Stella Dimoko Saturday Breakfast Post...


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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Saturday Breakfast Post...

 The best Breakfast anytime, any day!

Trust that this combination will settle you for the day.....

How does one mix beans flour to make Akara? What does one mix it with?

What are you having? I am having my new favourite oh , eggs with mushrooms and spinach and whatever else i wanna add to it.....

Make i still dey think am!


  1. A & B (Akara & Bread) also on my mind this morning. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Exactly what I'm having this morning - Akara and Bread is bae!๐Ÿ’—

  3. Mine was bread and groundnut as breakfast ๐Ÿค—

  4. White rice and stew ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. Had fufu with Okro soup this morning, didn’t eat dinner last night and hunger was dealing with me this morning.

  6. Saw this when I went out. Having tea. Yori princess

  7. Yes ooo, I am craving for akara and bread right now

  8. I don't get good results when using beans flour for akara. I will have to wash my beans and blend for akara. Anyways i'm having beans and bread this morning.

    1. On this table presently the bean flour taste nothing like akara, how am I going to convince this children to it this.

    2. Anyone ever tried to make akara or moi moi with yellow lentils? Not bad at all. I have difficulty digesting beans. Lentils have a great test and really come out fine if done well.

  9. Nothing! Just water .. I will try and take oatmeal later

  10. That was how I did pancakes akara ooo,it was watery from when I was blending it,I manage to fry it only to discovered that it was tasteless as I was trying not to add too much salt.i just thrown am inside bin and face my custard jeje ...

  11. I love akara but don't get to see it where I live.

    Had jollof rice this morning .

  12. Special Vegetable Rice

    • Basmati Rice (Ordinary long grain rice can be used. Just cook with appropriate water that will not make it soft before stir frying)
    • Carrots (diced)
    • Green peas
    • Sweet corn (freshly boiled is better)
    • Green pepper and other colors as available
    • Shredded chicken
    • Ginger and garlic pureed 1 teaspoon
    • Eggs as can be afforded
    • Water (1½ cups to 1 cup of basmati rice)
    • Seasoning and salt
    • Oil of choice
    • Pepper (white, dry or chopped fresh chilli pepper according to your budget. All works)

    Dice all ingredients that need dicing.

    Season the chicken with ginger and garlic and salt and seasoning. Set aside.

    Wash basmati rice in hot water until water runs clear. Then cook the basmati rice in boiling water that has been seasoned with salt and seasoning of choice. Taste water before adding rice. Set aside when dry. Do not turn the rice so the grains stay long and set.

    Set another stir fry pot on fire. Add oil to fry the eggs. Scramble as it is cooking and add some salt and pepper as desired. Remove the scrambled eggs from stir fry pot and set aside.

    Add another small oil and pan fry the shredded chicken until cooked but not fried. Remove from pot.

    It's time to combine...

    Now add another oil to the pot and on high heat, add all other veg, season with pepper, seasoning and salt stirring all the time. Taste and make sure it is sweet. As soon as it is combined, add your rice and stir fry together. Do not let the veggies die. Do not overfry before adding rice.

    Add the egg and chicken at this point

    Leave to steam on low heat and your basmati rice is ready!

    A topping of sesame oil after steaming though not necessary, will give it a wow aroma...

    Enjoy your long weekend ❤️

  13. I actually may do eggs and bacon. Trying to do this carb free life. Summer body mode.

  14. Beans and yam with fish stew


    Blend your onions and pepper in your blender until smooth. Warm the blend in a pot but do not boil. It must not be hot, just warm.

    Soak your beans powder with a little of the warm onions and pepper water you mix in until smooth. You need just enough to make it soft but not runny.

    Leave for 30 mins.

    Then blend your soaked AKARA mix to whip in enough air. Preferably use a hand mixer or a mortar.

    Set oil on fire, enough for deep frying. Drop a small ball of onion to fragrance the oil. Scoop out just enough mix for a set of frying into a bowl and add salt just before you start scooping.

    When hot but not smoking, scoop a spoon of the mix into the oil and fry...

    Be generous with the onions, beans loves onions

    1. Ah, I just read this post and was scrolling down to comment when I saw yours. Thank you Young Grandma, na chairlady you be.
      This is exactly how I prepare akara with beans flour.

  16. A perfect akara depends on the thickness of the beans flour and the mixing. i prefer my akara with chopped onions and pepper with grounded crayfish. i blend my beans alone after washing. the consistency of the beans is always thick. thicker than moinmoin puree. after turning very well with my eba turner i add the above ingredients with salt and maggi and fry.


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