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Monday, July 18, 2022


  I salute.............


It's your girl, poshhajia aka. Poshscents/ Ibadan shopper

I will love to gift a blog visitor perfume oil
It's my own little Way of showing appreciation to God and SDK blog for all I have achieved for the past one year since I received the business giveaway
God has been really faithful. Shout out to all SDK Angels. 

I love to read stuff like this from giveaway recipients...

The first person to contact her gets the giveaway... Her contact is on her Blog ID.

PS- Your eyes are so beautiful, even as you cover face, see as you fine!




I am so sorry for disturbing you people today and also, I'm sorry for bringing this up but I need clarity and someone to explain better and also tell me if I'm wrong.

On Sunday was doctrinal teaching at the church and I was so delighted when the teacher in charge said it's gonna be an interactive one. He started his lecture and ended it gloriously but when people started asking questions, that was where I was a bit uncomfortable.

There is a member who asked him "Sir, is it not necessary that the pastor should be accountable to the church including the tithes paid"(this individual sited an example in the USA, where all the tithes collected from them at the church are put together and just 10% will be removed from it at the end of the year and the remaining is given back to the tither). The Pastor, didn't even bother to stress it, what he just said was "Nope, it's not done that way, the tithe belongs to the church".

I wasn't satisfied with that response then I signified by raising my hand for a question then I asked him "Sir, how do we pay our tithe and what should it be used for putting in mind Deuteronomy 12 vs 1 - end. He didn't even answer me then I knew all they just wanted is to make us accept whatever they say but they have forgotten that the truth and nothing but the pure truth is written in the Bible provided we can read and ask God for understanding. Why do they only read Malachi when it comes to tithe, why neglect the aforementioned chapters and verses.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there is no God but I believe we all should know the truth and this will only set us free. Go through Deuteronomy 12 vs 1 to the end before you condemn me because the law in Malachi came as a result of failure to obey all the law given to them in Deuteronomy.

Lastly, who are the Levites? they are the men of God who doesn't work or have inheritance with thee but the Levites we have now, do they work or not? Please read and comprehend that bible chapter before nailing me.

I have never heard of tithes being returned to the tither ooooh.. Is it a Bank that they should the money to you and take interest? Or am I not understanding? Here the tithe is taken automatically from your salary for the Church...



''Good after Stella ,

Bvs help me thank the Lord I'm that woman God showed mercy, I gave birth via Cs and had a wound breakdown that made me stay in the hosp for one month ,oh my baby God bless him was at home and nursed bottled fed by my mum , it took my wound five months to heal with everyday injections,drugs,vit c and healthy fruits and food.

Thank God for my husband and God for providing the money for us. You see Nigerian hospitals just pray to God to escape their carelessness :

guess what four of us that was operated on CS came back with the same kles*** spp infection, did they take responsibility? NO
Did they give us price slash no ,but in all with tears in my eyes everyday I cannot tell God thank you for bringing me alive ,thank you because you did not allow my people to mourn esp my mum:

Thank you because another woman will never take care of my children ,God you promised me that I will be alive to train them and for them to surround my table in old age.

 I bless you Jehovah ,if my body can wing it will be booming with songs of your praises every single minute oh I love you Lord I can't believe that I ll be relieved of wires, cotton wool, normal saline ,every day pains , hospital visits and tears lord I bless you .

Bvs praise the Lord for me wherever you are ..

Stella pls post your blog since 2012 is a blood tonic

You had CS and the wound has not healed since 5 months? JESUS !!!  I was screaming when i saw this on the Friday night post.... what did they use to butcher you OMG OMG OMG...
Thank God you have healed after 5 months... If all of you that had it came back with the same problem, then the hospital is at fault and you need to file a complaint and sue them..... You will be saving lives...



A rich man was once interviewed on an Israeli TV program. He was a billionaire.

He was asked if he had ever been surprised by anything. He said yes, on one of his many trips around the world, a Christian man shocked him with his belief.

So he began:

In the street of Jerusalem one day, I looked directly inside a Church and saw a man extending his clenched palms toward heaven.

It was after the afternoon prayer. Everyone else had finished praying and gone, but he remained praying.

Curious, I went inside the Church to see the man's face and I saw him in tears as he was praying fervently.

