Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth


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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

Hey Freak, I left you a red pen!

Some years back, I ran into a cousin who had been out of job for a while. We gisted, and in the course of our discourse he indicated interest in lecturing.

Coincidentally, my then landlord with who
m I enjoyed a robust relationship happened to be a lecturer in one of the biggest new generation universities in the South West. I offered to introduce cousin to landlord.

Behold, I brought both of them together and my landlord offered to assist the young man since he possessed the basic qualifications. To my greatest surprise, the duo became really close and I was glad. 

At that point I naturally excused myself and moved on to other important things. Months down the line, my landlord put in a call to me and I observed that he was sounding a bit hysterical on the phone. He had just left the Faculty Board meeting where my cousin's issue had generated a great furore.

 After receiving assurances from my landlord about bagging the job, dear cousin went around asking for similar favours from four other lecturers. So when it was time for my landlord to recommend dear cousin, his colleagues had to ask themselves "abi my eye dey pain me?" He was also their candidates! 

They were all disappointed. 'What manner of desperation is this?' they all chorused.

Long and short, he lost that plum job out of sheer desperation. Today, he's doing well. He has a good job though, but let me also state here that that is just the way he's wired. Nothing has changed as he has continually displayed that attitude wherever he goes and I think it's working for him now.

It is good to be a go-getter, but do you have to be desperate? Well, what works for A may not work for B.

I dont think he was desperate at all and if he was it was in a good way oh... In Nigeria you have to go round and get assurance 10 times otherwise the Job will pass you by.... The lecturers dem own too much abeg!


  1. He can't just sit and fold his hands .I don't blame him.

  2. Being desperate sometimes works and people may never take you 4 granted

  3. Oga doesn't want to put all his eggs in a basket

  4. I don't think he was desperate at times you just have to keep asking/telling everyone in your line profession your heart desires.Thank God he is doing well.

  5. You have to fight hard to get what you want oo, otherwise....No wonder even the Bible says that the kingdom of God suffereth violence, na only the violent go fit take am by force ni oo.

  6. So you wanted him to act laid back?

  7. I agree with Big Stellz.
    E dey for those lecturers body jare, it's not like he was cheating or lying on them or something, like the not putting all eggs in one basket in relationship.. someone that has been out of job for awhile, you don't expect him to just sit back and expect one person to be making all the moves for him naw..

    I get your message tho, desperation kills,. But I don't think the example fits the message, maybe some other stuff he done did might have .

    Blessed weekend Sir K

  8. People like your cousin,I run from them cos they can be jaming heads together until you become an enemy you don't know how come.

    1. Go to the post and this time, read it slowly.

  9. Desperate time calls for desperate measure sha..

  10. I don't really see anything wrong with what he did especially in this our Nigeria.The faculty board members should go and rest jare

  11. To me nothing like desperate o. God doesn't want him there.

  12. To me nothing like desperate o. God doesn't want him there.

  13. For example if you're looking for admission let's say in unilorin you'll have to give as many people as possible, you can't just give an individual same thing applies to seeking for job in this we country

  14. I can't blame him o, nothing is guaranteed in this country,so you have to put like 4 legs on ground as support

  15. Things are hard . need all the mouths to a word for you


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