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Monday, July 18, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..




Stella, my mom is late and what I face in marriage i can't keep it alone, it's burdensome.

 I had one woman that I took like a sister that I pour my heart to and she always advised me, which made me loved her so much. This woman has ladies that help her run errands, that even when I visit her we all sit together and eat together.

 She connected my hubby to one of the ladies, and they started gbenshing, when I found out , I was not too sure and I don't like accusing someone, I just complained to her as usual how I saw condoms in my hubby wallet.

 That evening, hubby was calm and the lady just called off the relationship but they can still be friends. Later that year, things became a bit difficult to hubby and I passed through hell to provide for the family cos I don't know how to ask for help. Praying for open doors for him cos he has more contacts than me. 

GOD answered, guess what? They linked up again as per friends but with high tasking that she was demanding for money to rent one bedroom apartment, she is tired of sharing room with her roommate, I put hubby's phone on recording, I was enduring all what I found out until she started talking about me, I called the lady one day, the insult she gave me that she is calling that woman to tell her this is not what she signed up for, I was shocked.

 Less than 5 mins ,I called her, she told me ,she has told the woman. This woman called me ,once I pick, she cut it. I didn't call her again and she never called, but what the woman did was to call my hubby and asked if he will be going to an ex colleague ceremony, so they can go together. I pray for women empowerment cos no matter how sorry my hubby felt, the betrayal was too much for me from people I loved and trusted much that even behind them I am still loyal.

 One thing I know, we all reap what we sow.

*Let me try to Understand this well...

The Lady you were entrusting with secrets about your husband went behind you and sent one of her girls to date your man? You were recording these details but never confronted your man or even brought it up but you kept praying for his progress and then you went to the Lady instead to register your disapproval?

WOW; your friendly lady betrayed you indeed but the dog here is your husband that you need to tackle cos he will keep doing this without a conscience.

You better confront your man before she becomes baby mama by mistake... We will all reap what we sow indeed but until then, dont sit down doing nothing!


  1. You suffered the greatest betrayal from your husband. Shame on him.
    Why didn’t you confront him? Are you scared of him?
    As for that snake, you should have dealt with her.


    1. I don’t know if it’s just me o
      But I hardly or never discuss marital issues with anyone.
      Even when I am gisting with my sisters it’s not like I am even seeking advice.
      I don’t understand how and why some women get married to men they can’t talk to.
      If something is wrong won’t you sit down and talk to the person in the situation?
      I can’t wrap my head around this.

      Sorry dear poster, I don’t even know what to tell you

      Push up (original)

  2. I have been saying this times unnumbered that, women are their own enemies.

    Whenever you as a lady tend to trust ur own sex then u will see the other side. Your friend is a devil(I mean the woman u entrusted).

    That woman is a devil for her to have used all what you told her about your family to penetrate into you.

    It's high time you women stop telling things to people about your home. As a man, I don't tell my friends anything about my home and I warned my wife not to do.

    My wife is a die hard fan of Stella but u hardly see her comment, she reads,laugh and that's all.

    You have not done anything wrong to have respected her and make her a secret partner but don't forget that, no one can be trusted when it comes to ur personal affairs.

    Love you

    1. 7 paragraphs and not one mention of the husband's fault. Nawa.

    2. Women are not their own enemies. Get lost with your dirty negative energy.
      Countless posts here of men doing despicable things, you won't say pim.
      Once it's one half baked story about a woman and a randy dog she married, you must rush in spouting absolute, complete hogwash!!!

    3. Madame stop wallowing in self pity and wake up. Start praying for your own open doors n contracts. Does your husband have 2 heads? Please stop the pity party ish and take charge of your own life.

    4. Learn to make sense pinky.

    5. Lol..
      Una no serious, Pinky has always supported women here, but just cos he used the word "finished woman" last week Una rush am with all the insult you girls can think of, twisting what he meant, shebi Una Don do Una worst, na now Una go begin hear truth from him mouth. Good he learnt his lessons the hard way..

      Back to the topic..

      Pinky is right about keeping your private life private, and it goes for both gender, if the lady had not opened up to her so called friend, the friend wouldn't have been able to betray her.

