Stella Dimoko Spain Reportedly Plans Menstrual Leave In New Law For Those With Severe Pain


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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Spain Reportedly Plans Menstrual Leave In New Law For Those With Severe Pain

Spain is planning to introduce medical leave for women who suffer from severe period pain......

A draft bill says women could have three days of leave a month - extended to five in some circumstances but politicians warned that the draft - leaked to Spanish media outlets - was still being worked on.

Three-day sick leave for painful periods will be allowed with a doctor's note, the draft says, potentially extending to five on a temporary basis for particularly intense or incapacitating pain.

But it is not expected to apply to those who suffer mild discomfort.

It is part of a wider approach of treating menstruation as a health condition, El Paรญs reports, which also includes the abolishing of VAT on some hygiene products - the so-called "tampon tax" - and free hygiene products being made available at public centres such as schools and prisons

The draft also includes extended paid maternity leave before childbirth and changes to abortion laws outlined earlier this year by Equality Minister Irene Montero.

That includes removing the requirement of aged 16 and 17 to have an abortion without the permission of their parents or guardians, which was introduced in 2015 by another government. It also eliminates a current three-day cooling-off period, and a requirement for abortion services to be provided in the public healthcare system

The proposed law will also include tighter rules around surrogacy, which is banned in Spain.

from BBC


  1. Na me e for favour pass. I am alwaya a huge mess during that time of the month

  2. Time for women to increase their acting game ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Nigerian mentality, already thinking of how a good thing can be misused. Change!

  3. While in this part of the world, women are subjugated

  4. I absolutely LOVE this! Like I have always said, women are the awesome display of God's prolific creativity...
    They deserve to relax, be pampered, and well taken care of.
    Nigeria no go see dis kain law to emulate o. Na to dey enact nonsense give us! #ALiSpeaks

  5. Some people need this.
    My first experience of seeing ladies going through extremely painful menstruation was during my undergraduate days, they rush some ladies to the school clinic almost every month.

  6. Na country be this, no be 'canfree' (pun intended)

  7. Make dem try do am for us here in naija

  8. Wish it will work in Nigeria...

  9. Some ppl do have excrutiating pain. Good development.

  10. When will our dear country join this


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