Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 7 Hot Gists....


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Sunday, August 07, 2022

BBNaija Season 7 Hot Gists....

These are dry hot gists from the house.....

Housemates disagree over Doyin's statement that Beauty is not a small girl

During a round table chat, the housemates where involved in an argument over Beauty.

Chomzy: What beauty is doing is making me more attracted to Grovvy. Last week I was avoiding the guy 100%

Doyin: Forget, if Grovvy leaves beauty na him lose. Outside this house Grovvy no fit follow beauty talk I swear 110% I'm telling you beauty no be small girl.

Chomzy: Unfortunately we are not outside, this is big brother's house

Chichi: who is a small girl here? do you know where I have been I'm a f#cking bad ass bi#ch don't play with me

: Beauty too na bad a#s bi#ch

Chomzy: she no reach my third finger

: she reach and pass


Beauty quarrels for Groovy for dancing with Chomzy

During the Saturday night party, Housemate Beauty was seen screaming at her love interest Groovy for dancing with Chomzy at the party. Grovvy explained that he had been avoiding Chomzy and she was the one who came to meet him

Groovy: I did not dance with her, she has been coming to meet me and I have been avoiding her since . Why the f# ck are you acting like this`?

Beauty: Why I'm I acting like this?.. Grovvy guess what ? I don't need a man, go and meet her, Just don't f#cking talk to me

Groovy: I have not danced with this girl today, she f#cking came to me and wrapped her arms around me. Why are you acting like this?.


Chomzy calls Bella mean, says she doesn't know why she likes her

Level 1 housemate Chomzy in a drunk state of mind after the party revealed she liked fellow housemate, Bella. She also called her mean

: "I don't know why I like you, you don't party, you don't take alcohol. Why do I even like you?"

Bella: "Because you are high"

: "She(Bella) is not cool, she's a mean motherf#cker, I don't know why I like her. You are mean. The first day I met you I even complimented you.


Diana and Chichi accuse Groove of touching them while dancing

Diana: Na guy man, the guy danced with me, touched my pu##y

Confirming the statement, Chichi added, "He is a very silly boy. If he wants to dance with you he will put his hands here ( pointing towards her pr#vate) she is not lying"


  1. Hmm na wa.
    So the only thing hot for big brother is boy and girl sex talk .
    Boring show

  2. There was nothing dry about lastnight o🤣
    I had a great laugh,Beauty steady disgracing herself because of Groovy pink hair o😄
    Groovy loves to dance and not even his love interest can stop him from sampling all the babes.
    Beauty's second strike is loading,She almost spoilt Groovy's transmitter,because of her insecurity 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Chomzy can danceee!
    Phyna fall my hands lastnight,She was fr##king begging Eloswag to kiss her and he refused.
    Doyin and Cyph almost made me call my Ex..Konji na ya mate🥲

    1. Phyna was high and the today's eviction is on her.

      Beauty wants to play Erica card and what her fans rally up to her as they did to Erica.

    2. I don't think she is playing Erica's card.That girl is Naturally controlling and possessive.I feel she had trauma while growing up, because what was all that shalaye for.
      Phyna goes nowhere though,We her fans will save her tonight.

  3. It's always about sex and the likes.No inspiration at all

  4. I slept really late last night watching the drama. I feel like Beauty came with a strategy to get disqualified because what was that madness yesterday?

    Groovy better respects himself and leave that rude and dramatic girl now.

    Imagine calling others ugly because you used a make up packed face to win Miss Nigeria abi is it not the ok girl we are seeing in the house that thinks she’s the most beautiful thing to ever work the surface of the earth.

    1. Seriously, her behavior yesterday was extreme and it was annoying. Groovy better avoid am

    2. That girl is going home soon, I saw a video where she mentioned that groovy suck her Bobby and touch her pussy am like and so, so the boy should not talk to other people again?

  5. For the first time since BBN season7 started,I decided to watch last night,I was pissed the way beauty was behaving and berating other housemates that tried to calm her down, i was pissed sha! But Chomzy is Ho

  6. For the first time since BBN season7 started,I decided to watch last night,I was pissed the way beauty was behaving and berating other housemates that tried to calm her down, i was pissed sha! But Chomzy is Hot

    1. I heard she insulted Groovy saying he has a small Wee wee, that kain insult they don't forget ooi, Groovy has been moody throughout

  7. This years BBN is the most ignored season in the history of the show. I'm sure that he biggie is regretting my now cos the show hardly trends.

    I even saw a sponsored ad they did just to have us engage but we too fixated on taking back our country.

    It's Obi O'clock abeg.

    1. Be living in ur delusional world oh. Top trend since day 1 and y’all want to feel happy with urselves. Election is not the only aspect of our lives

    2. Stop deceiving yourself, ignored where?

    3. Obi come 2023. No distraction, No going back. Biggy no try this year jaree

  8. Beauty is so toxic..what! She is beautiful but yet insecure.
    I pray Groovy face front infact let him groove with Baye. What madness.
    Phyna na wa o..beging for kiss as if her life depends on it andthe Elo boy feeling himself.
    Amaka is becoming a Desperado fa.
    Chichi telling Phyna she fights with people always because of wa for the lie o.

  9. Beauty is looking for disqualification by all means. She apologised to Groovy,but guy accept and keep it moving. Gordons has not entered oo,if this is her strategy then it doesn't make sense.

  10. Beauty's attitude last night was childish, allow a guy to mingle and catch cruise while you do your love thing in peace but you keep on shouting he should not dance with anyone except you give him go ahead.

    You want to detect for a guy who you are not even married to. Just weeks you alone keep fighting during Saturday night party.

    Respect yourself and concentrate on the guy not the guy, you are obsessed about groovy.

  11. I think Beauty is playing the Tacha and Erica card to get disqualified. Those two disqualified babes are balling more than other housemates

  12. Na wah o!Beauty is acting desperate.abi she come find husband for bbn?

  13. I slept around 2 last night... What a show!! Drama filled night.

    Chomzy kept on pressing necks. My Girl.
    Beauty is a disgrace to Beauty Queens.
    Bella and Sheggz bored themselves not me.
    Doyin is so horny.. She almost swallowed Cyph.
    Chi Chi likes gossip too much.
    Phyna.. Hard Girl was begging man to love her.
    Bryan is a sweetheart.. Just dancing with everyone.
    Hermes is a party animal.
    Groovy don buy market for where Beauty dey.. She clearly has issues or she's trying to play Erica's script. Too early for that cos it's just two weeks. She needs to gather die hard fans first. She's ruining her game. I just pity her.

    Best Big Brother season ever.. Stella it's far from dry ooo.

  14. Unfortunately I'm not watching this season

  15. And then Eloswag knack Chomzy last night. This is the best season yet!

  16. Beauty have been disqualified from Bbn. Good for her . groove will be dancing Chomy while she watch them from home.


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