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Monday, September 12, 2022


 Hailings oh!!!


Cold is coming slowly...I have a lil of the flu oooooooooooooo. I dunno if i should wish for sun, rain or snow right now...I tire!

Those of you who have been clamoring for office chronicles please know that i want a one off scenario cos i don't know how you will continue without being caught oh....

Please send in your chronicles or any other article..

Face of in house news competition is still on and you can send in your entries... 

Enjoy the rest of your day and don't lose your smile!



My first son is light skinned and recently I have had friends, strangers, family members(extended), neighbours make the same statement “ this boy don dey dark, do something fast before he looses his original colour”.

Most of the time I ignore and pretend not to hear the person but some go the extra mile to start suggesting things I can use to lighten my boy’s skin. The weird part is that most of the suggestions are herbal baths that they swear by. They claim if I bath him once a year with the concoction he will remain light skinned for life.

Our obsession with being light skinned is crazy. We are just projecting our insecurities on little kids and doing things that would cost them their health in the future.

There is no original skin colour almost all African babies are born light and would darken either slightly or totally over time.

All skin colours are beautiful, instead of focusing on a child’s skin colour, why not put more effort into raising an all round confident child with impeccable manners`? the society at large will benefit better from that.

I see lots of bleached kids on Instagram and they also sell bleaching project for kids...i dont understand a kid needs to RUB CREAM.... what happened to baby oil? GOD abeg!!!



So last week or so i talked about my girls coming over for the weekend. They actually stayed in my house for the weekend cos we had an event we all attended togther and it was fun

One of them got plenty missed calls from her neighbor and as at the time she saw the many missed calls, it was late in the night (we were all very busy and didn't have time for our phones). Babe was worried and we advised she wait till morning to return the calls

Minutes later, she was screaming, babe stumbled on an RIP post on facebook. Her pregnant neignour was dead. We thought it was one of those expensive pranks, I thought so too cos I remember one of my villa sis showing me an RIP post of one of our villa bros wife on facebook on my way from my hustling some weeks ago, only for us to discover it was a lie. What the person that posted such wanted to achieve, we do not know.

Maybe that could have been the reason for the many missed calls from her neighbor. And in the morning it was confirmed that the young girl was dead. Died during delivery, baby came out and was confirmed dead too, very sad. From the pic I saw, this girl was very very young. It was later my friend gave us the gist

The dead girl had a boyfriend and believed she was in a serious relationship with the guy. She got pregnant and boyfriend denied and abandoned her, likewise her family. They all turned their backs on her. And this babe was suffering, she survived on her neighbors and a suitor who looked after her and taking food to her hoping she'll get back on her feet after delivery.

Babe said even as she was pregnant, some guys were still admiring her. This suitor of hers promised to marry her even as she was carrying another man's child, but tradition said no. Her people refused him from marrying her cos it was a taboo and against their tradition. Naso this man Waka commot for the babe life. Meanwhile while the suitor was around and caring for her, the boyfriend that got her pregnant was jealous and was making trouble with him to leave his babe alone that he was going to marry her. As tradition no let suitor marry the babe, and he left, boyfriend that was making trouble up and down also vamoosed, leaving her all alone.

Now this babe is dead alongside her innocent baby. I'm sure there was no one to get her to a good hospital as at the time labour started and no proper medical care. E just be like sey dem carry her go 'street ' midwives

And I also wonder if her family is really mourning her demise. She erred, she was wrong to have gotten pregnant. But why throw away the baby with the bathing water, where on earth did some people bury their conscience. Neighbors no matter how much they care, can not take proper care of that young girl the way her siblings and parents would have done.

I remember when I was still in big sis house, her water broke and was rushed to the hospital, before she came back, I've washed the messy clothes. She was surprised and her exact words were ' only blood can do this'. Abi is it the delivery wrappers that some people throw away, I wash them all and even more. How many will I count?
It was nothing to me cos she's my blood. I don't know if I can do same for a stranger.

Some African parents in the name of protecting family name and dignity have sent their girl children to an early grave. No sane girl prays to bring shame to her family, but if it happens, chastise and forgive please

What a sad Narrative......



