Stella Dimoko Media Entrepreneur Agatha Amata Talks About Her Divorce With Actor Fred Amata + Says She Tried To Be Friends


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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Media Entrepreneur Agatha Amata Talks About Her Divorce With Actor Fred Amata + Says She Tried To Be Friends

Talking about a Divorce is not easy for those involved but when closure has occurred it makes it easier......

She says......

“Till tomorrow, there are people who pray that their friend (Fred) and I would get back together. I know everyone wishes you well, but I always tell people, you can’t wish me better than I wished myself. It’s not possible,” she said.

On my wedding day, as I was dancing and rejoicing, I certainly had no plans of leaving the marriage.

I don’t think there’s anyone who, on their wedding day, is calculating when they will divorce, except such a person is crazy. But life happens. It is better especially for women when it’s no longer adding, and it starts subtracting.

Because then, l had a lot of people saying for the sake of your children, but I’ll say it clearly, an unhappy home can never breed happy children.

The best you can do is to try to remain friends as difficult as it may look because of the kids, which was what I tried to do but it didn’t work. I won’t beat myself for the rest of my life. I’m not the first (to divorce) and I’m not going to be the last.

Did both of us try? Yes, we did. It just wasn’t working. And we had two children. There’s nowhere they would mention Fred Amata that they won’t mention me because I have two kids for him and I married him.

That (divorce) is why I don’t have any friends. I literally stopped everything and focused on my children because I realised something was missing and even though I can’t make up for it, I would do the best I could. It made me feel lonely,”


  1. Hmmm Divorce is a really tough phase to go through...No sane person prays for such...Mehn I loved that her talk show INSIDE OUT..

  2. Divorce,I will share my story one day.
    It is well!

  3. It's fine, life happens and it's better to move on

  4. Wow she’s added so much weight, nice

  5. Nobody wish to divorce on their wedding day but life happens.

  6. Agatha used to be very slim, see her now; some marriages sha

  7. Is that her picture though? Doesn't look like her, besides, she used to be slim.

  8. You're very correct. An unhappy home can never breed happy children.

  9. Ndi mmadu. Send in your own photo when you are in your 50s let me check something.
    Aging & slower metabolism na your mate?
    She looks good as far as i'm concerned, plus she has done a fantastic job with her career and her children. Glad it all worked out in the end.

    1. Dont mind them. She should remain exactly the way she was 25 years ago to satisfy their mumuness.
      Even if she wasn't aging and her metabolisim was doing amusan amusan, to expect that someone should be exactly like they were over 20 years ago is less than unintelligent.

    2. Besides that weight gain from stress is a thing. The stress alone of raising two kids on her own Nko. Even some married women are like that Cus of stress and a man not taking care of them properly. No time to exercise n all. Lord is her strength

    3. Thank you. People are funny sha

  10. Life happens inside out still airing?

  11. She has added. May God help you overcome. From university/nysc to marriage, you can't change a grown man.


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