Stella Dimoko Actor Yomi Fabiyi Reacts After His Colleague And Friend Baba Ijesha Is Jailed 16 Years For Assault..


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Friday, July 15, 2022

Actor Yomi Fabiyi Reacts After His Colleague And Friend Baba Ijesha Is Jailed 16 Years For Assault..

 Yoruba Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has reacted to the jail term of 16 years handed over to his friend and colleague Baba Ijesha...

Actor Baba Ijesha is accused to assaulting a 14 year old....


The DEFENDANT(Baba Ijesha) NOT found guilty of The defilement(rape) with CAR KEY as charged(1&6) for lack of evidence, which he still denied ever committing BUT has been found guilty of few other charges bothering on sexual assault(as seen in the video 2,3,4,5). Any indecent act against children is unacceptable and I have never and will never support such. CHILDREN ARE MEANT TO BE PROTECTED. And I will insist that PARENTAL NEGLIGENCE is equally punishable under section 30(3) Child Rights Act. It is an imprisonment for ten years!

However, if the defendant insists that he is innocent of the other charges. It is within his rights if he chooses to appeal. And if he exhausts all options and the judgement stands, he should serve his term and I hope he will learn his lessons and turn a new leaf.

I am still committed to the frontiers of HUMAN RIGHTS and that all accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. I thank the JUDGE for not punishing the defendant before today until verdict is reached.

Grateful to the state/prosecution thus far, for ensuring that the rights of these three major actors in this case were upheld: *The VICTIM, DEFENDANT and The PUBLIC.*


  1. Is he tired already??
    He carried this matter on his head like gala.
    Child abuse supporters should be jailed too.

    1. True @ your last sentence

    2. Honestly he too should be jail for knowing the truth yet gave support to รŒjแบน̀sร .

  2. You all are duly served period, you are next Yomi

  3. Mtcheeeew ๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️

  4. Yomi Yomi
    Ride on
    At least u v bn adding salt to the injury
    U will soon join Baba Ijesha for bastille
    Mayb na only u dey Yoruba Nollywood we go soon know
    U go soon quote law for court n frm there u go jam ur own

  5. Rape apologist! Na why dem dey beat am so

  6. Human beings dey oo

  7. Yours is coming with your horrible reputation of demanding for sex in exchange for roles.

    Idiots like you gave baba Ijesha false hope and complicated his case.

    Your visa or citizenship to the UK should be revoked for supporting a paedophile. In sane cilimes, children are protected because they are vulnerable.

    You took your stupidity a notch higher by churning out a wishy washy movie within 1 week while the matter was 'sub judice'.It didn't matter to you that the case was a sensitive one, it was strictly about making money.

    On a second thought, I wish they could throw you in jail in place of baba ijesha, monumental fool.

  8. Some people will just be opening mouth like gutter...tueh

  9. Ms Abroadian, in case you forgot, he is entitled to air his opinions, just like you. Chill with this toxic feminism.

    1. Yeah In case you also forgot, being entitled to one's opinion is one thing and supporting an alleged criminal is another, awon supporter of evil isonu.

    2. It is humanity not feminism especially since a child is involved.

    3. Pedophiles, rapists and their supporters ought to chill permanently.

    4. There are a lot of you supporting this horrific culture. You lot will be brought to book . Air his opinion? Really?

  10. This man should be thrown in jail with his bestie baba ijesha. Such a shameless man,any body that isn’t blood related to this man should be very happy. Very irresponsible man who supports rape and even made a movie to mock someone’s pain.Tueh!

  11. Na you follow drag this guy to prison with your google school of law strategy.

    Just go and settle your sex role matter

    1. No Pinky. Even if he had kept quiet, the law would have taken its course because the man's accusers were decided on prosecuting the case and Lagos State government appears not to tolerate real and baseless sexual offences cases.

      A sexual offence case by a woman was dismissed in a Lagos State court, which also excoriated the woman. Another sexual offence case in a Lagos State court resulted in 60years imprisonment for the man. The judgment was upheld at the Court of Appeal. The best likely at the Supreme Court of Nigeria is a reduced sentence.

