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Wednesday, April 06, 2022




Today is freestyle.....

Face of in house news participants, We need one more and it will be ready for posting for April Edition... The winner gets cash and others get Data or phone credit..... whichever works.

Those of you who dropped Chronicles, I saw it and have done the yours is to watch for it this week.

Those i asked to send in advert, I meant one advert meme and not full post photos....I want make one post for several people using memes, we have done it before, you people are not creative with adverts at all and i wonder how you and words are everything.......

Wetin una wan gist inside here today?.........

You people are complaining of hunger in Nigeria? There is serious hunger in Sri Lanka and the people are rioting for a change of government, there is no light, food or fuel, they do not even have wah oh
One legged man be king for Kingdom where no one has legs!

Enjoy the day!


  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    The Word of God is living and active. It penetrates my whole being, vitalizing every part of my body and inundating me with strength and energy by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am not moved by the prevalent circumstances in this world because I am impregnable to sickness and disease.

  2. "What you do not qualify Mercy will get it for you".Amen

  3. Hungry dey town jeweluchi.
    The sun is hot, IHN Is here.
    Oluwa ese.



    *1. The Man That Will Betray You Must Have Also Betrayed Several Other Persons In The Past.*

    Never work with An Ex Rebel.

    Rebels Don't Repent, They Only Retreat And Then Relaunch A New Attack.

    *2. The Man That Loves Money To A Fault, Must Definitely Betray You.*

    Judas Sold Jesus For Money.

    He Who Loves Gifts Will One Day Make You Is Just A Matter Of Time.

    *3. The Man That Easily Forgets Past Efforts, Must Surely Betray You.*


    The Foolishness Of Most Betrayers Is Born Out Of Forgetfulness.

    *4. The Man Who Spoils You Behind You Is Already Betraying You, He Will One Day Complete The Task Of Betraying You.*

    *5. The Man That Has No Name And Image To Protect Must One Day Betray You.*

    Because He Has Nothing To Lose For Whatever Happens.

    The Consequence Must Be The Same, For The Connection To Remain.

    *6. The Man That Is In Competition With You, Will One Day Betray You; In Order To Overtake You.*

    Be careful Of People Who Like To Do Everything You do.

    Be careful Of Those Who Copy You And Still Criticize You.

    *7. The Man Who Doesn't Like Or Love You, Will One Day Betray You.*

    The Truth Of The Matter Is That, At The Point Of Betrayal Love Has Completely Failed.

    Never Bring Anyone Close To You Who Doesn't Love You Genuinely.


    *8. The Man That Is ENVIOUS And JEALOUS Of You, Will Not Only BETRAY You, But Can Also KILL You.*

    For Jealousy Is As Cruel As Death According To Scriptures.

    That Means The Man That Is Jealous Of You Can Kill You.

    *9. The Man That Is Over Ambitious Is A Betrayer Waiting For An Opportunity To Make It Happen.*

    He Wants To Be Better Than You.

    He Is Not Okay With your Position Around him

    *10. The Man That Is Unstable In All His Ways, And Not Constant With His Conviction; Will One Day Betray You.*

    Even The Bible According To Proverbs Instructs Us Not To Relate With Men That Are Given To CHANGE.

    Always Watch Out For These Signs As You Relate With Men.

    *Betrayal Doesn't Show On The Faces Of Men.*

    No Wonder Jesus Said One Of You Who Eats With Me, Shall Betray Me And Everyone Was Asking Who Will That Be?

    *Every Leader Must Find A Way To Spot Betrayers Before They Strike.*

    1. You are correct ENNIE. Even on this blog, we see some of these traits manifesting in some bvs

    2. Thank you so much. It's educating

    3. Jeweluchi Chocolat Noir, you have an amazing personality. If I am a guy, you will have been on my top list for wife material

  5. Update on National identity Number (NIN)

    To know your NIN number dial *346#

    1.To link it with MTN dial ( *785#)