Fracas erupted on Sunday between two women who used to be best of friends.

 What could have made them threw caution to the wind and exchanged verbal punches before the full glare of innocent neighbors on a day we were supposed to be in church and worship God? Even me wey no plan to go church sef go claim as if I be want go One of them is single and the other married. 

Before yesterday brouhaha, let's know what had happened before now. The single lady was owing the married friend some amount of money she lend her to offset some debts and sort out some stuff. Time given to refund has elapsed and additional time had gone too, yet no show and even no effort to pay back.

 So married woman couldn't endure again and reported to her husband who then told her not to worry he will handle it and get it sorted out. So after few weeks the husband took over the matter, his wife got her money back from the single lady and they moved on. But did they actually move on??? Let's see. So yesterday morning, Oga had gone out early in the morning when trouble broke out between his wife and the lady.

 In the heat of their banters, the married woman called the single lady "ashawo, common money you borrowed from me to pay hard you. Big girl my nyansh. You get luck say you finally bring am, you for see yourself." I guess this didn't sit well with this single lady seeing that other neighbors were listening and she threw away all form of secrecy and decency and fired back at the married woman thus; "See mumu, you think say you get mouth to talk abi? You know how the money I gave you take come? Abi you think say na me bring the money baa?. I be ashawo but your husband want die on top of my thing. Ask am how the money take come." 

My people I thought I've heard it all in life. Can you imagine this kind of effontery to expose what was done in the dark? This accusation on an 'innocent' man who had gone out early that money weighty oooh and e no good at all. His only crime was trying to broker peace and settlement between his lovely wife and neighbor. Guy men wey dey around no happy for that yarning at all. E bad and e no gel. 

Na so we hold her come carry her inside her house tell her say e don do. Which kind mis-yarn come be this naa? She said the ashawo thing pain her well well na im make she explode as the matter be. The other madam don enter inside come begin dey make call. Maybe Oga need to come back come explain the role him play wey the money take come out. There's trouble walahiii. All through that yesterday, nothing don happen sha but madam no too come out. 

The sisi locked her house comot maybe to avoid Oga wahala when him go show. I dey hear say landlord go come this week come address matter. Anything wey happen again wey reach to update, I go update una. Na so the thing be yesterday.

 I still dey try to know who I want come blame for the three of them. Una Good Morning ooh

The Dogband should have respected himself ... The compound ahewo may be saying the truth 



On today's episode of new house gist.....

As usual I went out to my hustling joint, waiting on God for the daily bread, as I look forward, I come see this my neighbour, she sells yam at the street junction, she was walking down towards me, na me first sight am, I hide ooo......

  In fact I almost stepped on cow dung because I was dressed in rags that I work with, she came to the woman I brought goods for, they talked for a while and then she left, I quickly ran back, the woman asked me why I was hiding, I told her that the woman is my neighbour and I had just moved into the area and would not want them to mock me....

This woman laughed so loud and said ''she saw you, she even saw where you hid, but a mother should be proud of whatever she does to feed her kids, so far you no de thief or sin against God, you are doing well''

  I was so ashamed of myself and then she went on to tell me that I was the least problem that woman is having, she told me that she's owing almost every yam seller around there, that she was the only person that was still selling to her on credit but she preferred to rub bleaching cream than paying her debts, that she's a chronic debtor, na so I stand up carry my pan and head down to work...

In the evening when I came back, I saw her sitting in her shop, lost in deep thoughts, the shop is very empty, I pray help comes to her soon, Igbese no be better thing, and times are hard, coupled with the resumption of schools...
  I pray God to come through for parents, life no balance, people are going through a lot, a little drop of love and affection won't hurt, be kind with words and spread some love always.... 

E go better

Why would you run and hide? if they see you and laugh at you, smile at them and catwalk to your room...


10 Top Lessons From The Book ''Think Like A Monk''  

1. Your mind can either elevate you or pull you down.
Your monkey mind will aimlessly jump between thoughts and challenges if you let it. Choose a life of meaning over pleasure and quality over quantity.

2. Find your true self
You're not what others think you are. So don't spend your life living someone else's dream. Detach from the opinions of others. It will put your relationships at risk. But it's the only way to live a life authentic to you.

