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Friday, September 16, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Party Wey No Hold

 Sisi the trouble seeker.....

Na who dey yard e? dey weather? I greet o!

Na invite person invite me, for one year old pikin party. I say make i go early so I fit assist them to do one or two things.

The person wey invite me na maternal cousin to the pikin mama.

Na there I even see say the small pikin papa don kpai! So na the maternal grandparents dey arrange the party for the pikin.

We sidon for aside, we never start but nothing wey my mouth nor taste!

Na me be the butler for the celebrant e, all the vendors just dey gimme tasting, tasting as my headtie na Drone standard! Odi flyaway to the above! 

*God abeg e!*

This my konko shoe wah wear , na flood first comot the under! But since wah give Ibrahim to hep me fix am Anor think say even Armageddon fix comot the sole!

Iffa comot this shoe swear for person, Aneva see the kain ocean wey fit baff am clean! Na wetin fit cause amnesia if person knack am for pikin head. Na factory reset- instrument of mass destruction!  

Ah shift my skirt up eliru, Make my shoe collect small spotlight! Na 100naira polish Ibrahim put Before e go gather dust, mah rock am e! *clickstongue*

Even DJ say make i come do testing testing! *Choi, life and money good e!*
I ask if he get Sunny Bobo?
He say wetin be that?
I say na name of the person wey bomb Hiroshima! *sideeyes*
He say he nor know am!
I say ok play me 'carry me dey go my husband house'.
He say, Aunty this one no be singles crusade!
I say ok, you get somebody pikin wey dey find wetin nor lorss by Tiwa?
He say na when children party don finish, he go play for we old, old people!

Stella, atink you see this DJ?! Small time una go say Sisi like kworeh pass Fight!

I say no problem! See him head like smigles!

I go sidon near socket inside their house, make I use hand hold my phone wey dey charge, I no fit leave am unattended to, the phone fit charge finish begin dial the number wey I no send am!

Na spiritual problem the phone get! So na the corner wah sidon sleep carry me go! Adon chop chop pass the celebrant sef, better AC come relax my osuofagux!

Na sound of 'what nonsense!' Na im wake me for sleep!

Una know say these rich people, na small thing dey quick provoke them! I quick comot my charger, wrap am put inside bag. As i say make i stand, na im I hear say pikin mama say she nor dey bring the celebrant come the party! Say party is over!

Hian! This very,same party, wey children don begin fly upandan like squirrel wey smoke weed!

Nna ehn, remain who go carry these children comot; as most of their parent 'over' happy to come dump the children for person party!

Na so I see Steven, Oche senior brother wey carry pikin put for front! I say Steven? Wetin bring you come here? He say na to paint children face! Say dem pay am better money sef.

I say where you see poster colour? Steven wah know say na tailor work he dey learn? He burn customer cloth soteh, na pursue dem pursue am!

Na vulcanizer shop dem put am now so anor understand wetin he find reach here.

I say Steven, no be Oche poster colour be that so? He say na business partner dem be? I say no be permanent marker be that? He say wetin be that?
I say be like party no go hold o. He never even allow me talk finish, Steven don climb okada leave me! 

I  go find out wetin really happen.


  1. The way you write this your pidgin is funnier than the post itself 😆😆😆😆😆😆. See me laughing as I read.

    1. Honestly.. she writes so well in the pidgin

    2. I knew i was bad with pigin,but sisi has proven me right. Somethings she writes, can't figure it out at once,would have to read 3 to 4 times to make sense of the gist. Just read it once now,don't understand it,came to comment section to see if some has paraphrased the whole thing.

    3. Sisi... so u sabi Sunny Bobo?
      You dey try.

  2. Wahulur be like wetin again 🙄

  3. Nawaa for Steven oo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Sisiiiiii 😂🤣😂😂 na you fit the DJ.

  5. ‘like squirrel wey smoke weed’ hahahaha

    1. I swear this one off me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. LMAO., that konkoh shoe I wan see first.

  7. @Sisi. You na pigin award winner. 😅😅😅😅😅

    Well-done oooooo

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 poster colour
    Anyway the gist remain o,gist us the remaining part...
    Party wey money touch wella dey sweet pass anything for this naija

  9. o si noo 'osofagux'? mmh! but this your party just end somehow somehow

  10. You don reach to write pidgin dictionary sisi 😅
    Your terms dey give person vibes

  11. Sisi o,you too much!you're mouthed.

  12. I don laugh taya belle dey pain me!!!I really looove this Sisi's corner. I actually look forward to it.

  13. Wetin com happen for the party, I won hear.

  14. This column dey sweet my belle


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