    2. To link with Airtel dial ( *121*1#)

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  6. so i hear say a relative invest 23m for that Chinmark scheme wey crash the other day. na so i open my mouth in shock, we no even know the man get that kin money oo. im sibling dey do car wash to raise money for school fees, say the big brother tell am say im no get money. the sibling even miss class and no even follow the mates prepare for project sake of say money no dey to start. the other sibling gain admission newly, dey run around beg for donations for acceptance fees and school fees. omo! how can one person be this heartless?

    see ehn, i hear wetin una talk about entitlement mentality and i agree oo.. but i no fit get that kin money for my account, in fact, i no fit get 50k for my account and my siblings go dey do menial jobs instead of them to be studying. for what now? how??

    mehn i was happy to hear that he lost the money. since you can't even help your own blood relatives and you're being stingy and greedy, shey now that you've lost that huge amount, you will rest. wicked people everywhere. tufiakwa!

    1. Chai
      Don't be that way na.
      It's possible he took a loan or even got money from different people to invest or could be his life savings plus some people are naturally stingy. Best is to avoid begging them and hussle.

      23M nor be small change.

    2. Do you think they will learn ni? Once another ponzi scheme is introduced to them,they will still go into it...

    3. Someone I know invested 30m. His elder brother was begging him to assist him with some money to buy property the owner want to sell urgently cheap. This elder brother trained him from pri to uni. I pity him cos he was not in Nigeria when MMM crashed, so he never had any idea nor experience. He still hope they will sell their assets to pay him, he never know naija way. He even say he will sue the man, l laughed 🀭. I just dey pity am. And his people told him to buy property with some of the money, he no gree, na chinmark now go help him chop the money.. this life no balance at all.

    4. My husband was so lucky, his partnership ended October. He cancelled it. Chinmark even begged him to renew that they will increase his ROI, but my husband refused. Lord thank you ooo. Where would we have been if he had renewed the 35M. Na to commit suicide nah. I have told husband never in his life invest any money again. Buy land na e be koko.

    5. Abeg leave all these people that always shout entitlement everytime.let them beg their rich sibling money and she or he says no that's when you will see them angry like heaven fall. Na when a sibling or parents die una go chop the money?mtchwww

    6. As a sibling, if you are doing really well and you refuse to help your siblings, you are wicked.
      The least they can do is send their siblings to school. How can you have such money and your siblings are doing menial jobs and even begging to pay acceptance fee. That man nor try.

    7. That's just wicked of him. Na God catch am..I bet he won't have mouth to tell his sibling of his loss. Meanwhile,it's greedy people that investbthaat kind of money in nonsense schemes such as this and I have no pity for them.
      A colleague that losst millions to various kinds of Ponzi schemes last year was trying to tell me about another one she iss doing again today. I swear,I almost slapped her cos she doesn't learn. Buy ethereum for 1m,then every week they you 250k or something like that. Rubbish something
      Anyway,I am here to see will end. This time I amm not even going to tell her sorry. God knows I have tried for her

  7. I've noticed something here. When some of us fare better financially, we become extremely condescending to those whom we think we are better than. The tone of the posts changes. The advice they give must come with an air of superiority and rudeness.

    I saw a post yesterday that riled me up so much. It was so condescending, rude and borderline mean. The post wasn't aimed at me as I am not looking for a job or anything, but still, I felt so sad. So disrespected. I imagine those whom it was meant for would feel worse cos the condescension was gutting.

    No, it's not about tough love. You could almost see her looking down her nose at the peasants.

    And the sad thing is, she wasn't like this before. She used to be sweet before she came into her own. But with every progress, she morphed into someone that has to be condescending to pass her message across. This theme persists in multiple posts.
    The condescension mostly arises when talking about money or money-related issues.

    It's not just her. A lot of us are like that too. I've seen way too many instances.
    I'm using "us" cos I don't want to exclude myself just in case I've made posts that might seem condescending while trying to talk about money, jobs or money-related issues.

    It is shameful that when some of us get 1 naira, (especially those of us that weren't born rich), we become condescending. We can't give advice or impart wisdom without shrouding it with an air of superiority and disgust.

    No be so.

    We (including myself) can do better.

    Coming from nothing to something is a thing to be proud of, quite alright. But it should embue you with empathy rather than disgust for those who are where you used to be. You should understand them better cos you've been there before, not raise your nose in disgust because you no longer are.

