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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Rotavirus Vaccine Info

The best protection and prevention you can give your child against diarrhoeal diseases caused by Rotavirus is by vaccination with the Rota vaccine. In addition, ensure your child completes her/his immunizaon schedule.


  1. Completing a child's immunization protect the child from many sicknesses.

  2. The rotavirus vaccine is not available in most government hospitals, and those in the private hospitals are expensive.

    1. In my children's hospital (private) it's not so expensive. I think we paid 5k 4 years ago.

    2. Not true it's 8k four years ago, 10k 3 years ago and now 12k per one dose and a child needs 2. It's the most expensive vaccine and government clinics don't give them and won't even tell mothers about it

    3. Govt clinics do give, mine was given this year I paid 8k each... Read somewhere a hospital was administing free in Lagos.

  3. That vaccine is very expensive and readily available at government health care facilities. Just zero your mind and keep money for it.

  4. Stella thanks for this
    When i heard the amount then my daughter was barely 4 months, I shouted, I said I wasn't informed (in patience Jonathans voice)😂we didn't have the money to pay for it,but as at two weeks ago,I asked the nurse if it was too late to give her the vaccine and she said no and that's y I paid for rota1 yesterday.
    First of all, I thought govt gives this vaccine free but it's greedy workers that makes it scarce,but I later heard that Gov't does not,what's the work of the Gov't then??
    God will help us(×50)

  5. It's actually available in both private hospitals and health centers on demand. We took each dose for 10k that’s 20k for the two doses. This was 2yrs and 4 months ago


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