Stella Dimoko Nine Types Of Angels And Their Duties...


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Monday, April 18, 2022

Nine Types Of Angels And Their Duties...

I had goose bumps reading this.....

Oh Lord, you are magnificently awesome!!!

Did you know that there are Nine types of Angels?


We speak directly to God through prayer, but according to the Bible,God reaches us through a variety of angels, each with distinct duties. There are nine types within three major groups known as choirs.

 They're aware of our personal life goals n are assigned to assist us,but never to interfere with our free will. That is why, it's witchcraft for anyone to control or manipulate another person against his or her will. God gave man free will God never did, no one should.


(1) Seraphim
(2) Cherubim
(3) Thrones
(4) Dominion
(6) Powers
(7) Principalities
(8) Archangels


It means, the fierce ones. (1)Have faces, hands n feet(2)Have 6 wings,4 of which they use to cover themselves in the presence of God as a sign of humility, the other 2, they use to fly. (3)They cry Holy, Holy, n appear to worship God continuously.
(4) They're considered fiery serpents, and not the other divine beings can may look at them.


These are angels closest to God.(1) They encircle His throne n emit intense fiery light representing His love.(2)They have 4 faces n six wings.(3) When they come to the earth,they come with human Bodies.


These angels are the keepers of celestial records n hold the knowledge of God . They're sent to the earth with great task, such as expelling human kind from the garden of Eden. They look like great glowing wheels covered with many eyes. They serve as God's chariot n dispense God's judgment in order to carry out His desires for us.


They're considered heavenly governors. Attempting to strike a balance between matter, spirit, good n bad.


They're as middle management, they receive orders from seraph n cherub ,then dish them out to other angels. There main purpose is to make sure the cosmos remains in order.


Are border patrol agents between the heavens n earth. They're the angel of birth n death.


They guide the entire world, they're involved in religion n politics


They're the first order of angels that appear in human form. They're in charge of managing duties n angels below them.


Regular angels, guardian of people, Messengers to humanity. For protection, to warn people n to act as warriors on God's behalf.

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  1. The Bible talks about;
    Cherubs: Genesis 3:24, Ezekiel 1:5-11
    Seraphim Isaiah 6:1-3

    But for the rest?????????
    This writer did not quote one Bible.
    And please Jesus taught us that no one prays to angels; Matthew 26:53
    Rather we can pray to God to send them.

    Please I don't know about the rest. If you have Scripture citations, give us. And before you attack me, read the citations.

    1. Thanks for the response. Let the Author back up his claims of having nine angels with Biblical verses.

    2. Don't mind the writer. Just his or her imagination talking trash. No scriptural citations to prove your points. We know of Cherubims and Seraphims, where did he get the rest from. I'm not a novice when it comes to the scriptures. And people are here already swallowing just one man's idea supposedly from the scriptures.

    Genesis 3:24 After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

  3. Imagine seeing a throne angel or seraph. You'd scream blood of Jesus, without knowing that fiery looking entity is an angel. Then when Lucifer appears, he looks stunning, like an angel of light, na that one you go call Jesus self, meanwhile it's a dark entity.

  4. God the omnipotent, omniscience and omnipresent

  5. There was a time my elder sister and I went to a prayer meeting. prayers were going on when we got there, so we joined in. At the end of the prayers, the pastors told me that they saw two Angels walking beside me

    1. Psalms 34:7 angel of the Lord encamp around those that fear him and he delivers them

      So the Word of the "pastor" is more important to you than the word of God?
      Read your Bible dear and believe the Lord's Word.

  6. Stella if you see a pic or graphic description of a seraph,you'll be scared and also marvel at God's work

  7. May God grant us discerning spirit.

  8. My most sweet one Jesus Christ, oh I need, desire, and yearn for an encounter. Send me an angel dearest savior, please send me an angel 😭😭😭😭

  9. If you are a Catholic, you'll know most of these. As for the ignorant anon up there, which one of the Bibles are you reading?

  10. I'm just curious if anyone6has descoverd their spirit guides?

  11. Wow! This is so Interesting and educative. Thanks for sharing

    God pls I need your angels visitation

  12. If you study the Bible well, you would know that this list is very wrong

  13. Thrones are what people called UFO. The ones prophet Ezekiel saw in Ezekiel chapter one

  14. There are truly angels that come in human form.
    Story .....
    Way back then, i just finished my prelim at Unizik and traveling back home after a hectic one year program alone, was just 16.
    That fateful morning, i boarded a bus at onitsha upper Iweka. I had a very bad feeling but decided to proceed cos i suffer for that school no be small. All i wanted was just to get to Lagos anyhow that very day. We proceed on the journey, along the way the driver kept picking attachment passengers on the way and people wwre furiis and yelling why. A particular guy enter as attachment and came straight to where i was sitting to position himself beside me. Going on the weather changed and started raining. I brought out my Pieta book from my pocket and started praying, the guy beside me was just staring at me, and i became more uncomfortable. Approaching Benin by pass the rain was sooo heavy that the driver could barely see. People urged him to park by the side and wait till it subside but the driver remain adamant. Few minutes on.... I heard a loud cry and before i could raise my bended head, my mouth hit the iron bar of the seat in front and our bus landed on its side... Phew !!! People started runing Helter skelter and jumping through the doors, i was dazed and couldn't fathom what was going on... Blood gushing out from my mouth, some teeth broken , my white top stained with blood, i managed to climb out thr the window and started running to nowhere. It was this guy that ran after me and caught on the road. He then made me sit to regain myself.
    Our 1414 bus collided with a truck and killed the driver and motor boy.
    Checking the time it was some minutes past 4pm. Other motorist were passing aand just looking out and shaking heads.
    We sata by the road side thinking what next ....
    A private car drove past, reversed and came to where i was sitting on the road side with this strange guy. People rushed to enter but the driver specifically pointed to my direction. The strange guy aaked if i am familiar with them but i couldn't even talk. He helped me to the car and both of were the only passenger from the accident they allowed abd we journey with them to Benin city. Almost 7pm... This guy took me to a Yaro park in Benin and we boarded. He paid my fare. On getting to Ore that nyt he called on the driver that he would be dropping and asked me if i can continue the journey alone to Lagos. I nodded and Thanked him as he got off the bus. For me to smile and wave him again ... He was nowhere to be found !!! My head swelled,i literally had goose bump all over my body.People in the bus kept asking me who the guy was and i couldn't explain cos they saw how i was looking with blood stains and all... I arrived home almost 2am the following morning. God saved my life through an Angel.....
    Forgive any typo plsss...

  15. Angel nooni. My ancestors are my angels and guides. Cherubim nd seraphims .. i dont believe in anything religion of romans that killed,burnt and tortured people to force chrisianity in the early days.

  16. There is only one archangel who is Michael aka Jesus Christ.

    1. Sorry
      Jesus Christ is the commander of the Host of heaven of which Michael is one of his arch angels. Please read your bible. Even in Daniel 10
      Daniel was listed as "your (Daniel's people -the Jews) Prince/angel"

  17. Oh my guardian angels, I need your protection tonight and forever more.

    1. Pray to God and NOT to guardian angels. That's what Jesus taught us

  18. Cant find my comment on this post phew!!! My energy?

  19. When writing this type of sensitive topic, the best the writer could have done is to put biblical references.there is a very thin line between the truth and heresies.


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