3. Create space for reflection
Sit down and reflect on your emotions and decisions at the end of each day
Through reflection you listen to your inner voice, find who you really are, and discard the expectations of others.

4. Live by your values
The more you define yourself by the values of others, the more lost you are. To live a life true to you, find values that align with you and live by them. Don't let your news feed, the media, or others dictate what you value.

5. Audit your life
What you do with your spare time says a lot about what you value. If you say you value family but spend all day at the office, you're not living by your values.
Audit your time and correct course if your actions and values don't align.

6. Your environment influences your values
If your community is happy, then you'll likely be happier. Join communities that look like the future you want. Do the people within your community share your values?

7. Don't be a savior
You're not responsible for everyone else's problems. If you can't swim, don't try to save someone who's drowning. Help people you know you can help.

8. Take joy in the success of others
If you only find joy in your own successes, you limit the joy you experience. Learn to find joy in the success and achievements of others.

9. Focus on the practice
Don't allow yourself to get lost in results. Let success become a natural part of your life instead of a progress report.

10. Reflect on death
Imagine how you'd like to be remembered at your own funeral. What impact will you have on the world? Align your actions to build your legacy.



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless, I live. Yet not I, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. He’s my Lord, my King, and my all. Christ is my life, in Him I live and move and have my being. Hallelujah!

  2. Omahlay's track "I'm a Mess" is such a feel good tune! Just too amazing!
    Who has seen the movie Beast by Idris Elba? Lovely movie, but the CGI crew messed up towards the end of the movie, I mean what sort of blunder was that? Mscheeew! Movie wld have been a straight up 8.5 but with that blunder, 7!.

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Congratulations Kelvin, your ID is now verified! Lol

    2. Do you mean Beast of No Nation?

    3. Milkshakes: Yes o, lovely sound....y u called Milkshakes tho πŸ€”

      Anon: It has always been verified o, Google was just dulling me anyhow

      Anon: No, it's just "Beast" by Idris Elba.

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  3. Replies
    1. IHN is here.

      Ij jist is a sad one.
      Shameless neighbors @ teejay.
      Motherhood post, some mother na wa.

  4. Good afternoon beautiful people πŸ’œ. The weather is so cool. The sun is just coming out over here.

  5. If you are winning in life, help those in your cycle to step up too. You trust them, that's why they are in your cycle. Don't be the only one winning and intimidating your pals.
    If you Win, it is GOOD. If all your pals Win, even BETTER! πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί
    Una Gud Afternoon...#ALiSpeaks

  6. Sign out meme, on point.

    Good afternoon Stella mama and BVs.

  7. How strange is the human, while praying, he thinks the Almighty is very near and while committing sin he thinks the Almighty is very far πŸ˜•


  8. Make I ask, people that are always Talking or having input about every trending topics, How do you do it? 🀷‍♀️
    I see them as people can't mind their business in real life..

    Before I stress my mental health, I ask myself of what value would that exercise add to my life? 🀷‍♀️

    I can't be wasting my valuable time on people especially Celebrities private life for nothing..


  9. I'm not comfortable with men wearing jeans pants/trousers to church. I wonder what they wear on work days.

    1. I wear it most at times.
      No be you go tell them wetin to wear o.

  10. Good afternoon all
    Let me balance and read gists

  11. Presently at a workshop..will be back to read comments.

    The network here is bad, my Blog I.D is not coming up and it's forcing me to comment on anonymous..

    Will be back soon, the workshop should end in one or two hours time.

    We move

  12. New house gist, so because they accused you of being jobless, now now you don begin carry pan and wear dirty work clothes and going out for daily hustling? 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    1. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. IHN is a full package!
    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ€—

    Please my crush don't let the flu 🀧 gain ground o 😳
    May healing come your way.


  14. Good afternoon good people...The rain today ehn na wa oh...From my end, it is threatening again.

    Have a productive week ahead

  15. Whenever you notice your life is being disturbed and changed,
    then recall a blessing that you have not thanked GOD for (and thank Him for it) or a sin you have previously committed (and seek forgiveness for it). 

