Stella Dimoko Actress Stella Damasus Gives Tips On How To Handle Someone Going Through Domestic Violence


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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Actress Stella Damasus Gives Tips On How To Handle Someone Going Through Domestic Violence

She made a video begging you to watch what you say to someone going through domestic violence...... She did not specify gender, so please make DV all about women alone...

Me - Looking at you...


  1. There's a great point here. The last paragraph is very true and how it's supposed to be.

    People need to discern very well before commiting to each other. It's better to remain single than married wrongly in life. The trauma from a domestic violence and a broken home can't be described.

    Whatever you do in life, avoid desperation in marriage, for it often leads to being manipulated.

    Take your time and plan very well.

    As a man, there's a woman you will be dating and at the same time afraid if she will accept your proposal. She's not your regular kinda woman that will constantly be asking, "when are you coming to see my parents."

    I mean a woman that will make you beg to be her husband.

    A woman that makes you want to do more.

    A Classic Woman! Disciplined, Carrier Oriented, Focused, Dedicated, Outstanding, Excellent & Passion Driven.

    No be say we no dey see this kind of women. The truth be say, one get to level and measure up as well to have such a woman.

    1. Teejay, you are wise! You said it well, if as a man you notice that your woman is not interested in marriage with you, flee oo!!

      Once upon a time when you see a woman as desperate when she asks you when you are coming to see her parents oo.

      I pray God gives you wisdom.

  2. I wish the chronicle poster of yesterday's husband will see this. He should flee from that marriage. There is no justification for domestic violence.

  3. I agree with her. She's right

  4. Hnmmm this reminds me of my friend, she would hide being violated until I went to visit her after we graduated, little argument this guy started shouting and pushing her gooosh I was so pissed but I just kept quiet, I left the sitting room for them, after the situation was calmed I went back in and I saw how her son was hitting my friend(his mum)

    The father was like common son stop it, are u hitting my wife yinmu. I look am with side eyes, I just knew this was what he does in his presence so the boy was actually emulating it, long story short my friend was actually justifying it in her words "Emmy hnmm that is how we do o, he is such a good man ,that is his character " I was like hun! I was just numb couldn't say much
    Las las the guy die sha after trying to use her for money ritual. Na now she come dey tell me wetin she pass through. I just told her to have sense in her next marriage.

    1. Damn!

      But she needs to heal before you even bring marriage talk up! In my opinion she needs to stay away from marriage till she has self esteem!

      What's the obsession with this sef?

  5. This her advice is not for the typical African woman and she knows it. Maybe the men can relate sha. Person wey you go listen to (their tale of woes) and advise for her safety go still go back or use you settle with the abusive spouse. Na you go come turn to the enemy eventually. Caroline wey house and help Nabilla when Oritsefemi dey use her practice boxing nko? Wetin happen later? She went back and Oritsefemi now sees Caro as an enemy.

    My advice to anyone who doesn't want to leave is "Die there!" E no concern buhari. On the day you die, the sun will still rise from the east, the wind will blow, people will eat, your children will eat or be forced to eat, there will be spontaneous post on the blog, if you are popular enough, your death will make breaking news or chronicles and life goes on with or without you. Na you lose.

    1. I know a girl during my Underg days who was suffering DV in the hands of her bf,a fellow student.This guy will pound this babe like tomorrow no dey,she will cry and after one beating where the guy was holding her neck,we gathered and advised her to run and she agreed.We foolishly went as far as contributing smo smo money for her a day before the day she was to leave.

      As I was coming back from lectures on the D-Day,I perceived ofe Owerri from the gate.Long story short,babe used our money to cook better soup,bought singlet and boxers for the guy and they made up🤣🤣🤣.

      They composed a song and were using it to mock us-the enemies of progress.When I couldn't bear the songs,I picked few things and ran to a friend's lodge till the coast was clear.

      The beating continued till I graduated and since then,I no dey put mouth,my own no dey pass sorry o.

    2. SpongeBob, you are funny I swear!

  6. True. When the one I married hit me and I left
    His aunt called me and when she learnt I left because he hit me,the first question she asked me was what did I do to make him hit me!! Ontop pregnancy o

    1. That Aunty na ment! She is part of the problem in his life.

  7. She's right on this one. Profer help not just accusation.

    Nevertheless, a lot of them are those that actually refuse help; and therefore the questions.

  8. We have heard
    But what of those women that took their friends husband away from them,i think you can do well as a therapist in such area.Never seen anyone as shameless.