      Generally, persons accused of sexual offences escape prosecution because the families of victims are unwilling to complain or follow up to avoid stigmatization, and because most States are unwilling to prosecute. But the tide is changing in some States. Lagos State is one. Ekiti and Ondo States are following Lagos State.

      We should commend the family of the victim, the Judge, the State and the State's prosecutorial team instead of giving this man more attention and the opportunity to further explain his stand which is the basic fact that the law should be allowed to run its course. Giving him more attention by insults, etc. distracts from the law's victory in the case. The judgment should be given more attention to warn sexual offenders and those tempted to so offend.

      NB: I don't work in any way for the States mentioned above.


    2. Dear Legal Trainee, I agree that the judgement should be publicised the more but giving him negative attention doesn't distract from the law's victory. Internet cancel culture is very effective especially when dealing with people who make a living from the media.

      Let people be aware that when you are a public figure, you don't make careless statements and expect a pat on the back in return. Yomi Fabiyi should have withdrawn his support, apologized to his fans and continue to support Baba Ijesha privately, but No, he kept defending nonsense till now. As for you MC Pinky, BVs eyes are on you!!!

  12. Moses Armstrong is Next....I dont know what some men see in kids

  13. Emotions aside..
    What he said is right..

    Make Una stop to dey bully people from staying fact calling the rape apologist..

    Argumentum ad hominem is just bulling, attack the issue and not the person, attack the message and not the messenger, is what he's saying right or not?

    I saw the video of Baba ijesha, it was so shameless how he was fooling his old age for smallie, I don't pity him, I won't even be doing all these yomi is doing, I'll stay so far from him,. But does that stop him from being entitled to a right of appeal like yomi is stating? No..

    Make Una rest abeg

    1. I think Ijesha would have received a lesser sentence if he pleaded guilty. Instead it was Yomi's actions that made him withdraw his confession and termed it done under duress then insisted the child was an adult, even tried to rubbish the case by saying Princess was a bitter scorned ex. Now, going to appeal will cost more money and yes, he has a right to appeal.

    2. By the way, Yomi writes well. The guy may disgusts me but he is well articulated.

    3. Articulation in da mud. Yomi help yourself by changing your ways.

  14. This is an outright ku shameless man

  15. An unpopular opinion.

    There is nothing wrong, with what he wrote in this particular post.

    He asked, that we let the courts do their job, and it appears like they did. Guilty on xxxx.

    I also support that parents should begin to be held accountable for their children (minors). And not just in rape cases. We have become even more careless as parents/guardians. That's a topic on all it's own.

    Cycling back, cancel culture, and social media courts are harmful. We all hail/participate in it especially if, the recipient refuses to fade/shrink away. But many have gone on to harm themselves because of the backlash they receive even those that are found not guilty, or truly not guilty.

    It's all okay, till it happens to someone we know.

    These days, jungle justice is child's play compared to social media lynching where the death is slower.

    1. Holding a parent accountable for a child that was molested in the safety of her home is wickedness. Perverts and pedophiles should be held accountable for their actions instead of blaming the parent who is also hoping through the trauma that comes with such betrayal.

    2. 17:50,

      The perpetrators MUST be punished. As in the case of this Ijesha man, and others like him.

      But why do you think that in some countries, the law also punishes the parents of minors that were molested in their homes?

      Why do you think a parent that forgets to strap, or doesn't ensure that a minor has the seatbelt on gets punished in the case of an accident?

      Why do you think that if a child suffers a domestic accident in the home, the guardian/parent is held accountable?

      Parenting/guardianship isn't child's play. And while one can't be everywhere at the same time, you better be able to prove that you did your best, and you are not culpable, or negligent.

      Princess had a growing young girl underneath her roof. She was careless. But, it happens. I pray she will seek some form of mental health support. I just saw a video of her cussing. There's something bothering this woman.

      The paedophile has been found guilty, and sentenced. Thank goodness.

      I hope the young girl is receiving emotional, and psychological support.

  16. Replies
    1. Exactly. People should know when to throw in the towel.


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