Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Vice President Osinbajo Says He Does Not Owe Anyone Any Allegiance Outside His Oath Of Office..


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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Nigeria's Vice President Osinbajo Says He Does Not Owe Anyone Any Allegiance Outside His Oath Of Office..

The President and 2023 Presidential aspirant, Yemi Osinbajo, has said he owes nobody any allegiance.

On Tuesday April 26, 2022 during his political consultations in Ogun State, Osinbajo said he owes no single individual any allegiance outside his oath of office and the allegiance he swore to Nigerians when he came into office in 2015.

Addressing his followers, Osinbajo said: “After all, I have learnt, if called upon to serve the nation, should I say No? I have decided that I will run for office.

“I have sworn an oath to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is an oath to our people, our children, and the future of Nigeria. I owe nobody else any allegiance outside the oath.”

Osinbajo disclosed this amid claims of betraying his alleged godfather Bola Tinubu by declaring for the 2023 Presidency when the alleged godfather is also contesting for the same office.

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  1. CorrectπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. godfather indeed...Stella,leave this man jare..Cuz Tinubu made him,does that justifies that he should be loyal to him? ..I can never be loyal to anyone once they are doing the wrong thing..

    But all the same,na family issue

  3. In a normal country, that is how it should be. Your allegiance to your country should supersede to any person but unfortunately we live in an eye service country where your loyalty or allegiance should be to a mere person than your country #SMH

  4. Oga no send anybody oo, they have called him to serve the country

  5. He has every right to contest but what are his chances?

  6. I wish that He truly served this country instead of this corrupt and destruction of our economy under his watch..
    He can try sha but He won't get the ticket.

  7. the best person to serve this country is Peter obi but no, tribal and religious sentiment will not allow us see road.

    1. Tribal and religious sentiment is not stopping Peter Obi from convincing his fellow Christian Igbo brothers to step down and push him forward as a consensus candidate. It wasn't tribalism that has kept Atiku campaigning unsuccessfully for 13 years. It's a poor sign in politics not to have your own wide spread following of politicians. Politicians are traders who get excited about a popular product that wi move in the market.

      No matter how good a technocrat is, they'll be impeached in two months if they don't learn how to play politics. Poor performers like Good luck and Buhari failed because they don't understand the game of numbers. Even Obi's party realized they have to back him because he performed but prior to that, he had to find in through Ojukwu and use sweet mouth to convince people.

      Instead of accusing everyone of stigmatizing you, sell your candidate and invite others to join the train instead of nagging and spreading unfounded suspicions.

    2. Anon 17.14 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  8. They have started again with words that sound good

  9. Replies
    1. If na Peter Obi talk am, you won't say this o, later they will claim other folks don't like them.


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