  16. Good afternoon Jewelu and bvs,the idea of using bleaching cream is outrageous,vaseline blueseal is the best.

    1. Blue seal Vaseline is very nice, just that there's to much fake in circulation.

    2. Exactly. The number of fake outside eeehhhnnn.. so annoying

  17. Parents who abandon their kids cuz of mistakes made by them are a special breed. I have kids and I will never abandon them for the world to teach them unnecessary lessons. Even if them kill person,they are mine.

  18. Good afternoon my people. How the hustle de go?

    Stella, the cold is also here in Lag. It's been raining since yesterday.

    Chai! IJ, that your gist is a very sad one. The poor girl lost her life because family abandoned her for getting pregnant outside wedlock. May her soul & that of her baby rest in peace.

  19. IHN
    Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

  20. Hello IHN! Good afternoon beautiful people. Sign out meme is apt πŸ‘Œ

  21. This ihn ehh if you no read am you miss.
    So much gist and some serious stuffs to look into.
    I see a lot of insecure people bleaching their kids, my family friends has two sons, one dark chicolate and the other light skinned and looks like mama(even if his mom is dark chocolate too)
    Very cute little boys and people will keep telling her why is the other one black na, the light skinned one is finner bla bla, that's how you get to see how insecure lots of people are.
    Hmmm in this life it usually never ends well when family abandones their daughter who got pregnant out of wedluck that is why.. its a wicked thing to do, last last they regret their actions.
    Mistake happens.
    We move joor

  22. Good afternoon to y'all and πŸ‘‹ how has been your day sfsg?
    #MondayMotivation,#ManicMonday,# MoneyMakingMonday,#MondayMotivation.

  23. Teejay, this your neighbors quarrel na house of commotion. Abeg update us when oga reacts on that accusation..

    IJ, sad story. May her soul Rip. πŸ’”
    I do wash my junior mates delivery wrappers. It doesn't take anything from me..

  24. I detest it when one calls another “ashawo” the married woman should have kept quiet and moved on after being paid.
    If what the single girl said is true, then it’s a shame. Sleeping with your besties’s husband is a curse.

    Good afternoon everyone.


    1. I am not sure the man slept with her, she probably made that statement to spite that woman.

  25. Alert alert! Non-sup approaching...

    The Thundermans is the only show that I enjoy among the ones that this girl watches. As rain no kuku let me go for land inspection again, let us be watching Nickelodeon together.
    I just asked her now that what job does Mr Thunderman and his wife do to cater for their plenty kids?
    she said 'they have superpowers, they don't need to work'.

    See plenty gists for today.
    Ijeoma, that was a sad one.

    1. My fellow Thundermans lover, you're doing well.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
      IHN is loaded today, plenty gist

    2. I follow una love Thundermans.
      Phoebe especially😊

    3. I love that show.. The magic keeps me glued more than Henry Danger.

    4. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 That your daughter is funny, superpower will give them anything they want. My favourite bshow is SpongeBob SquarePants.

    5. I don’t joke with The Thundermans and Henry Danger


    6. I love Thundermans. The twins (Phoebe and max) are my best characters

    7. I like Thundermans and Henry Danger. SpongeBob SquarePants do not interest me.

  26. Goodnews.. Remember those twins i stumbled on their delivery last month?
    Yippee, they have been discharged from the hospital after staying in the incubators.. So happy for them. Their parents sent message that I can come see them now. God be praised πŸ™Œ. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  27. Welcome IHN 🧑
    Good day everyone
    It's gist galore on IHN today

  28. Powerful closing quote ' eagle is silent and has the power to touch the sky.'
    SILENT and
    LISTEN have same letters.

  29. I just want to remind you today to clean your ceiling fan 😎

    The amount of dust on some people's ceiling fan can mould 3 blocks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸƒπŸƒ

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I don't use ceiling fan tho and my standing fan is clean..I don't like ceiling fan cos I used to have this fear of what if the fan falls ?? πŸ˜†πŸ˜‘

    3. 🀣🀣🀣
      Praise you just spoke to me, my standing fan is very dirty

  30. Good afternoon everyone. Have a wonderful and blessed week

  31. Ihn.....on the go..
    Motherhood... this generation is turning to something else i tell you,they compete with themselves and compete among kids too.
    Ij heart bleed to hear this.
    Teejays.....this type of shame wear koi-koi come still tie wrapper join,the Woman should be blamed cos na she get shame now.
    House Gist...who laugh your business never understand life.

