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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Discover Yourself...

Are you above 40 years? Then this may interest you.

 In the last 24 hours, 2 or 3 people who were remotely connected to me have passed on in a similar fashion. Unfortunately, they "slumped and died." May their amiable souls rest in perfect peace. 

Undoubtedly, death is an inevitable end. However, did you know that we could actually help ourselves? "God/heaven helps those who help themselves."
Let me quickly share a personal experience with you here. Four years ago, I suspected that I was having a kind of sleep disorder. 

It got so bad that I would go to bed as late as 12.00midnight and wake up at 2.30am. What did I do? I simply devised a means. Whatever happens, I get home before 7.00pm. I stop picking telephone calls once it's 7.00pm and by 8.00pm, I'm on my bed. I sleep from 8.00pm till 3.00am or at most till 4.00am and that way I've rested for 7 to 8 hours, which I think is okay for my age. This decision has really boosted my health, both mentally and physically. 

Food-wise? Just eat healthy. I'm neither a medical doctor nor a food nutritionist but hey, reduce all of that dairy products, red meat and carbs intake and avoid any kind of meal once it's past 6.00pm.

Ambition is good. Hard work pays. But you know what? Your good health is better than all the wealth and success and accolades that you may attain in life. Don't overwork your "engine/machine" body. You're only human Afterall.

What really gives you joy in life? Is it religious exercises? Is it family? Is it knowledge? Is it charity? Is it reading or writing? Is it travelling or swimming? Is it gyming? Is it acting? Is it doing business? Is it your career? Just discover it and give it your maximum attention. Moderation is strictly advised.

Life is short. Life is sweet. Live it to the full. Savor every minute and remember that you're not going to be here forever but you must make every moment memorable and enjoyable for yourself.

When last did you check your BP? Why not do that today.

May we all live long in good health and sound mind.
Sleep well.
Eat well and right.
Think less.
Live long.
May the souls of those loved ones rest in perfect peace.

Its Kunle!


  1. Very important, thanks for sharing.

  2. Stress is very bad for our mortal body

  3. Nice piece.
    I urge everyone to go purchase a mini sphygmomanometer,That way you save yourself the strength of running up and down the hospital, all in the name of checking BP..I have one and I use it on a regular.
    It uses electricity and very easy to operate.

  4. This is for any body,who wants to stay healthy,not only for people in their 40's.

  5. So true Sir!
    We are all shell shocked from the demise of Barr. Ogaga! It still feels like a dream!!

    Please let's try and put our health first!!
    Don't underestimate the power of restful sleep.

    May the souls of the departed continue to rest in peace and may all that grieve be consoled, Amen.

  6. This is for everybody o. Health is wealth!

  7. Health is really wealth. May God keep us all in good health and long life.

  8. Nice write up, same fate befell a colleague of mine few days ago.

  9. I remembered when I gave birth to my son I could not sleep for like days not even for one hour. I thought I was going to die all my joint will be paining me with serious efori mi o mo bimose boyo, I remembered that someone
    advise me to take moringa and milk lati igbayen ni arami tiya dada

  10. There's no city as stressful as Lagos state.a state where people go to bed as late as 11pm/12am and hurry out of their homes at 3am inorder to avoid traffic.pls my people health is wealth.get enough rest.

  11. Very interesting
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Hmmmmm,nice advice,only that Nigeria doesn't agree, I sleep atimes 12 or past sef, sometimes I don't get home before7,before I finish cooking its already 9, eat by 9.30, but sha I don't sleep early, and these day,we eat what we can afford,it is well.

    1. Naija sabi dey job person plan ehnnn.........

  13. Thanks a lot for the health tips

  14. You can sleep at 8pm and wake up at 4am because you are comfortable. Hahaha. We want to sleep but wahala and hunger no gree free us. Na who chop bellyful dey sleep 7-8hrs.


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