“I’m referring to my half-sister, Hafsat…DG of the Yahaya Bello campaign and her making comparisons to my dad. There are a lot of political players in his team. Not one of them feels the need to throw their fathers under the bus for the sake of their principal.

“Come out and talk about your principal, his antecedents; his plans for the future of Nigeria and leave daddy out of it.

“It is not her right because it is not her name. It is our name and it is also the name of future generations of Abiola yet unborn who should be proud of a legacy.

“My father was tortured because the UN does consider solitary confinement as torture. He was tortured, then murdered and has left his legacy — only for it to be abused in this fashion.

“Everybody should just leave his name out of it, especially dishonesty, false equivalence, and cynical exploitation of a genuine struggle. It is nauseating.”

from 1st News.


  1. Replies
    1. She spoke well and it must be embarrassing having her hallowed father's name likened to Yahya Bello. But then...we still won't forget that Abiola is still one of the grand-patron of corruption in Nigeria. Jagaban is just a modern day version of Abiola. The only difference is Abiola's "benevolence".

      Take heart.

    2. Ms saphire, we must be careful of the accusations we carelessly throw around.

      @ benevolence, you clearly do not know Bola Tinubu

    3. You have written very well Ms Saphire.

      Sorry Tundun.
      Though Fela's song readily came to mind I.T.T.

      Okay bye.

  2. So sane humans are actually campaigning for Yahaya Bello. The governor of the worst state in Nigeria! I don't get some humans aswear!

    1. Imagine the man saying he will turn Nigeria to Kogi if elected. its well

    2. Let me see how he will win.

    3. I just shook my head in disdain when I read it, are they not suffering enough?

  3. English plenty, how I wan take understand her speech now

    1. Go to school. Simple. Lol!

  4. She reeks of envy. Abiola name is synonymous to democracy . Bello has every right to aim for his aspiration using anyone he deem able and capable .
    They should stop making us feel Abiola is a saint , Abiola is no better than Bello . They both are democrats with filthy past …

    1. Envy? Far from it. This Hafsat is very thirsty and her siblings know this too well. Please don’t put Bello and MKO in the same pot.

  5. Tundun is a jealous brat who is a tool in the hands of PDP and Arise TV. How come she can use her father's name but not Hafsat who is way older? She should shut up and continue to serve her half baked cold takes on Arise TV. Hafsat has been ACTIVE on the political scene for many years and has a right to freedom of association just like Tundun. Was their father Abiola not responsible for 2 coups in Nigeria including the one that brought IBB in? anyway, she was born in 1990.

    1. I saw exactly this comment on YouTube. What has her age got to do with it?

    2. Tundun born in 1990? Such crap. Jealous of who? Hafsat? For what now? It’s more than you think.


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