    This is why they say you never know who a person truly is till they make money.

    1. This is so true
      I remember when a "friend" who was fortunate to leave the country and get a good job reached out to me (I wasn't working then and was emotionally low) to ask what I was currently doing. I truthfully said nothing had happened yet and then she said, very condescendingly and with that air of superiority, 'oh so you're still depending on mummy and daddy. Anyway I'm sure you're having fun' I was so hurt and cried and cried but thank God for God.

      I have lost contact with her (and don't want to find it back) but sometimes i remember that period and what she said. Truly, you never know who people are until they advance in life.

    2. I dont know what post you're referencing but nice advice, I always pray that I remain humble ,I've come to realise that whatever we have in life is just an addition,the day we died we'd be buried with just what we are wearing, all our titles would be dropped and we would be referred to as body .

    3. which post,the link o

    4. My husband is in this WhatsApp group. The way he easily called people including me lazy eeh. That you are fortunate to make it does not means others are not trying.

  8. Good day everyone. Sorry about your loss teejay. And everyone in grief may God comfort you all. Greetings to everyone.

  9. Did you know, that there's a big difference between 'go collect food from pot' and 'go serve yourself'? I bet you didn't know.

  10. You are friends/girlfriend/wife to a guy who gives you gifts, cash,take you out on dates etc for years and you have never given him any gift whatsoever..

    Haba, have you no shame..
    Why so self absorbed?..
    With time, you'll lose all the respect he has for you..

    You can do better..

    If you like come and shout that it's the kind of girls I meet as usual, we all know this is the case with most Nigerian ladies,. If you like don't take corrections and come here to argue.. it's not me that would be seen as useless and disrespected at the end of the day ✌️

    Guys, any girl who can't/hasn't made any sacrifice for you isn't worth your time, she's been too careful, such people won't put in efforts to making things work cos they feel they have nothing to lose,. They'll be behaving like witches everytime.. learn to mirror back energies and ask for stuff that matters..

    Demand for birthday gifts, feel free to break up with her if she doesn't get you any.. on her birthday you go give an gift, on your own birthday you go still carry am commot.. haha.. have some self regards..

    1. The same kind of stories all the time.

    2. You're right Dante. I usually have this feeling that I'm too broke to be in a relationship.

    3. Bemorebliss, walahi the thing weak me. So shallow

    4. Always ranting about a particular subject. Very shallow I.Q

    5. Na wa ooooo... na the only thing wey dey your head be dat? pele

  11. Nothing in life happens by coincidence for real. I don't believe in coincidence. Life is very spiritual, things usually happens for a reason.

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ I don't believe in coincidence too. I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason.

    2. Anything that happens in the physical has already happened in the spiritual..

      The physical is a distorted copy of the spiritual.....

      I don't want to go further than this cuz I might put down a textbook

    3. But the bible talks about time and chance

  12. If I see 2k now I'll spend it wisely.
    #500 four. Γ€w2, pepperoni chicken
    #500 for juice
    The remaining 1k I'll invest in real estate.πŸ’―

    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ’‹πŸ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ’šπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’•❤πŸ’™πŸ’–

  13. Hello house. just happened so I felt I should ask just to ease my doubts or fear.
    A man called my dad and was asking him about his car registration, that he register his car or something but what came up on the system is my dads details instead of his(the man). He called my dads plate number and all yet same plate number was assigned to this guy. I inputted my dads plate number on FRSC site and what came up is my dads car description but I am still worried. Could this be a technique by scammers or kidnappers? My dad only just came to town Monday and drove out Tuesday, only to get a call today about this issue. Has anyone ever experienced this cos I am scared of Nigeria nowadays. Thanks

  14. Name Nigerian celebrities who ended their marriage without drama. I will start...

    Tonto Dikeh.

  15. Don't know if this one will be posted,looking forward to this weekend, will be visiting my fiance in owerri and is my first time being in the East am nervous because of the road..I hardly compromise but I am doing this for the first time in a long long time, my people how is owerri like and I hope to enjoy my weekend, Friday please come fast!

