Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - When An Amebo Becomes The Topic Of Gossip


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Sunday, August 28, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - When An Amebo Becomes The Topic Of Gossip

When you are a professional Amebo you will have your days too when you will be the topic of the street.

 I went out at 4am and was on my way back when hairdresser called me. This woman doesn’t call except its huge so I quickly picked the call. My heart skipped but I knew my hands were clean. Soldiers were at my house banging the gate and olofofo them have already started spreading gossip.

I got down at the junction and all eyes were on me and so I didn’t kuku greet anybody. When I got to the hairdresser’s shop she quickly dragged me in and told me that the Soldiers have been at our gate for some hours and they are also asking about the occupants of the house.

I was scared but at the same time I wasn’t because I don’t have any skeleton, but what if they just bundle me away? I called my first neighbor and he said that he was not at home and I should update him and so I called the second one and he said he was home but he can’t come out. I asked if he had issues with the law and he said none but he had issues with a man he was dating the wife .LOL

He said the woman didn’t tell him she was married until a man threatened to arrest him after he bought freezer and generator for the woman LOL.

I took a deep breath and started walking towards my house. Everybody was peeping from their corners and didn’t greet me so me too I boned face. I got to the entrance and opened the gate, they didn’t stop me so I closed the gate and wet in to drop my bags. I waited for some time they didn’t knock so I came out.

The soldier stopped me and started interrogating me. Turns out a dispatch rider ran away with gadgets worth millions and the tracker always stopped on our street. Even the address the man dropped was our house address.


Didn’t they verify his address before hiring him? Did he drop a guarantor? They dropped their contacts so I can call if I see or hear anything.

We discussed more and I saw them off to their vehicle. All eyes were on me, they were stretching their necks. These people couldn’t even come out to stand with me, what if they bundled me away? Mtchewwww

I walked majestically to the hairdresser’s shop to tell her everything because na only she deserve the gist. If she likes she should tell them later but for now I am in charge. They started coming to buy card and drinks when i was gisitng the hair dresser but each time we paused

But that experience opened my eyes, no one got you except yourself.


  1. That was a risk though. Naija force men weh no know who to arrest when they set out for operation

    1. As I dey so na one man soldier I be now. I was taking stock of who I can really count on just this morning fa, including family, friends and Bobo wey I decided to ex since him no even care about my existence sef, Omo! Hmmmmm , make I no talk. The ones wey I been dey kill myself for nor come send me now.............. How come? This life sha. God's gat me! I stand gidigba! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

      My dear poster, no worry you be strong woman.

  2. Your last line is the truth o. Something happens some weeks back, a man owns a bakery in our street, this man always give out leftover bread every evening to people on the street, few weeks ago when bread makers went on strike, this man was producing and the association police came and scatter his bakery, threw his bread out,and this same people he gives bread to were looking and shinning teeth,picking the bread the association police threw out with happiness. Thank God he received sense,since that day,he stopped the free bread,he was so bittered

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Is it hunger, poverty or lack of sense we'll blame like this? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Anyway, whether they 'develop' sense or not, the hunger and poverty will teach them a bitter lesson when they don't see free bread again..
      Bread that is life 🀌

    2. What a lesson. Life!

    3. Kai, this is deep

  3. Can relate with you. That's why I mind what I dish out and say in public domain. Cos one day ur turn go reach. Thank God nothing has to do with you

  4. Na that neighbour story give you ginger enter your compound😁

  5. But why will the dispatch rider use ur address.mehn...that was a risk.alot of people are in prison today suffering for innocent crimes

    1. That's what some of them do. Any sensible organisation should verify addresses dropped by their staff before they commence work for you.

  6. That despatch rider though....why use someone else's address?

  7. Amebor na big work wey person suppose dey collect salary for. πŸ˜‚

  8. Lol, dispatch rider's wey dey chop food wey dem suppose deliver nkor, hunger no make people get sense again...
    Amebo you try o

  9. Nawoooh for the dispatch rider, some people doesn't really care abt u, all they care abt is ur gist, the happenings arnd u. Thank God the soldiers visit was not for u

  10. You even get mind. If na me, I no go go house until they commot.


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