Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - Sad Story Of A Jobless Young Man


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Sunday, July 17, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Sad Story Of A Jobless Young Man

The rate at which people take different kinds of drugs to get high now is so alarming and the effect on the user and family members is bad.

I sleep very late and so as I was trying to count rats ( not sheeps lol) so I could fall asleep, next thing I heard the famous Nigerian alarm “aradugbo egbami o” . I quickly jumped up to double check my door and ran to the window of the part of the house where the noise was coming from.

I heard other people’s bolts opening and people coming out at that time and so I was sure they caught a thief. I tied my wrapper on my shorts and went out to look.

What I saw shocked me.

There is this boy that is always on those street drugs loud and the likes, he is always stoned and I just take the other way when I see him coming because I have heard of his violent behavior.

On this day he beat his mother to stupor and the woman ran out naked and he was trying to rape her at the gate when she started screaming for help. When the neighbors saw that it was not the normal breaking of things they came out to help.

The boy was going mad and even stabbed a man that was strong enough to pin him down. There was blood everywhere but the man held on because if he didn’t that guy would break free and hurt more people. We quickly removed rope for drying clothes and tied him up,all the while the mother was sitting on the floor naked crying and amebo dem were looking at her nakedness.

I quickly removed my wrapper and gave her to tie because I was wearing a small top and bum knicker.

They tied the boy to a pole until day break, but I didn’t see him when I was going out in the morning. When I came back from work I went there to check them and was told they left for their village.

The neighbors said the boy used to be very good until he graduated and couldn’t get a job then he started using drugs. But wait o shey the money he is using to buy drugs cant he use it to do business? I heard those drugs are not cheap.

I have not seen him since the saga but I saw the mother a few weeks ago, she is a shadow of herself hnmmmm


  1. Hmmm
    Say no to drugs matter what.

  2. Idleness is the worst thing that can happen to a person..My prayer goes to them.

  3. But the western world is legalizing marijuana. I heard in the news that New York says they won't test police officers on duty for hemp anymore!
    Go to asylums in Nigerian prisons and see those mad because of marijuana, it is a pity!

    1. The weed in yankee is different from naija weed! Naija weed is strong! Coupled with ‘mixtures! 😂😂😂😂

  4. Kai,this is painful,I feel so sorry for the mother
    Prayer changes things and with God all things are possible,that boy can still change

  5. This is so painful. Someone's 9 months.

  6. This is really sad

  7. This is so sad. May God come through for them.


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