I waited patiently until he was done with his prayer. Then I asked him what the problem was.

He said he had an urgent need for $10,000 for his wife who was in the hospital.

I said, "Is this why you are praying so passionately?" He said yes.

Coincidentally, I had exactly $10,000 in my pocket. So I counted the money and gave it to him.

Without waiting to thank me first, he prostrated instantly to thank GOD. Then he stood up and thanked me too.

Bewildered by his attitude, I told him how impressed I was. So, I extended my card containing my direct line and direct email address.

"I'm impressed by you, anytime you need anything, money...any amount, call me directly and you shall have it."

This man shocked me!! He refused my offer.

The TV host was surprised too. "Why did he reject your offer?"

"His reason made me a changed man’” answered the young billionaire.

"What was his reason?", the impatient TV host asked.

Well, in his words, he said "No, thanks. I won't call you when I need money or anything else. I will always call the ONE who sent you."

*Don't let any man play God in your life.*
*GOD is the Giver and Controller of the Universe. Hold onto Him.*

Selected from a TV interview.



  1. Rumors can make you hate innocent people and love the hypocrites,be wise...

  2. Posh thank you for the giveaway, congratulations to the receiver.

    In house is here now

  3. Yesterday morning, very early in the morning, a friend of mine that I had not really spoken to for a while just sent me a whatsapp message. After the usual pleasantries, she was like 'babe, there's something I've been meaning to tell u but promise me you won't be upset'.

    I was like, HΓ‘! Mogbe, oya tell me.

    Then she sent me a video and an image. The best, uplifting video I had seen in a while. I screamed and started crying.

    You see, this my friend has been TTC for over 4 years. They only planned to wait a year after marriage before trying and then 4 years later, they were still trying. The last conversation we had about this, she said she had done two successful IVFs and she was just done trying. She's just going to relax and leave the rest for God. I remember several times, I had even said a prayer for her even on this blog and would use the initial C.A or C.M as per her surname or her husband's name. I would always say a prayer for her in church because I needed her agony to stop. I even spelt out her name with my request on paper when the pastor asked us to drop our prayer requests on the altar. That's to show u how much invested I was in her TTC journey.

    Yesterday, she sent me a video of her newborn baby girl and a pregnancy photoshoot (she looked absolutely gorgeous). I burst into tears. I called her crying (I'm even crying as I type this). God, I am grateful, I am so grateful.

    I use her as a point of contact to my friend J that is TTC and every other woman TTC and I pray that in no distant time, you will all have cause to celebrate ur newborn

    1. Amen and Amen, I tap into this wonderful news, I will carry my pwn child this time next year.IJN Amen

    2. God be praised forever! This testimony teared me up too

    3. Congratulations to your friend

      Black Slimzy

    4. What she waited for, has come to pass
      See what the lord as done

      Congratulations to you friend

    5. Amen. This is so uplifting. Thanks for sharing

    6. Big congratulations to you and your friend. Amen to your prayers.

      Sunshine BV

    7. Glory be to GodπŸ™

    8. what God cannot do does not exit.

    9. I remember you talked about her, God bless the baby, I like you for genuinely being happy,another person would have picked offense that she was kept in the dark, you understand her,and truly happy for her,God bless you eka, my friend still fighting with me till date,cos I didnt tell her I was pregnant till I gave birth

    10. Thank u all for ur kind wishes. Anon 16:15. You have to be a really somehow person to be upset a TTC woman didn't tell u she got pregnant. But immediate pregnancy tho, I'd personally never keep if from someone I consider a close friend but that's me

    11. Congrats to your friend. You're indeed a good friend.

    12. Congratulations to herπŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½.I pray for my sis and my friend who are TTC.This is how your testimony will sound like a lie

    13. Congratulations to her
      AMEN Amen

    14. Very uplifting news.

    15. Chai, congrats to you and your friend. I remember you talking about her, God has done it for her. I can imagine your joy, see as you dey happy for person! Na so e suppose be.

  4. Good afternoon dear family,
    IHN news so dope.
    Please married female bvs that relocated abroad to meet their husbands via spouse route, pls how did you go about it.
    @Eka joy, you replied that day and said you will ask a cousin of yours whose wife just joined him, pls is there any feedback.
    I will also appreciate other good information from bvs. Did you apply yourselves or used an agent.

