Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Coconut Love.


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Friday, May 06, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Coconut Love.

''They say when correct woman like man, she no dey use head think again!...''

I hail o my people, every, Every?! I salute O!

They say when correct woman like man, she no dey use head think again!

I remember one time like this wey one young fine girl and her brother, rent room for house wey face my shop that time.... Very quiet and respectful children.

The girl dey work for airport that time and as early morning waka, the brother go escort her reach the bus stop with torch light.

During the day, we no dey see the brother. Until evening when he comot to buy something.

Small time the brother pack comot. Remain only the sister. He never too teh wey landlord begin threaten the girl to comot say he wan carry the room give him daughter wey just enter university.

Na one time I come my former shop area, I hear say the girl don pack comot. I see their next door neighbour so I use sense ask about them. *make e no be like say person no care*

She carry tori give me say, the two no be siblings o. Say dem be fiance and fiam (wetin be the other one?).Yes, that one! Say na make landlord no begin chook eye deny dem house.

So wetin come hapun?

Stella, she say small time as things hard for the bobo, wey dem meet during NYSC for East, the two come back Lagos together to hustle and marry.

After almost 4 years of living together in that one room- self con, and minding their business. Wey the bobo no get job at all. Na so one day Bobo carry coconut come house, say him mama say make he break am for floor, near where people dey waka pass.

As the compound dey always rowdy, make people no begin say na ritual. So na near their own door the bobo break the coconut!

Less than 3weeks, Bobo receive call from big company where he don over apply sinceee, he begin go work. He begin go club, he begin come house drunk at 3am. Na the same week dem cut down staff for baby office, she collect sack letter say company dey restructure!

He tell baby say he don rent 2 bedroom flat, she happy no be small. Na the same day he tell her say he no think their relationship of almost 5years will work. He say he don even begin date person, say na the new girl he dey hang out with after work everyday. *choi*

Na so I hear say the girl out of vex like oyinbo film, carry hand slap the bobo for chest(she short pass him), dey cry, dey holllam, say why he go do her that kain thing?!

Fiam, comot hot slap give baby O! Say why she go hit am! Na so he give her better beating.

He vex comot, come back house to sleep, inside the same house and on top the same tiny bed! *Hian*

The two begin keep malice but bobo go still dey waka upandan the room naked when he like, he go carry phone dey call the new babe, dey arrange location.*Na real wa*

As baby no fit take am anymore, she say make bobo kukuma pack go him house!

Aftohroh, he don rent him own place and he don scatter him promise to marry her!

Na so Bobo pack comot wey baby come enter Nigerian depression and poverty market. Wey she go dey beg money from this her neighbour, collect foodstuff on credit, dodge the creditors during the day.

Shame to even comot house during the day, make neighbours no know say she no get job again! Wey she try kill her self but she no gree die!

Na so she kukuma pack her load go village as she no quick see another job and landlord don dey threaten her with juju. Bad dream inside house sef, no gree make her head correct again!

Hmm...this life ehn...that coconut and the boy mama na suspect! *clickstongue*

*Ha!!! so the guy don collect the babe destiny or wetin? so nah so e use end? Go visit that person near your former shop weda update dey nah!


  1. What a story, quite intriguing.

  2. Na wa . This life eh is deep. The girl too mumu. Yori princess

    1. When I saw that they both came to Lagos to hustle I knew it wouldn't end well. The guy don use the babe build himself toosh up 4 another babe.. n e don collect her destiny on top. O ma se o

  3. Wicked world, wicked heart!

  4. The guy is very wicked and ungrateful. God forbid

  5. This might be fiction but there are true stories of this nature. If the girl wake up and pray, she will take back what belongs to her. This world is deep and some human are not to be trusted.

    1. Maybe sha. She can try the swearing for the guy naked at 12 midnight sha. One babe tried it after suffering with a guy n praying 4 his success sotay he got employed n a big company n dumped her to start dating and married the oga's daughter. After marrying the babe the guy woke up one day 2 find the new wife speaking incantations over him. Na so d marriage end, all the juju cleared from his eyes. He suffered n lost all his contracts n the job, things started going bad 4 him until he reconciled with the ex gf. Maybe it's just a coincidence maybe it was the swearing naked at 12 midnight. Only God knows

  6. Sdk don dey send reporter go assignment as journalist editor wey she be 😂😂

  7. It is well..... I hope say if na destiny exchange dem do, make God by his mercy restore the girl...

  8. Sisi make una get the girl number tell her to embark on midnight prayer. Wicked man.


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