Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - Loan Sharks Are Not The Problem.


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Sunday, September 25, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Loan Sharks Are Not The Problem.

Times are hard and it’s also hard to get people to borrow from, that’s why a lot of people register on the online loan apps even though the interest is high.

These people will borrow you money in five minutes and all they need is your BVN and a few details. Imagine you needing a sharp loan and you download an app and they give you money sharply, e sweet abi? LOL

I saw a message on my whatsapp and a picture of my friend attached with WANTED boldly written on it, my heart skipped. They said she was a criminal who borrowed money and absconded. I quickly messaged her, no response. I was angry and confused at the same time because, why will she give them my number? I don’t like wahala o

I called her direct then she picked and I told her what I saw and shouted at her for giving them my number but she said she didn’t and went on to explain that once you download the app they have all your contacts. Oh! But why did they call you a criminal? Why didn’t you pay?

She said she didn’t have the money yet and she explained but they don’t hear stories. I told her to find a way to pay and hung up.

Next day I saw my amebo friend and talk carried us enter our friend’s matter. My amebo friend said they sent her the same message too that I should not mind our friend shebi she just did surprise birthday for her boyfriend with paranran and money cake some days ago. wow

You can see that we are our biggest problem. So you have money to hire paranran and you don’t have to pay online loan? Didn’t the loan people send message to her boyfriend too? So he will know that his woman chop gbese and she is wanted LOL

Don’t blame online loan apps for calling people criminals and posting their obituary because them dey there jeje na you go download the app agree to terms and conditions. Abi?


  1. Your last paragraph..Sometimes they're the ones sending messages to loaners to loan from them. Saying their interest is pocket friendly n all what's not so sometimes the loan app people are to be blamed

    1. Nehh I don't think so, see in Nigeria people don't like to pay, that's the truth. And this loan apps embarrass them well for them to pay. I know people who I lent money to that absconded. And I know I am not the only one. In Nigeria a lot of people borrow but don't like to pay.
      Yes times are really hard, but u need to know that just cause someone borrows you money doesn't mean that they have a lot. Some borrow due to empathy and trust you enough to know that you will pay back.

    2. You're correct@Eva.Most people hate to repay loans,I have lost friends because of this.A particular lady I loaned money told me that she has money for something else but doesn't have my money,that even the FG owes.Till today,I am yet to see my money.

      Even the embarrassments from these loan companies don't get to some chronic debtors,my former neighbor is an example🤣

  2. Na sweet gb*la make your friend do surprise birthday for her boyfriend.

    1. Hope sey she no borrow take do baiday

    2. No, lack of sense

  3. Of a truth we are our own problem.
    You always find out that a lot of people, like 90% of people who borrow money spend it on irrelevant stuffs, just like this Lady that did pararan surprise
    One thing I will never do is to borrow money to live big.
    I can't even borrow money bcos I don't have mind to owe somebody money, my mind go just dey fly up and down. My hand no dey.
    If I ask the few people I trust and they can't give me I go just forget about the money and the need.
    Another opportunity will always show up.

    1. I no get mind aswear. E get one time I owe my mama and she begin cry for my neck. E turn prayer point ooo. I nor rest until I pay every penny. And na family ooo. I don't even try it with outsiders except I am too sure that I will pay back quickly. I am so grateful that God made it possible to pay and I learnt my lesson. By God's grace according to His Word I will not be a borrower. I don't even glance at things like loan apps, betting apps, pyramid schemes etc.

  4. Please what is paranran?

    1. Trumpet..paranran is the online slang as per the sound made while using the trumpet on birthdays..


  5. Hmmm one must be careful before borrowing from them if not sure of how to payback. I received a message like that on Friday and could not imagine how the fellow will be feeling and how many has received same message. It is well.

  6. Those people wey dey borrow money, e dey their blood.
    Normal thief dey their blood.
    How can soemone be owing up to 6 loan sharks at the same time? That one no count the plenty people wey e dey owe for real life oo. Tueh!

  7. Go everywhere you will see these loab apps...they are criminals

  8. I downloaded one loan app like that...I borrow from they 4k to pay back 7k in a week. Trust me on the app you will 7k thinking you would be credited with 7k at the end of the day I was credited 4k to pay back 7k. After a week I paid about 7,400 cos I defaulted by 3 days.
    I asked them to delete my details,they said okay.
    Only for me to wake up one day and dey credited me 7k, without me asking.
    After two weeks they couldn't reach me on phone,they debited me 10k. They were lucky I hadn't fixed my card by then.

  9. Deposit money banks are giving out loans , while would anybody go borrow from those online criminals. Some of the DMBs are giving 20 million naira without collateral. FCMB sometimes give out interest free loans. Why are people not taking advantage of the CBN policy on lending. Access bank gives out loans worth billions every year . Stanbicibtc is doing same, stanbicibtc even loan for cars, phones . Na only to dey insult Nigeria and beg for money most people know


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