Stella Dimoko Instagram Dancer Korra Obidi's Estranged Hubby Justin Denies Affair + Alleged Mistress Says Korra's Sister Paid Her To Lie


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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Instagram Dancer Korra Obidi's Estranged Hubby Justin Denies Affair + Alleged Mistress Says Korra's Sister Paid Her To Lie

This is really really getting Messier but since they dont want to stop, we will keep posting!

Let me summarise -  Korra say she cheated before Marriage and that he cheated during Marriage. he says Korra cheated when she was pregnant and has proof.. His alleged 8 year old Mistress says Korra's sister Nancy contacted her and paid her to lie... He also says he was told his child might not be his.....

He said;

''I have proof I don't care, arguing about this? I'm trying to co-parent in peace. She told me she was gonna kill Athena and then divorce me.

I never physically assaulted Korra but she constantly tried to make me do so but I'm not a violent person. Have I called her names? Yes I have, Why ? Because she told me that Athena may not be my child. 

She cheated on me when she was pregnant with Athena. Four months pregnant. she was sleeping with other men, I have proof, I did not want to say it but that's what she is carrying on. She is violating the privacy of her kids, she is saying lies.

 These are felonies, you could go to jail for these stuffs . As far as I grew up in Brazil that said lady is my friend, we go out together and she is about to put up a video that she was paid to say such things while Korra was busy in Nigeria sleeping with other men''.

The alleged mistress said

''I and Justin Dean never had an affair, actually we are friends.
I spoke with Nancy and she offered me money to talk about him, I  agreed but I felt bad about it. She said he called me a cheap whore and I was angry so I hope you all understand that the comment I first made about Justin Dean are not true, I was angry and emotional. I will like to make it clear we never had nothing"

Mr Justin Dean also denied the Domestic Violence allegations levelled against and posted some chats as proof.


  1. Replies
    1. JUSTIN, JUSTIN, JUSTIN, how many times did we(married and divorced men) call you ? You will never make sense to most (not all) Nigeria women no matter how you deliver your message. We are speaking from experience.. We know our black queens very well..Will Korra provoke you ? ABSOLUTELY.. When emotions are high, black queens will provoke you like no tomorrow..However, we kindly appeal to you to restrict yourself from playing dirty with our sister. You need to give her some space and let feel like she won right now, though we all know that in due time she'll wish that she handled this situation differently. HUSBANDS!! Black sister love differently.. When they deliberately provoke you, it is usually out of some form of love for you... Please don't react to it. Treat them like a baby that they are...However, don't apply this to white women when they do the same..If a white women provoke you, just RUN!!! RUN!! RUN!!! It won't end well.. Thank you..

    2. He ain’t got no business being friends with an 18 year old female like that. Isn’t he like 33 or something and a doctor? Pervert. To top it off she was probably 17 or younger when it all started. Both he and his mistress are lying.

  2. They should just divorce and co-parent the children in peace.

  3. Even if we say make Stella mama investigate this matter now them go still confuse people. Una go dey alright.

  4. Nawao..I don tire biko, they should all rest

  5. At this point, na movie production be this

  6. Both of them had an affair
    Both are still having an affair


  7. How is an 18 year old your friend that you took on a trip?
    How old are you again?
    I knew he was cheating, it was obvious.


    1. How did you know? U were a fly on the wall?

    2. @lovetoloveu they were BOTH cheating. There is no innocent party in this cheating matter. They shld both just move on and co-parent in peace.

  8. They should all gettat..

  9. Are this people not tired of this incessant drama? Just divorce and coperant in peace.

  10. We still do not care...mtshewwww

  11. Mtcheew…….. cheap liars everywhere
    So because of money you cannot be loyal to your friend of how many years. How much did she offered you again mtcheew

  12. Replies
    1. Every man is a simp

      Pple like you will be washing the pant of one old mature woman.

      Calm down na today.

  13. Some relationships is just foolishness.

  14. Both of you never loved each other, can you guys divorce and let us hear word? Arrrh!!!

  15. Grooming till she's eighteen then moving forward in a jurisdiction that permits right? Gives off that pervert vibe.

    Girls, you have no business befriending any man way older in your twenties not to talk of your teens. There's a reason these men can't cope with their mates and you're way too young to realize that you're naive.


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