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Monday, April 18, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Parol Ojukokoro

''Persin wey im destiny complete sef, still dey follow okada drag 50naira''

Heller! Heller!... Na who dey house e? your Orbit?

I dey house begin hear person dey knack stone for padlock! I peep, na im I see one of the corper friend wey dey look gate per second per second!

Small time, okada land outside, three of the corpers rush enter inside yard, grab the geh wey dey try open door...Choi! Dem beat crase comot for her body!

Landlord come down say wetin hapun? Oga harvest join to separate dem! *begin pwess wetin he nor pay for! I dey look am*

Na im dem say the geh wey be dem room mate carry dem go club, say for midnight the geh and her boyfrend carry dem go one house.

Say as dem sleep for night for different angles with different bobos. Na im dem wake up for morning, find say one of dem don miss and dey don tie dem for hand and leg like the Goat wey dem kukuma be!

Na one of dem wey gather courage use bwess tempt their guard, headboot the guy, hit chair for him back and she quick release her two remainder wey dem run comot!

Fear no gree dem go police station as the country teh be! Na so dem carry one of their Area brother and him boys go the house.

Na there dem find out say, the one wey wan break padlock for yard, don sell dem give her bobo and him fellow Ritualists, wey don knack destiny comot for dia body inside room angle!

*Persin wey im destiny complete sef, still dey follow okada drag 50naira*

Aunty quick come yard to pack her load so she go disappear!

I ask how dem take meet the Geh? Dey say na club o, say dey nor even know if she really be student or not, but she dey claim say she be student so dem help am with Accommodation!

Tor I ask Aunty Ritualist say wetin hapun?!

She say she wan buy phone and her bobo say make she bring one of her friends, but the one wey she wan carry gangan no wan go and the other two come shook eye inside the parol!

She say na the yellow one gangan suppose follow her go the club that night! *As na 'Rose Gold' phone she bin want!*

I say Shullincase the phone nor get follow- come charger, dey for jor exchange the two mumu for earphones and desktop charger! *clickstongue*

LMAO this your pidgin tight........ So some people pretend to be students to be able to lure students? hmmmmm this is another eye opener oh....


  1. Wen I dey Unilag den, we been dey get girls wey dey buy bed space and no be students ooo. Dem be runs girls, some dey go class for night say dem one go read 🧐πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄, some no dey even pretend at all.
    I been dey enjoy your tory Sis Senaponi. Well done πŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. Na wa

    Evil don get higher levels. May God protect us all.

  3. This is just real...I have them,,Dem plenty for my school that time..

  4. If I understood well the girls were not even the ones she wanted to 'arrange' but these ones shook eye inside probably cos they heard men and money and club in the same sentence.
    May we not because of 'longer throat' use our hands and court what will kill us...Amen.

  5. Them for call police na. This matter no be ordinary one oh.. Abeg give us more update if any

  6. Things dey happen for this world.

  7. Oda ojukokoro gehs fr join o, make dem use them as screen guard and phone case for the rose gold fone wey she want.

  8. Because of greed my gender will never hear word. May God save us allπŸ™

  9. They entered trap set for another person. Na God save them, they better repent because they might not be lucky next time.

    This one na warning from above.

    As for the arranger, let them take her to the station and lock her up.


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