Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Parental Occupation.


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Monday, April 25, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Parental Occupation.

 Sisi Sena, the unregistered Amebo don land!

  I hail, I greet o! How every every?

For this our yard, nothing wey person nor dey like oyingbo market! 

We kukuma get Herbalist for our side here!

I never see person wey dey chop pass this Baba children wey be twins (two boys). From Goat head to Ram waist to Fowl leg...All na chop o! Dem overweight no be play matter! Their belle dey do 'spill-over' challenge with knicker! 

I don talk taya!

Small time, if dem play ball, pour your pot of soup, na you sef go tender dem apology!  Their papa na fire for fire! 

Dem even say landlord sef nor dey even bother ask Baba for rent again....Na for the children hand I see champagne bottle live and direct, first time in my life O! 

The big, big people wey dey come do 'work' na anything wey the 'iya -idol' wan chop dem dey carry come! Me I never see where 'iya-idol' dey drink champagne, dey chop kfc fries and chicken inside this economy! 

Nne, na wetin do kolanut and aligator spices?! Na everything just dey upgrade inside this country!

One 'wise' Bobo wey wan pass exam but no wan read, carry that gigantic bucket of chicken come!

Sure me say small time now,  as the twin boys don dey get gehfrend for area, na make Baba begin list iPhone 15 and Red bottom heels inside list give customers remain! 

*Eyes don see abeg!* 

Na One day wey I sidon near well dey wash pot, na im I see one fine, tall Bobo wey carry one Half- caste sisi come yard.

Choi! if you see as dem dey compatible ehn...Na Range rover dem even carry come, park outside with driver! The lady dey smell like money ehh! *Na Pounds dey ooze comot for her body, abeg!*

For my mind I don dey pity 'whoever' bring 'who' come collect pidgeon-knacking for head!

Small time, the oyinbo geh vex come outside dey cry! She say why the Bobo no tell her say him papa na Herbalist!? Say shebi he talk say na Traditionalist!
*Abeg, wetin be the difference for Naija?*

The oyinbo girl vex comot, enter car drive off! 

Na that time Baba come out, ask the boy why he no use the thing rub for 'below' enter the girl before he bring her come? Bobo talk say the girl period start lastnight! 

Baba tell the boy make he nor worry himself. Say so the girl think say she wise....ololololooo! Say she dey reason say the Bobo family nor posh enough for her abi?!  *clickstongue*

Na there I come see say, sooo na Baba first born be this, wey over-fine come resemble that 'Eyinma' guy inside movie!

 I never even dress finish for that same morning, wey I hear car dey honk for outside. I shift curtain...Choi, Aunty oyinbo don come back O!...this one do me like Film! 

Make una come see as clean babe knee down begin beg  Baba and Bobo on top dirty floor! 

I carry my kaya face shop, no be to dey ask suitors 'what do/did your parents do for a living?! I just taya abeg!

Ha!!!!!...Wahala for the Babe!!!


  1. This is bad. The hypnotism is too much. Innocent girl 😰

  2. Do this thing really work?. I dey ask because I dey target first lady come ,2023.. Na me and myself dey reason am. Make nobody curse me biko.

  3. Chai. One down. It is well.

  4. Wow!!! One need to pray hard honestly

  5. Kai, maga don guy mugu. Pure wickedness.

  6. The rate at which ppl dey do juju ds days ehn....hmm


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