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Friday, September 09, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Step Son Wahala

Hilarious piece!...Sisi has a way with words meeeeen!!!

Kpoi! Kpoi! Una doh o! Who dey house e?

Stellabugacita! How de horizon? I salute e!

My customer don nag, nag full my ears and i just dey nod because, half of wetin she dey talk, I get my own response but because I no wan scatter our friendship. Na so I turn Agama for here o!

Wetin happen again?!

She say her husband pikin dey give her tension!

I say anor understand!

She say since the young boy move come join her and the father, once the father wey be Ajala...

*Me anor know if that one na the man native name*

...She say once the man travel and she go shop, the boy go carry girls come house and begin cause problem for compound!

I say he never reach to get gehfrend?! She say na 24 years he be, but they no want make he near woman! *sideeyes*

Hian, I say some people dey pray this kain prayer, make their son wey dey rub lipgloss, bring woman come house e!

I say as una nor gree make he sleep for campus.
He don graduate dey wait service na, the papa still say na Lagos he go serve, so he go kwantinue to monitor am!

I say so una nor gree am go aside to experiment things. He don kukuma carry him testtube, acid and litmus papers come give una for house.

I say but wetin my customer do as she see am bring girl come house?!

Customer say na their Holy neighbour complain give her husband say be like say the boy na ritualist, as the way the girls dey cry when dey come. Be like na torture he dey torture them!

She even say sometimes, no be the person wey enter dey comot!

*The old mama nor know say, e get as woman go finish work under man, wey she go fling wig, put inside bag!*

I say una don kukuma do well o! As una don breed cultist for house!

She say the day wey she quick go house to catch am red handed, na the cry of the girl she hear for window! She say before her neighbours go get heart attack, she open door enter!


*I adjust my wrapper make I hear wetin she see, as concerned hearer wey I be!*

She say she never see person for that kain position in her life! *God abeg e!*

I say na because her own way na dem Mary slessor missionary way;Na reason her husband don kukuma turn traveller Before she go use boredom finish am! He sef dey find wetin nor loss for diaspora!

She nor open eye see say Chinese sef don get monkey wey sabi hang inside snake shadow! *popsgum!*

She say the Mama 70 neighbour go call her say, person dey shout Oh God! Oh God! Please stop! * I don laff throway leg abeg!*

Mama 70 pikin just bring her come from village, she nor sabi say when some of these girls dey shout, please stop, mean say commence with caution!

But now any man wey go use gorna-the-days calendar, respond in this era wey rape nor be present tense, but past and future participant!
Participant wey dey include Judge, Media and Jurors!

Na to always ask again, Babim, shey na stop stop abi na continue stop?! Man must to get clearance before he proceeds o!

Prison nor dey welcome rapists again because, even murderer inside cell get mama and sister or even female pikin! So na you and your blokos go follow judge your matter!

I say so how you go come gather evidence na? She say she record one time send to her husband as voicenote, make he hear by himself!

She say her husband go play the voicenote during lunch for office, as he dey enter toilet and him oga dey comot from toilet. *Choi!*

He vex for her say why she send am pornography during office hours?! * God abeg e!*

My customer say hubby nor believe her o!

I say you sef, leave the boy abeg!

Na so customer carry phone, begin report give her sister say 'the boy Dundu don dey get pepper!

As she drop I ask am say, so as the boy don start to dey do fried yam business wey get pepper e nor still make her happy?!

I say na where be him shop abi na home delivery he dey do?

She carry her kaya! Use bad eye look me comot! Abeg na wetin I talk na?

Wey this pikin wah send corn abeg?! Oche! Oche!


  1. I don laugh sotey, my neighbours for shop begin look me like say I don de mental. Sisi, this your gist no be here oo. Abeg make them free the guy make e enjoy im life joor不不不不不不不

  2. A 24 year old, carrying a girl to the father's house to sleep with doesn't sound like who they raised well.The woman should put a stop to it abeg.

  3. 不The young man is a contortionist well versed in the acts of Kama Sutra. But he gatz slow down. Life na jeje.

  4. Sometimes no be who enter dey comot belle o

  5. no be small thing, make them give the boy small space with him choice to where him want serve. With all the monitoring spirit still the boy spoil pass us way dey stay alone.

  6. Chai I want your type as a Friend our amebo go sweet die chai you are gifted....
    Come no be Veronica daughter be this sisi senaponi?

  7. Sisi na wa for you. The boy is a true son of his ajala fada!

  8. Maybe na as dem dey cage am make am dey misbehave, make dem free am small

  9. Very funny read, na the ears of that 70 years old woman i pity

  10. I don laugh sote my fone fall from my hand不不

  11. The boy is so disrespectful bringing different girls to his father's house

  12. Hahahahahaaa.. sisi ooooo. laugh wan finish me here. aaaahhhh... the boy no be bedroom learner oooo.. e follow that one graduate too. double graduation things

  13. No be small torture mama ears collect

  14. the twists in the 'plot' are the fun of it. Well done Sisi.

  15. I just love you. Thank you so much. You made my day

  16. This our computer generation children na wa ooo

  17. very funny write up Weldon

  18. Who 24 dey house no go carry woman? Idleness na your friend?

  19. Lol my belle oh.

  20. 不不不不不不不不不不不


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