  16. Good afternoon my beautiful people. The cost of living is so high now. Price increase everyday, it's alarming.

  17. Who else does not like leaving their food pots ajar?

    Back in those days, after dishing our meals, mum would leave the soup pot slightly opened so that the soup won't go bad, this was after warming it o.
    Refrigerator was not common with us middle class back then.

    When I stayed briefly with an aunt too, she would dish out food/soup, leave the spoon inside the pot and place the lid on it. (I was so irritated with that leaving of spoon in the pot)
    While in school too, some of my friends did this.
    I did not like the habit at all, how would you leave your food slightly opened for whatever reason?
    In higher institution,a friend of mine opened a small restaurant in the school, I was always with her and so I saw that she covered her pots completely after dishing out the soups. I asked if they will not go sour.
    Her reply touched me; she told me that if you buy a new pot, the system you start with it is what it would be used to. If you start with covering it completely, nothing will happen to your food. If you start with opening it slightly, it would get used to it and get sour if you cover it completely.
    I held on to that. I bought new pots and I would cover my soup pots tightly, nothing happened.
    I continued till I got married, I would remove the spoon, wash and keep it, cover the pot, my soup would be intact. If I have a visitor and they want to bring that system, (some will even keep the spoon on top of the cover and mess up the cover) I would tell them how I do my thing. No wahala.

    Today is WCW, kitchen,and soups,spoons and pots na part of women department...🀣🀣🀣🀣

    1. Wow! Thanks for the information

    2. I do not believe in pots having intelligence but everything else you said is πŸ’―

    3. Wow 😱!
      I also detest that leaving of spoon inside soup pot and leaving it ajar. I would rather pour the remaining soup in a container and store in the fridge but of course, we all know how light issue is in this country

  18. Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  19. Pleasant afternoon Bvs 😍.

  20. Perxie my good sis 😘
    Was catching up on old posts and saw your birthday post. Belated birthday gorgeous πŸ’›
    May the universe bring you all your heart desires and more!

  21. IHN
    Good afternoon blog fam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. To teach is one
    To mark scripts is anotherπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

    1. Yea...

      It's so stressful to those who found themselves in teaching all cuz earning something to live on but very easy to born teachers..

      I find it so interesting when marking scripts after exam...I take Economics, mathematics and Accounting.

  23. Hmmm!You can stylishly call him ooh

  24. God thank You, if not for any thing for my life

  25. Good afternoon everyone,God is truly Faithful.

  26. This morning, I saw a fine wig on a well known IG human hair vendor. It was on sales.

    I saw 30,000 and quickly saved for later.

    After eating, I went back to go and view the post again and view the wig well well before considering if I should make a purchase.

    That's when I saw it was N130,000 actually.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Apparently na hunger make I no see the 1 in front of the 3 the first time.🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 as you load your belly well your eyes come see clearly.

  27. If you find a man that knows how to suck bress without biting your nippus like they are uncooked kanda; my sister, you don't know how lucky you are.

    If he also knows how to caress them softly, without squeezing them like he's rinsing jeans; my sister hold him tight.

    Dem no plenty again for this country...

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸƒ‍♀️

    1. Thanks πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜Š, waiting for the next episode πŸ˜‹

    2. my sister, dem no plenty again oooo...

    3. Me wey no like my bress to be suck nko.

    4. TMI abeg!

  28. Ihn is here. The kind of friend request l get on my Facebook page is alarming. In a day more than 20 new request. I don't know if someone advertised my name for men there.

  29. How can a man refuse to give money for food for house.Telling me if it's not my mates that are taking care of the home front,knowing full well that I lost my job during covid and I'm trying my pissipos best to get another job.He doesn't care how or where I get money to cook,he'll open mouth waaah and eat. I told him this morning that hes digging his grave,since he's alive and I'm leaving like a widow no wahala.All I no is that my kids won't starve,I'll do anything I mean anything to make sure they eat. Stupid men everywhere.

  30. Today's weather in Lag is sooooooo..... Kaii. How i wish say today na friday the sleep n correct weather for really enter body.. Ihn ekabo...

  31. The ones I see that complain of hunger here are lazy ones that are too proud to work but not ashamed of begging. One here ,all she does is to laugh at people that are working , yet she expects the same people to give her money.


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