    1. Everyone concerned have moved on. You should too.

    2. And later you would pray to God to forgive your sins, abi?

    3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      I was waiting for this comment.
      That's how she went to do alove and light under May's post during Judy and Yul Saga. Children of anger dragged her wotoporously

    4. As shameless as Who???
      Stella Damasus🤣😂😂😂😂

    5. How do you know they were friends? The fact that Stella has refused to give her side of the story doesn't mean its completely true. They may have been acquainted but not "friends".
      I know people who I have been acquainted to that married my exes and I'm not crying about it. We had issues and split and they went in. Abeg! Me sef if I see better man wey date babe wey I sabi and they broke up and he likes me; I shall enter. Only thing is I will tell her first so she doesn't hear from another person. If she wants to blow siren that's her problem with God. Relationship didn't work, Stella collect passport sidon for US. Everyone wins. Simple!

  9. Yeah right.
    May Gid give anyone in this situation wisdom and strength to do the needful

  10. My neighbors sales girl got pounded like yam today by her like he was waiting for her madam to leave the shop cos immediately the madam went to market he came, when the fight started I came out not knowing who the guy was and I pleaded for him to let he be but for where,the kind of slap and punches he was landing her ehn,i can't separate that kind of fight cos my power no reach so I had to call some guys passing to please come and drag the guy out of the shop. Other neighbors refused to come out,after the fight one of my neighbor came to meet me that next time I should ignore them because the girl don't want to borrow herself brain and leave the situation ship she got herself into,that is because I just came here few months ago if not I will not even disturb myself over their fight cos everyone knows them in this street,that she can't even count how many times she got sacked because of this guy, now just two weeks she started working here another drama...the annoying thing is that they said her parents are very much aware and no he's not blinding their eyes with money cos they said she is the one even giving him money and she even said it during the fight and this girl should be in her early twenties....after the fight she went home and within 15minutes she came back as if nothing happened that was when I realized is a normal thing for them. Forgive my typos I'm in a haste

  11. I can’t wrap my mind around a husband that batters you BUT a boyfriend? Where is the self esteem? What Stella is saying is related to what is called “Stockholm’s syndrome”. They make excuses for their batterers as their feeling of worth is gone. DV goes with verbal & emotional abuse, body shaming, degree shaming etc. Friends & neighbors can dial 911 if you know it’s happening. Once you give cops the address here. It doesn’t have to be the victim calling. Cops will just handcuff him & law enforcement will do the rest. There are shelters built with funds from the rich who instead of flaunting money online like our own looters, donate to worthy causes. Usually a DV shelter accommodates them, helps them find jobs, protects their identity until they find their feet. Naija rich don’t donate for such causes else Lagos, PH, Abuja, Kaduna & every major city should have a well funded, clean livable DV shelter for women & kids. Without those, some will stay because of their upkeep & endure till they die. We have a long way to go. Yorubas say “it’s not the victim of a hit & run that jots down the vehicle’s plate no”. It’s usually the people around them. Do not mind what they will say as long as you know it’s a serious DV situation. Ladies, man wey una never marry dey hit you? What will he do once he marries you? A man should adore the ground you walk on before you marry him, if he is already beating you you need to run far away.

    Btw I watched an interview on YouTube where she gave her side on the husband snatching saga & she said they were not friends & were long divorced. Nigerian women need to sift wheat from chaff. Yes there are “husband snatchers”. I pray never to meet them but if a marriage is over, the man/woman can move on. Not all marriages are made in heaven so the notion that all marriages are somehow God-ordained is not consistent with Bible accounts on Jacob bring deceived to marry Leah instead of Rachel who he served Laban for, Micaia Saul’s daughter & David’s first wife who is the ONLY woman barren in the Bible etc. Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon & I don’t know her no in his harem of wives.

    Marriages break because a lot of times the foundation is faulty or the folks are incompatible. I know a guy whose arrangement was just sexual with a fellow student (who claimed she had no womb & couldn’t get pregnant to trap him). She told him she was pregnant after many months & the guy married her out of obligation but did not “touch”her from the day he was told of the pregnancy & she refused his say in being a dad. They separated almost immediately after the wedding barely 2 months, because her plans didn’t work out. Same way some jazz men to marry them. If it clears off he begins to chase you with cutlass but the foundation is faulty. Hear her side of the story. I repented of judging her. She seems like a nice lady who brought up two wonderful young women in this difficult society with few helpers. She was widowed at 26! The age Gen Zs start adulting with 2 kids & hostile in-laws, probably scared out of her mind. This isn’t like Mercy John…or Mercy Aig.. or Judy. After watching the interview on YouTube I’m sure many will cut her some slack.


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