Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - The Client Who "Poached" Me


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Saturday, September 03, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - The Client Who "Poached" Me

I had just resigned from my job in one of the Tier-A law firms in Nigeria at the time and when one of the biggest clients learnt of my resignation he got my number from a colleague and gave me a call with a view to "poaching" me.

The meeting was short. He had several briefs for me and he was okay with my personality. We commenced almost immediately. He gave me about 5 agreements to draft and turn in under 24 hours. That was easy as I was even able to deliver under 12 hours. Was he impressed? He was expressionless but his body language gave him out. That was how we kick-started a client-solicitor relationship. 

Lest I forget, on few occasions I attempted to raise the issue of my fee but each time I brought it up he would waive the topic and that was how I continued without any form of compensation.

Few months down the line, it dawned on me that I had most definitely been under a spell. I had advised and drafted over 15 complex agreements and even more simple ones, and I had not earned a dime save for the 5k which he gave me on one occasion. Then I summoned up courage and put up a bill of charges for all I had done and approached him with a copy of same. The moment I presented my bill to Mr A, his countenance changed! 

He roared!

 "Are you okay! You are a fraudster!" I did not raise my voice in return, I simply said: "Sir, I am not a fraudster, I am a professional and a worker is worthy of his wages. Please pay me."

 In attendance was one of his partners who had also met me through him, much younger though (we were of the same age) and we had both clicked from day one so he was more sympathetic towards my cause. 

Mr A offered me a paltry sum of N50,000 as against the 6 digits which I had on paper. At that point, I elected to walk away without a dime but he called me back and gave me the first lesson (hard knocks) in the school of life. He advised that if someone is owing me 1billion Naira and he offers me 1million Naira, I should accept it first and chase him for the balance later. 

His partner spent some moments with me and advised me to accept the 50k but he said, going forward, I should always define the (my)terms before going into any form of relationship.

I accepted the 50k, looked around his premises for the last time and walked away.

Weeks down the line, I decided to conduct a due diligence on my client and I got the rudest shocks of my life! He was a conman! 

The Internet had a lot to say about him. History of fraud in Europe. History of fraud in Africa. In fact, he emptied the treasury of a particular bank in an African country! You know what, he is one of the biggest shareholders of a popular bank in Nigeria today. I wish the bank well. He has over 20 hideouts in Lagos. He lives alone. You won't see him at parties. He a "smooth operator" and I'm sure Sade Adu had him in mind when she sang that song.

Few years after, a friend who had recently resigned from the same office met him and their relationship continued to blossom until he made him an irresistible offer.

 He wanted him to travel to that same African country to close some deals on his behalf. Initially my friend was excited but he belongs to that school of thought that believes in consultation before making any major move. He called three priests from the three major faiths and the feedback was the same. They all warned against the trip. Meanwhile, it was at this point that my bestie ran back to open up to me having warned him against frolicking with Mr A ab initio. Bestie wan hammer alone.

In any event, I've since moved on. My friend has a national appointment today. Mr A is still doing what he's best at.

*****Well its good you even collected that 50k, at least to fuel your car...People like that use people and dump them


  1. Even keke napep before I enter, we dey agree price. I can never begin anything without a defined agreement. Even plaiting my hair, my customer go say 'sister sit down, na we we', I go say nooooo madam make we agree first abeg.
    Ha! Abeg o.
    In Osoufia's voice 'agreement is agreement'.

  2. Rule 1: Never go into any business that doesn't involve crime with a Nigerian. If it is based on gentleman 's agreement, don't do it

  3. I still don't understand why people will not want to pay people their due.
    What satisfaction do they get from eating what does not belong to them?

    1. The satisfaction of a command is with logic or conscience

    2. * conman not command

  4. Nice read.Let me add that lesson to my list of life lessons

  5. Some people are wicked Sha! That was how I worked for a company in Ikeja in 2008 and was not paid for 8months,untill I decided to leave them,let God be their Judge

    1. You stayed 1, 2, 3 months without pay and kept going? A private company for that matter?How were you transporting? Na you encourage them na, you gave them the idea that you had other sources of income and were comfortable.
      If my job owe me reach 3 months, I go resign and I won't leave empty handed, I must carry something from the office, TV, laptop, even desktop whatever as compensation.

    2. He kept promising to pay every month,I just finished NYSC and didn't want to stay at home,I hate being idle, luckily my dad used to send me money then, that was how I managed to pay for transport,till I borrow myself sense,it is well

    3. Sandra you be gangster 不不不不不

    4. Haha Sandra, this was me me some years back. The laptop I moved din generate pass the money dem owe me set.

    5. My dear, I understand. Nigerian business men and employers can be horrible.
      Income Electrix still owes their staff 7 months salary as of today, and somehow HR still expects you to come to work everyday from 8am-5pm. If you don't come, HR will threaten you with fire and brimstone, that you'll lose every sense of self confidence.

      Its well with us in this country.

  6. Lol..
    I think I know who Mr A is.

    Consideration must be reached before the commencement of any brief. I don't deal on hope,. Hope is not fixed, in isn't tenable. So let's agree, even if it's 10 naira, it doesn't have to be adequate, so far it's sufficient consideration.

    1. LMAO! Someone had to use Google. Yimu! Lol!!!

  7. I believe we read where he said hes under a "spell" i believe the author is smarter than that. Something was definitely wrong somewhere.

    1. Some people are very wicked when it comes to this kind of attitude.

  8. Some people are greedy.they are so much in our politic today.its well,u have learnt from this.happy u took the 50k

  9. Cunny wicked man. I think you've wtitte something about this or another poacher. That was how one man wanted to sweet talk me into one nonsense ICT job, saying I should be distributing his flyers to school,OK how much are you going to pay me, he said I should not worry,that I should start work first,OK mobilization fee nko, he said later, funniest part is I'm to print the flyers myself,cos he's in abuja, he gave me one big name, Osun zonal director, he said I should print ID card myself. I stopped picking his calls,no be me you go use, 1 flier I no print

  10. Counsel, you try o!

    Will not even open laptop to talk of draft letter without atleast half my fee. Even old clients know this.

    Anyways, you learn everyday.

  11. Why is Bezos so rich? Because to obtain the items in your cart, you must pay. Prices are stated upfront and your back details are entered so that they can always get their money.

    You assumed from his perceived status, that he has deep pockets but forgot that compulsive crooks just must cheat. Having money doesn't mean one is fair. The other lesson here is the importance of background checks.

    Honestly, I would have advised that you leave him with his 50k.


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