  32. Such a sad one. Rip pregnant lady.
    Good afternoon everyone.
    Today that school resumes in Phc, rain has been falling since morning.

  33. Una good afternoon o.

    The rain no let person see road eeh.

    Why some parents deliberately bleach their children skin still baffles me.

  34. Raining day here. I so much love the weather.

    On the new house gists.

    There was one work I was doing then at Enugu and each time my girlfriend passes that route, I will always run inside the yard and hid myself.

    One day an indomie seller whose shop was in the yard I always run into called me and said to me, "Na your girlfriend make you dey run? I smiled and said "Yes. She fit no like this kind work and I no want her to feel bad." I told her

    She said no me, "Guy, I am like an elder sister to you and I will advise you. Whatever puts food on your table, don't be ashamed of it. Even those stealing aren't ashamed talk more of you doing something genuine. "

    Those words sank deep in me. So I stopped running and one day my babe came and met me. She said Oga na here you dey work? We both laughed and gisted for the short time she stayed. She didn't say anything bad about the work when I got home rather she was impressed I was earning some better money from it.

    I lose that girl to another man and e pained me Wella.

    Eating beans and yams at the moment.

    Good afternoon guys

    1. Hi TJ,
      Your gist is sweet 😊😊😊
      Please update us when it's complete oπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    2. November how many babes u don lose sef?

      Say no to bleaching cream.

      No matter how dirty your handiwork may look, if it's legal, you are lucky. Be proud and thankful.

      May God protect and bless our hustle.

    3. Alright Blessed.

      Definitely, I will do once there's a full update. Though there are whispering already. Oga want to effect an arrest but landlord don warn say make all parties maintain solo him dey come.

      Make I gather plenty gist I go drop am.

    4. See interesting gist. Teejay you sabi gist o. Lol please bring us update.

      Sunshine BV

    5. TJ be like you go turn to sabinus. You just dey lose gbogbo big girls to other men. Come take prayers πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    6. Whatever puts food on your table, don't be ashamed of itπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ.

    7. @ Mao Akuh and Yori, na money dull my parole I no go lie you guys. Man no marry when him suppose marry be say money fit follow cause am. That's why one need to meet up in good time.

  35. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone and how's your day going.

    Motherhood poster, I don't even understand the craze for a light skinned children by some mothers.Ive one neighbor like that,if you see what bleaching cream has designed on her innocent kids faces eeh you'll open mouth. I just pity the kids.

    Ezege,this your gist carry weight o,married woman don take her hand invite sleepless nights for herself.What if the single lady just wanted to spite her.

    House gist abeg do your legit hustle with pride o afturoh (in sisi's voice) you're not hurting or harming anyone.

    Bvs I hail oo πŸ‘‹
    E go surely be ✌️.

  36. All colour is beautiful. Motherhood poster

  37. Good afternoon beautiful people 😍
    Zbank finally reverse my money
    I no do again make I go find kolo lol
    Have a good rest of the day

  38. I feel so bad about the pregnant lady that died with her baby.

    My sister once washed the delivery clothes of the lady she was staying with. They're not related by blood. Friends washed mine for the two times I put to birth. I can do same for anyone if I have the opportunity to do so. I don't see it as a big deal.

  39. Hello my people

    My children and I have been using cusson since they were born just recently when cusson price increased I started using cheaper soap and so far so good they are looking fresh I don't even bother with cream except during harmattan and it'll be vaseline. I am not a cream or soap kinda person I use anyone that I can afford

  40. The obession of having fair children this days is alarming, some even go as far as adding funbact A and other bleaching cream. Imagine a 5 year old with sunburn on the face due to bleaching. @motherhood.

    @IJ gist, your last line says it all, children are bound to make mistakes in life, but we must correct them in love.

    Hello bvs!

