Stella Dimoko TRHOL Star Chioma Ikokwu Says The Show Was Toxic....


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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

TRHOL Star Chioma Ikokwu Says The Show Was Toxic....

Hair entrepreneur and the real housewife of lagos star Chioma Ikokwu, tells Chide Jideonwo her expectations and experiences being on the show.....

She says:

“I enjoyed some parts of RHOL, like the fun activities. But in most parts, I didn’t. If you are having fun, you are having fun, and anyone who knows me knows that I like to have a good time. For a lot of the activities we had, I actually genuinely enjoyed it. I felt like I met one or two amazing people and that was interesting.

 Also, It challenged me, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. But, it was a very toxic environment and my real life is not toxic at all. I don’t have anybody around me that is negative or jealous or has an unsolicited opinion. I don’t have people like that around me.

To be subjected to that kind of thing day in and day out, where I can’t avoid you is very toxic, it is unnecessary.

“I went there quite naΓ―ve, thinking, ‘be yourself, have fun with it’. I didn’t even realize that reality TV dramas sell, that when you have issues people gravitate towards you, whether they hate you or love you and you become popular.

So, some people have that strategy and that is why they were probably acting crazy from the start. With other people, I feel like you can’t really hide your persona, like they say, a character is like pregnancy, you can’t hide it for long.

On the drama and meanness that happened on the show. She says :

''For me, it was just embarrassing. Looking at the person that I am, and the family that I came from, this is not something that I have ever even engaged in. I was never even on Twitter. 

The last time I was on Twitter was when I was in Lebanon because I had a desktop but after that time I never really went back. I just felt like it was such a violent space to be in, seeing all that was so new to me. All the back and forth could have been avoided. What did we teach young girls? 

People come to me, and say things like, “Oh my, you are so inspiring”, but I know how much more I would have offered to the situation to actually genuinely inspire people, to want to be better and do better but I don’t want to be seen on TV as someone who is fighting or arguing. That is not the legacy that I want to leave. 

I don’t want the tagline to be insults, I want it to be something you can use to empower yourself and I never really liked the fact that they pushed more negativity. At the end of the day, of course, drama sells on TV, but it could have been mixed a little bit more.

On having any regrets about the show. 

She says she has mixed feelings about it, Some days I will just wake up and wonder what possessed me to be in the show, where even when there is the violence they don’t mind.

Other times, I see that it also gave people an opportunity to see different sides of me, before that it was just pictures on Instagram, and people kind of thought that I was so stuck up.


  1. Well then I hope you won't be part of the season 2

    1. She need to stop playing the victim and zip it. She has her own major drama not only in the show but also outside the shoe and she need to be grateful for the exposure she got for the shoe which I’m sure will make her runs more marketable

  2. Her chin can pluck mongo

    1. I didn’t like her and truly hope she’s not in season 2. She was subtly condescending and patronizing to the rest. If u feel u are too educated to mingle with such then get off the show!!

    2. @15:37 she's not their mate or in their class. She's from a very good background and is 3rd generation money. Why would she be on a show with attention seekers like Toyin and Iyabo Ojo and Caroline? If it was worth it Kika would have joined. That one saw the end of the matter.

    3. 3rd generation wetin??? ..ok o

    4. 17:37 did they force her to be on the show? Was she bound hands and feet in chains and forced to be on the show? What do you mean why should be on the show with blah blah blah, the stinking audacity.AFI 3rd gen nyen nyen nyen GTFOH!!!
      Let her go and find a show with fellow 3rd gen watimagbo, maybe then she can spare a breath and lift that needle nose outta her ass.

    5. @18:16 Yes! Chioma is 3rd generation money. Her grandfather was rich and exposed. Educated all his children. Her parents and their siblings are VERY well to do. Ah ah! Her uncle is a former deputy governor. Her other under was minister, senator at fed level then governor. I'm talking old money. They just don't shout like your regular socialites in Lagos.
      She really took a humility pill to be on that show. I'm sure Kika warned her but she was looking at £$€¥₩ - as an igno girl that she is πŸ˜… If not, why didn't people like Toke and them Bolanle Olukanni join? Them Cookie Skin and Youtopia nko? Or even e-money and dili's wife? Those are the REAL housewives of Lagos jare.

      Wetin be Laura and Iyabo and toyin? What an insult! Mscheew!

    6. @19:24 Calm your titties boo. Class is class and majority those women ain't classy..they ain't married to billionaires or have money that makes me go: Woaaah 😟😟
      Go watch Real Housewives of Dubai and see how rich people do! Women with degrees and classy hustle and solid husbands. No be package oh.... SOLID. I'm so hurt because the show got ALOT of popularity only to show up with mediocrity. I didn't watch past the 3rd episode.

      Chiom fucked up big time for stooping to hustler level. And you can go to hell for not liking the truth. The way you're typing, me sef don rate you 1/10. Agbero busstop

    7. 23.04 that last line.. haba!

  3. Very toxic. Hope the next season will be better

  4. A diatribe on the deceitfulness, cost, addictive nature, toxicity and damage of "popularity"

  5. You were toxic too, stop acting like a saint.

  6. Didn't watch. It's the shoes for me on the pic.

  7. Hanty too no get head, she was bitter too.

  8. Seriously I also have the oppinion she has about all the fighting and bad words used in the show... I mean show would still be interesting without all the quarell amd fighting drama.
    Rich famous Africans didn't have so much fight like this.
    Like seeing all those mama mmadu fight and like primary/secondary school bullies is in bad taste to me.
    I can't e in such show cos I like jejely kinda life, no fighting

  9. when you people did not have shame.

  10. Watched it from the blogπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. The show was very toxic truly. Them Iyabo, Caro, Toyin are use to toxicity. Chioma you better not participate in season 2, for the sake of your mental health.

  12. But u were very condescending too,looking down on some people and asslicking some others.

  13. I have never watched that show but from reviews here it was not worth it. How people will give priceless time to a show like that is beyond me. Yu all go watch Bollywood wives on Netflix and enjoy a reality shown with class...


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