      I learnt this lesson early, there was this 'born again' girl back then in school that we kind of became cozy, me sef come open my mouth waa gist one of my guy, something we were running low-key oh, so she was passing one day, I was with this my guy, she came and greeted us, I just answered nonchalantly like say we no dey close, normal levels things, na so this my guy come tell the girl say make she come hug am, on a norms, e can't even try that cos like I said earlier, the babe na 'born again', but him don get liver to ask cos I don give am gist,. The girl trying to be nice hugged him, he went ahead to squeeze her ass while hugging her back, she was so embarrassed, pushed him off and left.. as she left I change am for am immediately, later the babe called asking me if I told the guy anything cos she don't understand where he got the audacity from, I denied sha lol..

      Let's imagine I wasn't there, maybe the guy would have even told the girl that she's a pretender and he knows what she does with me..

      Anyway, since then I began to keep my personal ish personal, I already had OT about this from a friend, but this experience sealed it

    6. You wey be man na im come get time dey comment morning, noon n night. Na wa o.

  3. A lot of ignorant, naïve and emotionally weak ladies on this platform. the frustrations of MARRIAGE, when you aren't self aware, will age you if you ladies aren't careful.
    Must you even marry and be going through all these rubbish?

  4. Yes, we will all reap what we sow, including your husband.

  5. Sorry sis,I hope you have something you are doing to give you financial freedom,if not,start planning on going that.I still don't know why some people betray their loved ones.i can't,even if we are not closed.May God save us from friendly enemies oooo!

  6. These ladies are not your problem, face your husband which i am 100 and 1% sure he won't change or move on with your life before you run mad.

  7. we all will keep blaming same gender forgetting to blame the other gender.

    your husband has been the one cheating on you, you both live in the same house, you set his phone on recording but you did not confront him. Rather you called the girl and the woman. what about calling your husband to confirm what you found out.

    until we women stop encouraging cheating spouse than confronting side chicks then those men will continue cheating.

  8. According to the professional whore "This isn't what I signed up for"

    Poster, can you not see your dogband is screwing a prostitute;A lady that sleeps with anything and everyone to make money,including animals??!
    And you're still there,still sleeping with him,Still in the marriage..Oh my God!

    If I tell you to divorce this man before he gives you an incurable disease and other spiritual curses,Will that make me a hypocrite and unreasonable??
    To that woman that arranges sluts for your hubby,Her cup will full one day.

    1. Haaa, how can she divorce him when marriage is an achievement?

    2. KrytiQ, my new fave.

  9. Leave leave leave! not having a husband is not the end of life but hiv can end your life and guess what on the day of your burial another woman already awaits him in a hotel room to come cool off stress of burial while one follows him to your graveside. Imagine the embarrassment even in death. Stella post we must reset our women's head by fire by force.

  10. I am the poster, I confronted him with family members, I called the lady cos I was doubting whether the woman I trusted knows anything about it. She is an older friend, older than my hubby too, more like an elder sis to me. I learnt.

    1. okay you used family members to confront him instead of talking to him one on one continue.

  11. Both parties did you bad, your husband especially and that's whom you were supposed to face squarely but it seems you are scared of him. And this will continue till when ??

  12. I've seen too much betrayal in my life to discuss sensitive issues with people. Ordinary colleagues in the office sef, I'm praying not to be betrayed. Maybe when I jakpa finally, I will have colleagues I can trust to an extent and hopefully, friends as well.

  13. Let’s be happy that this “ Auntie Adugbo” did not set you up lying to your husband that you’re cheating on him. You didn’t look well before befriending her it’s not about age o she’s being like this since she was young, most of them share boyfriends even husbands you’re just the naive one in their circle. The others will still share him when this particular one is done, they’re sex starved maniacs even if he doesn’t give them money they’ll still come after him, heaven helps you if he’s good in bed, good looking or generous just know with these mentioned attributes he’s a goner. It’s up to you to fix it and let’s hope it’s not his new habit because you need prayer of intercession for deliverance for him. Let’s hope he’s a disciplined man that knows when to draw the lines.

  14. The man and the older woman did bad. A spade is a spade.

    Poster work on yourself, your earning capacity, and your marriage. All three won't fail you at same time.

    Mr. Mann


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