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Friday, May 06, 2022

Educative, Entertaining And Inspirational

  These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate, Entertain or Motivate you.


  1. That man is evil. Why is he so attached to sickness. Always wanting people to get sick so he can sell vaccine.

    1. Really? That’s what you think? Wow.. If only your african leaders even with our tax payers monies could do one-tenth of what this man does for Africa with his own private money. You need to enlighten yourself. This comment doesn’t speak well of your reasoning faculty.

  2. Whaaaaaat?

  3. Same way he and fauchi released covid to the world. Pay detailed attention to people's actions cos it speaks louder than words!

  4. What right does he have to do tha?? Imagine the audacity!! He should've been prosecuted!! Considering how lethal malaria is to the Caucasians

  5. Most of the commenters above me are commenting with emotional bias.

    Bill gate did that to make the situation of malaria and how it's transferred more real to the people he is asking donations from.

    It's easy to sit on a plum chair in a beautiful room talking about pandemic until someone actually shows you in real life what it looks like.

    I don't get why you people hate gates so much. He has contributed so much money for eradication of disease on the continent than anyone of you will ever do.

    Even if he sells vaccine...and so what?

    Shouldn't a man profit from his investment and inventions?

    1. You are evil like him too.

    2. Anon 17:27, just pay don't pay attention to these people. Many are just like that because of mob mentality. The man is not without mistakes like the rest of us, but unlike the rest of us, he has contributed immensely to improving our world.
      I don't understand the mosquitoes release though, if the story is true. It would also be better if he and his fellows stop referring or inferring Africa is poor. Americans kill each other every day, no one has called it a terrorist country.


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