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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Office Romance Palava

 Na wah for Sisi....

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi! Na who nor dey house e?!

I greet una o!

Stellamamalade, how area? Hope traffic nor too hole your osor-fagos?! Chop life abeg! Na one way!

Una remember the time wah been get two roommates? Wey dem kidnap one and person use rope tie the second one for mouth inside dream?! *Dasrite!*

So na later the kidnapped one get another job as Personal Assistant to one big Madam for one fine company inside Lagos Island.

Madam go one event wey she meet one Man like that. The Man impress Madam intellectually, to the point wey she carry am enter the company as Oga for one major departments for the place.

The Lady wey dey the Department before dey always get beef with Madam.
The Lady nor dey like respect Madam for office unto say Aftoroh, na the same Governor dem dey link outside office!

As the beef continue for their office, na so Lady carry the matter go give one of her manfriends, that one give her 'professional' advice say make she resign! 

No be say Lady nor get husband for house.

Na the following week after Lady resign wey Madam carry the Lady's Manfriend, put for the position as Lady's replacement! *ololoooo!*

Mind you, Madam nor even know say the two of them even sabi each other. The Manfriend na the mastermind! He enter the madam well well!
*Anor know say man sef dey envy woman like this e!*

Madam na mid 50's, single and very private woman! Madam and the Man begin travel together, say na official meetings! *sideeyes*

Man get wife and children for house but e come begin dey neglect dem as he don jam mobile CBN.

Na the week wey Madam tell my friend say, she wan severe the affair, na im Man inform office say him wife don kpai over the weekend due to brief illness! Na Madam sponsor the whole burial, even buy casket sef join!

Roomie say for the burial, once the man see say camera don focus for him face like this, na to begin shake head, scatter mouth say God why?! *sideeyes*

Na so Madam resume to dey give this man shoulder to lean on o! Turn herself to Santina Claus!

The Madam even carry Man introduce to all her connects. Man begin travel to represent Madam for top top events and meetings.

Small time na im person call madam say Man dey campaign to remove her from the company! Madam wey don dey dic*matized plus juju nor wan believe the warning! She ignore! *In Love tins*

The time wey dem travel, na so this man go knock my friend door for midnight!

He say he wan get to know her better, as he notice say she nor dey too relate with him.
So he come make them have heart to heart.

My friend tell Man say, he nor fit enter her room, say nothing dey to discuss outside office! *Ewuu!*

Na that morning, she receive her first query from her Madam o!
She nor know wetin the Man go tell Madam, the woman begin give Roomie serious attitude, even comot her from flight class plans!

Madam tell her to book only 2 business class and 1 eco tickets for return flight.

Roomie come house begin lament. Me I tell her say make she follow her Madam talk, ask her wetin dey occur? Our other roomie say make she set the Man up, incase na him dey behind the whole matter!

Na so Roomie, follow her Madam talk, report the advances from the man. Madam shock!

Madam say Man tell her say na Roomie dey try seduce him and disrespect him as he nor give her face!
Say he even go her room to tell roomie to be professional and roomie slam door for him face!

He tell Madam make she nor dey pamper or be too nice to the PA so she nor go begin access her anyhow! *Na wah o!*

Nne, na so Madam and Roomie plan say make she do hangout with the Man outside office!

Roomie carry her phone put for recording. Na im the man begin run mouth say without him, roomie nor fit enjoy her work with Madam! Say her job na to attend to his needs and that of the Madam!

He Say if Roomie overdo, he go tell Madam to fire her! He say he don book hotel room, make dem go chill. Roomie say no problem!
She carry phone send the recordings to Madam.

Madam quick call Man say make he come meet her for one place urgently. Man tell Roomie make she go wait for him inside room say he go soon come back!

Roomie go room, do video recording, send everything to Madam. Lock door, return key to receptionist, come back house. Man begin call her phone, she block am! Madam call her begin apologise say she no trust her before!

The next day for office, problem start! Madam report give HR say Man dey sexually harrass and intimidate her PA!

Man decide to scatter every thing say Madam dey Jealous say e nor wan date her but prefer a younger person!

He even expose some side runs wey Madam dey do. He even say she dey thief money and clients from the company! He lament say she nor know wetin he sacrifice for her!
*Choi, agent of darkness e, talk am o!*

They begin drag drag the matter! Nothing wey this man nor talk finish! All their romantic messages, na im this man carry show HR say Madam be depressed, lonely hag! He say she nor dey fit for the position again!

He say she get insatiable libido. He say she dey harrass him, and dey too weak emotionally!

Choi, I feel for the woman nor be small o! 

Na the time person for office even reveal to roomie say, the Man dey befriend another halfcaste lady for another department inside the same office o!

They say na the useless man buy the half-caste lady car almost a month earlier!

Roomie say she nor dey work again o! Na how she resign begin start small business that time!


  1. The woman should stay away from men. Yeyeman.

  2. What a vindictive man. God forbid!

  3. Love your column. Well-done

  4. Why did roomie resign nau?

  5. Hmmmm...Make madam keep her head high and ensure she kicks out that useless man. God forbid!!!

  6. I enjoy the tori ehn, I no wan make e finish 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Each time I come on this post ,I usually end up leaving as I can't read pidgin,I try though but I just can't, yet I can speak pidgin very well,and I mean very well ni oo,imagine growing up in Festac Town pidgin is like our official language,you will observe Tu-face can't do without speaking broken English,that's our trait and we are always so good at speaking it


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