Stella Dimoko Minor Reportedly Dies After Mathematics Teacher Flogged Him.....


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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Minor Reportedly Dies After Mathematics Teacher Flogged Him.....

A Junior Secondary School 2 pupil of Simple Faith Schools, Agbara, Lagos State, identified as Emmanuel Amidu, has reportedly died after he was flogged by his teacher.

Reports indicate that the minor died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Akinola Amidu, the father of the deceased pupil is adamant that the 12-year-old was flogged by a teacher when he went to school on Thursday, May 12, 2022; adding that the boy started vomiting shortly after the beating.

Further, Amidu disclosed that his son was rushed to a hospital where he died.

Meanwhile, he has accused the management of of Simple Faith Schools of complicity in his son’s death; noting that they were covering up his son’s death and protecting the mathematics teacher; who allegedly flogged Emmanuel for not completing his assignment.

“I was at home that Thursday because I was on leave. I recall that Emmanuel asked me for money to buy a new exercise book… So, I gave him N500 to buy the book and give the remaining change to his sister...

“Later that day, I was called by the management of the school that Emmanuel was vomiting. Meanwhile, this was a boy who left home without any health issue. I had to go to the school and we moved him to a hospital.

“I later learnt that the whole thing started after their class teacher, Mr Steven, beat the whole of his class for not completing their mathematics assignment.

“Emmanuel was actually using my phone torchlight to do his assignment a day before. But I had to collect the phone from him and his sister… I needed to be in contact with the office. We had issues with our electricity at home.

“It was at LUTH that I lost my son. Meanwhile, the management of the school quickly ran to the Morogbo Police Station at Agbara to report that my son died from vomiting.

“How can somebody just die from vomiting if nothing triggers it? The management of the school is trying to protect the teacher,” he told the Punch.

Meanwhile, the disconsolate father has urged the police to ensure the arrest and prosecution of the teacher, identified only as Steven, for his son’s demise.

from Punch


  1. They honestly need to ban flogging at schools, it’s barbaric and it’s abuse.
    You have zero rights to touch someone else’s child.

    1. You are in the minority. Too many parents desire flogging so it continues. Not until their child is maimed or dies they change their tune. They will even bring scriptures to build their case for flogging.

      Right now their are adults walking around without a physical eye, blind, deaf, scarred, or disabled who were not born that way, but they went to school and a teacher made them that way. Those are even the 'lucky' ones because many didn't live. I don't know who in their right mind would want a person who will spend only one year in their child's life, practically a stranger, to beat them for anything. Mtsscchw

    2. I am a parent and i detest flogging no matter what my daughter does. Even her school don't flog the children. When she does something wrong, i give her time out. When am so furious with her, i give myself time out. I lock myself in the bathroom till am calm enough

  2. May his soul rest in peace.
    Me thinks he must have died from something else tho.

  3. What is all these nau? Lord have mercy o. Rip little one and Lord, please comfort his family. I hope they will investigate this properly and make those guilty to pay.

  4. What kind of flogging will result in a boy vomiting? Especially if the whole class was flogged?
    Schools should just stop touching students. Things change and evolve, disciplinary measures must also. Send the kid home if you are at a loss of an appropriate punishment to mete. Just avoid this!
    My condolences to the boy’s family. God grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.


  5. Such a pity!! Rip to the poor boy. Dunno when teachers will learn. Everything shouldn't be about flogging it's truly barbaric . Using sticks on children like animals. No matter what the teacher will be held responsible for this, even if the child has any underlying illness.

  6. well cute Little Emma...

  7. God this is too painful

  8. Sad, rest in peace little one.

  9. When i was in secondary school many years ago, they flog students like animals. You come late, you'll be flogged mercilessly, you make noise, sorry for you. Your skirt is too short, serious flogging. You didn't iron your uniform, flogging. I hated that school eh. It was so bad that it got to a point were they started flogging us on our feet. As in they'll tell you to remove your shoe and socks, then put your feet together and start flogging. I once fainted cos of flogging. The next day my Mom bought two canes, went to the school, straight to the staffroom and started flogging the teacher that whipped me.

    1. Your last sentence 🤣🤣🤣.
      My grandma will do that!

  10. It's only in this generation that teacher will cane a student, and they die. 1990s-2000., The teacher will the the hell out of you and nothing will happen.

    1. Not true! My uncle was beaten so badly by a teacher when he was a young boy, that would have been some time in the 60s, his testicles were so swollen my grandma had to take him to the doctor, in those days when ppl rarely ever go to the doctor. The worst part this woman beat him over a lie some kids told her that he said about her. She was notorious for beating those children all those years ago traumatizing them for life. God had to intervene and make her go rest. She laid on her bed for over 20 years, could not walk, talk or do anything for herself until she died, that's how those innocent children got a break from her hand. They need to stop beating ppl's children like wild beasts and go find effective ways of discipline.

    2. It's the anger in her that she outpoured on the students that @"laid on her bed for over 20 years, could not walk, talk or do anything for herself until she died..."

      Some teachers vent their angee/frustrations on pupils and scare from liking schooling.

  11. What is really going on in our schools? The government need to ban flogging as means of correction in schools, there should be other forms of correcting or punishing a child aside flogging.

    Rest in peace little boy, may God comfort your parents.

  12. What sort of news is this????? This is really sad, RIP lil one.


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