    1. Your husband should file for you since he is the ONE living and working in that country.

    2. Pls can u give me till next week. Will be with her physically by next week and I will try and get the information for u. I presume u are talking about UK right?

    3. I said, my husband's niece oh, not my cousin.

    4. Also interested in this. My hubby and i have only done traditional wedding. Do we need to do registry wedding before we can join him?

    5. @eka joy, yes the UK. Thanks, I anticipate
      @Nkiru, thanks but we don't know how to go about it
      @anon,yes the UK
      @anon2, yes, your traditional and registry marriage is fine.

    6. 14:47 difft rules for Duffy countries
      Don’t follow any advice unless the person knows your country

    7. Anon it depends, is your husband a citizen/ILR holder or is he on a work/school visa?

      If its a work visa, you are to apply for a dependent visa. You will need to pay the health surcharge for the number of years left on your husbands visa, file the visa application form for dependent visa. You'll also need the following documents; TB certificate, proof of funds, marriage certificate, your husbands details such as his BRP, offer letter, house address and COS.

      For the other types I mentioned, I am not really sure and I don't want to give you wrong advice. Please check the UK govt website, it is explained there

    8. As Mrs S said, if your hubby is on a work visa, you'll apply as a dependent.
      If he has an ILR or a Citizen, you'll apply for the spouse visa and will have to prove that he earns more than £18k. This could be either through employment (his salary) or savings. Please search for UK spouse visa and click only on the and read through it. The most important documents will be your passport, your marriage certificate, your hubby's passport and his residence permit for the UK. You'll be asked for other documents depending on how you choose to prove your £18k.
      It's straightforward and you and your hubby can do it yourselves without using an agent/lawyer.
      God's Grace on you both.

    9. Your hubby should be the one to do all that, let him ask friends around na, there should be one or two people that have gone through that route.

  5. Hello beautiful people

  6. Replies
    1. Good afternoon Duchess, its been awhile i hope work and family is going well

      Black Slimzy

  7. Stella....

    The point is, I asked him a question and he ignored my question. When I asked him, I directed him to Deuteronomy 12 v1 to the end and I wanted him to explain better as a man of God and an elder but he ended up killing the spirit in me but all the same, God still exist and he remains the creator.

    Please, and please, for not nail me if you have not read the above chapter in the bible. Don't read alone but pray for wisdom to understand it then come back here to lash me

    1. There are many ways to pay your tithe according to bible, you can pay it through other ways.
      Jeweluchi Stella, you said that they remove your tithe from your account ...
      Na wa

    2. Tithe is for God regardless of whether the pastor is working or not ,and it is for all in need who approach the church for assistance including yourself but to do adase return it to the givers is not tithe it is wrong and since it is given to God it's not your business to know how it's been used leave that to god

  8. Welcome IHN 🧑
    How's everyone doing today?? Hailings

  9. Beautiful Posh Hajia πŸ’•

  10. Everyone go get your pvc if you don't have. vote for tinubu.

    1. God forbid BAT thing in Jesus name. Amen

    2. I don't really like cassava like that

    3. life time cassava flake. I reject it.

    4. No thank you, I just realized last month that I'm allergic to 'agbado' and 'corn'.
      I would rather LABOUR in an abundant vineyard.
      A tik yu gerritt? If you dont, fogerrit.🚢‍♀️

    5. I'm a youth. Nigerian Youths Lo Kan✌️

    6. God forbid! I'd rather be OBIdient than vote for a bat πŸ¦‡
      Suffer no dey tire you? Do you like this country the way it is? Is this what you want your children to inherit?
      God forbid!

  11. Pushhajia my maternity bra supplier then, you're doing well

    That write up is deep

    Pinky kukuma stop giving tithe if you want it returned to you

    Eku ikale ooo😁

    Motherhood mama no gist today?

    Nazarite's column writer hope you're good

    Still in shock eh😦

    1. This is why I said u should not just judge my write up....I am not saying I will stop giving tithes but, I gave myself an assignment to read the bible from chapters to chapters.

      What I found out to be true in the bible was different from what I was told in church but the doctrinal teaching was an opportunity for me to clear it all.