    1. My neighbor is sitting comfortably on that table. She bleaches her 5 years old daughter. The day the little girl came very close, see neck full of green green veins and her lips black. That kind of bleaching black lips.

  41. Good afternoon folks, hope you day is going well. Glad to be here @ihn weather is cool and rainy. Get well soon Stella 😊 πŸ™πŸΎ and I love the lessons from a book. I am all trying hard to stop lesson #7 but it is hard I have so much empathy for others.

  42. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊
    This weather have been fair though,but the increments of transportation is on another level

  43. Good day everyone
    @Ijeoma gist,I strongly believe it's naivety and wickedness that can make a family disown their own just because of pregnancy out of wedlock,May the girl's soul RIP.
    Sign out on point.

  44. Good afternoon my peopleπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
    May the soul of the young girl rest in peaceπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

  45. What a sad story IJ.
    Motherhood poster, I know a woman that’s bleaching her three sons. If you see her knuckles you’ll run. Such a terrible behavior.
    I like that single lady, small fight “ashewo” will be flying upandan. She don give the married woman assignment 😁😁😁.
    Good afternoon people

    1. She really gave her assignment.🀣🀣
      Any small fight you will be hearing "ashewo", even men too. The day one man tried it with me, I started shouting "thief" "thief" on his head. Telling everyone that if any of their things get missing, they should hold him responsible because he is a thief and has been locked up in prison for stealing in the past.
      The was man shocked. He went and reported to the landlord that I called him a thief, when they called us for settlement, I told them that he called me ashewo. They now said ashewo is evey woman's name. I told them that ashewo is not my own name. I told them that if that is the case, then "thief" is very man's name.

    2. Na you fit them

  46. You all be careful out there there,seems this COVID thing is back or it's something else in the air. People falling sick everywhere.. suspecting that was what happened in BBN last week when they all fell sick.

  47. One thing I don't understand about this Abuja is how people cross road. 🀦‍♀️
    People be crossing road as if they are carrying empty plate from dining table to kitchen after over feeding.😑
    Wiiiiiide road o, express road people will just be wakaing zwen zwen anyhow, it will be doing me like I should wind down and just stone somebody and use them as 'for example' but let me just resist the devil. πŸ˜’

    1. Abuja pedestrians think cars don't kill. 🀣🀣. Seen quite a handful. Abeg no use anyone do example o. Just drive carefully.

    2. 🀣🀣

    3. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ I swearrugud

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Same here in Calabar
      Very annoying

  48. Good afternoon everyone, see plenty gist today.

  49. That was how when I had my daughter, them pressurize me to use funbact A and Ori. I totally refused, even my mum then will buy funbact A I will collect and won’t use. I stucked to aveno baby and Ori (shea butter) till date. My 3 year old baby girl skin is brown and smooth.

    1. My neighbour uses Funbat A and Ori on her children. It made her children fair meanwhile she and husband are dark in complexion.

  50. A very beautiful Monday afternoon it is.
    How has your day been so far?

  51. I'm eagerly awaiting my beloved mango season. 6 more months to go. The world is a better place because of mangoes. How I wish I can grow them all year round or have a mango tree in my backyard.❤❤😍

    1. Hehe heh, see my fellow mango lover,yeah! 6 more months to go.

  52. Sign out meme on point
    Good afternoon everyone
    Na Shea butter get my children and I with better soap
    Some parent are so obsessed with fair color for their children

  53. Plenty toning creams for kids in the market. They would leave properly labelled baby lotions and go for glow this, glow that. If you desire fair kids, marry a fair person. Stop introducing steroids into their blood stream.

