Stella Dimoko Nigerian Reps To Investigate Fraudulent ‘Cryptic Pregnancy’ Practice


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Friday, April 08, 2022

Nigerian Reps To Investigate Fraudulent ‘Cryptic Pregnancy’ Practice

Those who indulge in this Cryptic pregnancies to fool their spouses please come in here to read ooooh... 

The House of Reps has decided to request the Ministers of Health and Women’s Affairs to investigate the country’s false trend of “cryptic pregnancies.”

The decision followed the unanimous approval of Rep. Ikenna Elezieanya’s motion (PDP-Imo) in plenary on Thursday, April 7.

Elezieanya, who introduced the motion, stated that there was a pattern in Nigeria where women were erroneously announced pregnant by people posing as physicians and nurses.

The procedure was known among those who practised it as ‘cryptic pregnancy,’ according to the lawmaker.

Many Nigerian families, he claims, are enticed and fall prey to unscrupulous behaviour in their quest for children.

According to the Reps, women who indulge in the fraud are injected with hormones of pregnancy; and while they parade themselves as being pregnant, no pregnancy is detected through an ultrasound scan.

“These scammers inject women with hormones to boost a pregnancy sign which has adverse effects on the adrenal gland; and eventually leads to kidney failure.

“Women are sometimes sedated and operated on or given an episiotomy; and thereafter the scammers bring arranged babies,” he said.
Many desperate women who went through the treatment, he added, ended up in a state of everlasting misery as a result of the medications’ side effects, which ruined their reproductive organs.

Some women died as a result of the underlying illnesses, according to the congressman.

The basic mandate of government, according to Elezieanya, is to protect the lives and property of its residents.

He believes the government should launch a grassroots public awareness campaign about the dangers and effects of “cryptic pregnancies.”

The House of Reps asked the two ministries to start grassroots activities to achieve the necessary results.

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Reps, Ahmed Wase, issued a ruling ordering the Healthcare Services and Women Affairs Committees to investigate the problem and report back for further legislative action.

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  1. Supported o. In fact it is timely. I pray that they will do a thorough job.

  2. The wickedness that happens in Nigerian hospitals. Wicked Nigerian doctors all over. And they'll be the first to blame Buhari

    1. Is it that u lack simple comprehension,or u have a personal problem with Nigerian drs/nurses.Cryptic pregnancy is a scam pregnancy not carried out in hospitals but by scammers who run baby factories.Pregnancy wey scan no dey detect,and they are advised not to do Antenatal at hospitals but at the special maternity centres.Some "pregnancies" stay more than 1year,waiting for money to b complete,and na the people go tell the woman when she will come to deliver,not the woman feeling labour pains or anything.There is nothing medically explainable about it.I personally have seen one that happened in my area then,the lady claimed she was pregnant for about 2years,belle go swell up today,go down tomorrow..and surprised us one day with a baby say she don born,for" hospital" in another state about 5 hrs away.Kasala burst as the baby became sickly and turned out to be a sickler,born to AA parents.
      U guys take ur hate out on Nigerian medical personnel unnecessarily.Haba.

  3. This is the closest to what may be defined as maternity fraud..

    Lying to a woman that she's the mother of a child which isn't her's.. now imagine the pain men who are faced with paternity fraud issue go through..

    Yea,. No excuse can justify it✌️

  4. This has been going on for ages. The women themselves don't even know if not why would the person I know share it with everyone that cares to hear that that's what she has done. They even tell them DNA will match after 5 years for the people that live abroad to not try and claim its their biological baby at the embassy.


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