      Read Malachi from chapters 1, you will understand why chapter 3vs 10 was given.

      It was the burden of the word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi.

      The main instructions about tithe and offering is clearly stated in Deuteronomy.

      Nail me again this time if after reading Deuteronomy 12 vs 1 to the end

    2. Pay your TITHE and see! try it in 4 months, your TITHE will increase! No lie! It works! Well, it worked for me!

  12. The last story is interesting. Don't allow any man be Lord over you.

    God bless you bv posh Hajia.

  13. Hello Everyone
    Posh hajia is such a beautiful sight to behold,May your business continue to flourish.
    To the woman that had CS,Thank God for you life,May you continue to be healthy..Amen.
    Sign out on point...Say your truth,even if it makes you the most hated.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

  14. Hi guys, so I am considering switching to dove shower gel for my first cleanse, but I read online that it darkens the skin. Please is this true?

  15. Hajia posh, God bless you for the giveaway and you are very beautiful.
    Beejay I hope that you are good ?

  16. Good afternoon everyone,today has been somehow.i know death is inevitable.May the souls of our dead ones continue to rest in peace.
    Thank God for your life the bv that had CS.My episiotomy site too didn't heal until six month,I was almost turned into a lab rat, opening my v*Gina to every doctor on duty.I later went to a specialist gynaecologist before I got true healing.God bless all mother's,May the Lord keep us and may we never weep over our children in Jesus name.

    1. My goodness

      It's situations like this that just makes me thankful.

  17. But, her "face" isn't covered.

    Her head is. She is lovely though.

  18. Stella she no cover face na, na head she cover

  19. Thank you πŸ’• Stella
    Good afternoon 🌞😊 beautiful people

  20. Posh Hajia, you're so pretty. God bless your hustle....

  21. Posh hajia you are gorgeous😍😍😍😍

    Stella that must read really humbled me.

    Will check out what deut 12 says.

    Please everyone take care

  22. What can I do, I am not married and I don't want to sexual contact till marriage, I am in my early thirty but the way I am always horny days after my menstruation is on another level

    1. Take a walk after that, take your bath with cold water to calm your body down. Baby Pampers and baby food are very expensive and sexual transmitted diseases are everywhere. Heaven is the goal.

  23. oga pinky, if you are not comfortable with paying of tithe, please stop. Nobody will even notice. Returning of tithe? Where do you pick that from? hian

    1. Read his write up again please 🀦, you're misunderstanding him.

    2. @anon, read and comprehend my write up and stop concluding anyhow

    3. I read deut 12 I didn't see anything different from Malachi especially verse 12 mentioned the Levites which are psts maybe the confusion is in the rejoicing before the lord with your son's and daughters e.t.c which is what I explained that anybody in need can approach the church for assistance and it will be from the tithe which psts regardless of their working status ,leaders etc but to do adase and take 10%is not right rejoicing after bringing doesn't mean sharing ,it is the same as when Jesus said a cheerfully heart should giver tithe and offering

  24. Hello Martin's, which is better, UK used or American used Macbook?

    1. Hello,both are great so long as it's pristine Grade A plus from a legit source..

      After that,you check the shipping options and clearing fee to know which country works for you..


  25. Beautiful Posh HaijaπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜

    Good Afternoon Neighbour's in da house 🏠 😊 ☺

  26. Good afternoon beautiful people of God

  27. Beautiful posh, thank you for the giveaway.. That’s so thoughtful of you and may God bless you more for this.. Good Afternoon blogfam ❤️

  28. Good afternoon. The weather is very hot.

  29. Hmmm today's IHN is really πŸ”₯

  30. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone.

    Commenting these days na war.
    Poshhajia you're a beauty,God bless you for reaching out and may ur business prosper.

    Testimony poster,I rejoice with u,things women go through during delivery.

    I just can't believe that Ada Ameh is dead😭 this life na wa.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day.
    E go surely be ✌️.

  31. Good afternoon all, please where can l get a loan of 150k urgently, will refund the money after 4 or 5 months.

  32. MC Pinky, The tithe existed before the law and also in the New Testament, not only in Malachi. Try and read the following passages- Genesis 14:18, Hebrews 7:6-8, Leviticus 27:30, Matthew 23:23.


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