  54. Good afternoon IHN
    Gist plenty today
    Sigh out on point πŸ‘Œ

  55. We all should protect ourselves and our little ones, Covid is still in the air, let's remain safe out there.

  56. New house gist, abeg o,no dey hide for where you dey hustle o, no shame in legit hustling please, if you see me when coming back from bush/ village I dey dress anyhow cos you can't dress to those area else you will look odd, but money dey inside bush. The lady we usually go together ,she have a truck,I dey gum body atimes,she sells bitter kola, omo this girl hold money as she see better money trade, you know bitter kola no be small trade, and she's a graduate,she told me most of her mates mock her but she just smiled cos she knows she's richer than most of them, she told me she's sending her first child to Canada for university,I opened mouth no for close am, na there I know say true true money dey bitter kola ,some business we look down on people that do it,is actually very lucrative

    1. True game mistress. There is money inside bush but kidnappers, gunmen and fulani herdsmen have made the bushes to be unsafe these days especially for a woman. That bitterkola and even kolanut business, they said one cannot do it with ordinary eyes. You need to belong to something as they are spiritual items. I said ok o.

    2. Mercy true o,na so my aunty into the business tell me o.but I go still do am later

  57. Good afternoon fam
    Gist everywhere today

  58. The sign out meme is word enough. God help our mouth.

    The pregnant woman tail is so painful. God rest her soul.

    Teejay oooo... Women wahala no be here abeg. Choi!!!

    Motherhood writer, Thanks for always being a blessing. Learning alot from you. Thanks

  59. Goodafternoon everyone,
    I am crushing on my sonshine this lovely afternoon.
    Yesterdaynight while we were watching who wants to be a millionaire,he could answer most of the first five questions but this three questions shocked me.
    1.Why did dinosaurs went into extinctions before they listed the answers,he said Asteroid and I asked him to chill first.i didn't even know it and he was correct and he went further to explain what an Asteroid was.
    2.what is a group of an elephant:he answered immediately,its herds now very simple,I had to Google,he was correct again.
    3.who discovered I think wind pipe or so,he didn't have an idea but when the options came,he saw Marie curie,the next thing he said,it cant be Marie curie,that she discovered something,I think radiation:I was shocked because I didn't know about Marie and pierce currie untill SS1 .
    I asked that if he went for this program and he doesn't know the question who would he call?he said someone that is super smart and intelligent and that person is me:This boy doesn't know that it's google that is helping mama🀐
    I have come to the conclusion that my boy isn't only watching cartoon for fun but to also learn.He is just six...
    God bless you my babyπŸ€—

    1. Wow that's an intelligent 6 years old son you got there! You guys can try oh...Me sef I will try and go to that show..I am confident I win at least 250k..Not blowing my trumpet oh..Na only 2 questions I no get for yesterday show....

    2. Awwww your boy be making you proud

    3. Wow,just 6year old boy?!
      I'm super impressed,he definitely got his smartness from you joorπŸ₯°

    4. Awww such an intelligent boy. 😘😘 to him.

    5. AwwπŸ’•

  60. Good afternoon IHN, mothers no need to bleach your children skin, they already have good skin only use oil and smoothen them.

    I pity that poor girl her family no try at all πŸ’”.
    This story reminds me of my story 5 years ago, I thank God mine was different because of a good friend may God bless her forever. Mine turned out to be CS that we didn't expect, just on the delivery day.

    E no too better but I thank God am alive with my son no be say I too feedam but God just love us. I be strong woman. I tie my baby for back after 3 months carry 25 litters dey fetch water, infact I carry the rubber myself with my baby for back I say I no go die. Some families are something else. May God help us😊😊☺️☺️

  61. Bleaching kids full everywhere now. My last son was veryyy fair as a baby now a bit darker. Them don advise me tire on cream that would bring out his complexion, na look I just dey look. Even my husband was telling me to find out what can be used to return him to his complexion. I had to educate him that all this rubbish advise they are giving us is bleaching cream. It was after this he too rested that how can we be bleaching a child.

  62. Good afternoon everyone πŸ‘

  63. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and I had hope to spend time with Boo but it wasn't possible as there was an emergency and he returned home 11pm.
    Same thing occurred after our wedding, phone calls and repairs pending didn't allow us spend time coupled with the fact we lived apart for 3weeks after marriage.
    I just told him to chill,he owes me a proper honeymoon whenever he's settled.
    But that massage he promised me must happenπŸ’†πŸ’†.

    1. Happy wedding anniversary

    2. Happy wedding anniversary Afa,God bless ur home and don't worry oga will make it up to you.

  64. What a pity for the young pregnant lady.


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