Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 7 - Allysyn Tells Hermes What She Wants ´Other Gists.


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Saturday, August 27, 2022

BBNaija Season 7 - Allysyn Tells Hermes What She Wants ´Other Gists.

Who is watching Reality TV show Big brother Naija? Hmmm It looks like housemate Allysyn has fallen in love with polygamous lover Hermes....

Hermes to Allysyn — What do you want?

Allysyn — I want you alone without your other girlfriends.

Hermes — That Is Impossible, It's Not Going To Happen.

Like i said before, it looks like majority of the Female housemates went husband shopping in season 7. Please correct me if i am wrong oh!

Please add other gists for us...Thank you!


  1. Replies
    1. Someone that told her as e be fro. The on set. That's what you get,for ignoring a dingle dude for a polygamous boyfriend.

  2. Allysyn, you want Hermes all to yourself? You should have known that nigga will not accept to leave his other girlfriends because of you.

  3. Lol it's not Hermes fault he wants em all ,he is joker.

  4. They girls are not even serious with tasks and the whole show, all what they are after is getting hooked with a guy. Bella and Shegz are seriously annoying, to Bella it's as if the show should end she doesn't really care. All what she cares about is the fact she's got shegz. Rachel's diary room session is always annoying. Every question she is asked is always answered with 'I don't know oo'

  5. Lolz,Stellz you're right on this one,set awon desperados.
    Amaka almost burnt down biggie's house on Thursday with the microwave,She put dough in the machine and set the timer for 20mins,Next thing,they were called to gather at the garden,Before they could come in,the house was already filled with smoke and all she was concerned about was her food😩
    She could have switched it off before going,Biggy gave her a stern warning but as punishment,No one will use the machine for a week.

    Chichi's punishment has been doubled because she couldn't complete it on time,She is to write an apology to Diana in two note books for provoking her,Still because of man matter🤦🏾‍♀️

    Yo! Deji won lastnight's task and I was so happy.I don't like this their new idea of doing task till midnight,man must sleep nau😓

    1. Was even sleeping on the couch so when Adekunle started my husband woke me up because I already tld him i trust Ade will finish the task and he did 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 went to bed after Daniella did hers

      Their timing is so wrong on the viewers we have other things to do

      Did you watch the fight saw on fb that Phyna threw kilishi and it landed on Bella"s head

      This season if you snooze you mias

    2. @Dimplez,Yes I did.The fight involved Phyna/Amaka against Bryann because of kilishi😂

      I definitely agree with your last sentence😆

  6. Phyna and Amaka fell out
    with Bryan last night.

    Chizzy got served by Bella and Sheggs heheheheheh

    Doyin is sick in the head, bitch be doing too much.

    Chi Chi got an extra booklet to be filled before Sunday as her punishment for all the insult she heaped on Diana last week. Aunty started crying. heheheehe e sweet me for body.

    Deji won the Arena task last night.
    Turns out most of them cant spell hence the reason they couldn't finish their word puzzle on time.

    Looking forward to tonight party.

    1. Biggie have found their week point,which is puzzle. So they should expect more of that. Madam chichi could not laugh enough yesterday. Even peaceful that peace was on the wall,she got it wrong. And she wants to force deji a whole yoruba demo to declare their situationship. At least she has enough ac routing for her.

  7. I just watched small and off to sleep.
    The rain here yesterday was much.

  8. But allysyn get mind
    Never in the life of me will I see a guy with two gfs and choke head, y?? Na so breakfast hungry me reach??
    This set should leave ship and focus on the money

  9. The highlight of the week was the Mega win from Guinness by Phyna, Bryan and Chomzy. Deji won the first arena games and the housemates won their weeks wager. The fight for food continues. I don't want Phyna and Groovy to ship but that guy sure keeps Phyna in check, the way she flares up sets her fans on check. Groovy is actually giving her good protection.. I am looking forward to tonight's party

  10. Happy for Deji last night.The puzzle was easy because biggie already mentioned Spa date na,wonder why some couldn't finish
    Chi-Chi got served🤣

  11. Watching mine here on the blog. I will come back to read comments

  12. I am watching it here, thank you for the update jeweluchi.

  13. I believe Allison is only playing a game..
    Else I don't see what is attractive in that guy, that's how I stumbled on a video of him and his girlfriend naked on Facebook and some babes were hailing him that he has big gboola and I'm like what the heck

  14. All of you here are enablers to the decadence in society by watching this show...what values whatsoever do you people learn or get from this show? Tell me one single positive someone can learn? All they are on about is relationships, sex and rubbish that does not add any dare any of you come out to say kids these days have no values to learn, what value does BBN have for sit down for hours analysing rubbish yet will not take hours to analyse how you can give Value to your country and even your immediate environment for that matter...use the time for BBN to d something more productive please...insults are welcome but they are water on the back of a duck...sit back and evaluate what value this show gives to your life

    1. The foreign movies u watch, what dyu learn from them. Mr/Mrs holier than thou. We will keep watching it year in year out, when u are tired of complaining, u will join those that have come before u and take a back seat.

  15. It's so true about this husband searching
    But seriously why would she expect Hermes to leave his babes for her
    She didn't hear rugars song that
    Me want all the girls in the whole world ...I know what am doing so wrong but since no man can focus
    So she should know it's a no and na oshow free he dey find to chop
    Sha at the end it's just a show and them go go their separate ways


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