Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists - Stella's Blog Award Categories...


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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunday In House Gists - Stella's Blog Award Categories...

 SDK Blog yearly Blog awards is approaching and we want to start sorting out the various categories.....

Please suggest a category but dont nominate any ID yet....


  1. Most hilarious blog visitor
    Most popular blog visitor
    Most intelligent blog visitor

  2. I don't even know any category to mention but anyone mentioned here u will vote.

  3. Blog Preacher
    Most beloved
    Most valuable bv
    Blog comedian
    Blog Veteran
    2022 blog hall of fame inductee不
    Most interesting column

  4. Blog scammer/s (male and female)

  5. The English corrector
    The attacker

  6. Blog visitors with the most lamba and sob stories

  7. Replies
    1. Anonymous corrector18 September 2022 at 15:37

      Most mannered can be ill-mannered or good mannered, which one are you referring to, Pinky?

  8. Most savage

    Most funny

    Most outspoken

  9. Most serene(that bv dey give me joy)
    Highest minister for enjoyment
    Most validation seeker
    Most food craver不
    Most sultry talker中(I know you know it's you)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Anonymous corrector18 September 2022 at 15:28

    Let me go and check last year's own. I will surely bring the categories here

  12. Anonymous corrector18 September 2022 at 15:35

    I totally enjoyed these last year categories below. Bvs can add more to this or subtract for the list.

    -. Most popular blog visitors.

    -. Most supportive blog visitors.

    -. Most encouraging blog visitors.

    -. Most regular commenters

    -. The SDK blog visitor of the year.

    -. Most jovial blog visitors

    -. Most loved/loving blog visitors

    -. Most controversial blog visitor

    -. Most annoying bvs

    -. Most intelligent bvs

    -. Most hilarious bvs

    -. Most Interesting Blog Column

    -.Goody two shoes of the year award

    -. Chronicle writer of the year.

    -. Blog Preacher

    -. Most motivational BV

    -. Most generous bvs advisers

    -. Most troublesome bvs

    -. Most missed BV who no longer comments with their ID

    -. Irritant of the year award

    -. Most valuable Blog member award.

    -. Most reserved

    -. Most outspoken

    -. Fornicator advocate bv of the year

    -. Most Humble of the year

    -. Entrepreneur of the year

    -. Blog Comedian of the year

    -. Best Political analyst of the year

    -. Most friendly bv

    -. BV with the Most Gbagaun

    -. Most Hypocritical/judgmental BV

    -. BV with the best format for begging.

  13. Most corrector
    Most over sabi
    Most gbagun
    Most talkative

  14. Most reserved,
    most giveaway winner
    most epistle writer
    most I too know bv
    most hug giver
    most ready to fight bv

  15. So many awards that I can't remember them all.. but it's fun and good too

  16. Most sexiest bv
    Most fabu fabu bv
    Most annoying
    Most trenches bv 不
    Most "yarning dust/nonsense' bv

  17. Most heart touching story.

  18. Most loved and woot woot category.

  19. Saint Elsewhere Phoenix18 September 2022 at 15:56

    Blog Visitor of the year
    Most intelligent Bv
    Most Resourceful Bv
    Most humble Bv
    Best Chronicle Adviser
    Sisi Senaponi Award for Best Amebo
    Most Troublesome Bv
    Most Gbagaun Male/Female
    Most Valuable Bv
    Best Blog Comedian
    Most Funny Bv
    Most Dedicated Bv
    Most Missed Bv
    Most Humble Bv
    Best First Impression Bv ( A New Bv)
    Blog Irritant
    Blog Preacher
    Most Outstanding Bv
    Most Knowledgeable Bv
    Most Motivational Bv
    Most Annoying BV
    Most friendly Bv
    Most frequent commenter
    Stella Dimokokorkus Award for Best Columnist/Writer
    Miss Goody Goody Two Shoes

  20. Blog judgina of the year
    Blog amebo with the hotest gist
    Most controversial bv of the year
    Eye-service personality of the year

  21. 1 *The first to comment category*
    These are group of people who are always first to comment on any issues being discussed

    2 *let me read comments category*
    This category don't really have anything positive to give hence the phrase let me read comments eat popcorn and sip zobo or kunu.

    3 quarrelsome/Mike Tyson category
    People in this group are always angry and bitter for no just cause and they are seen fighting blog visitors on a harmless comments.

    4 the know it all(I too know.. ITK) category
    They ITK will always make corrections even when it's not needed, they know the room number Joe Biden was sleeping before he became American president. Even the name of his sidechick is at the tip of their fingers. They can narrate how Queen Elizabeth was buried. They are more or less a walking dictionary.. Oxford advanced learner's dictionary, Longman dictionary of Contemporary English, , Chamberlin dictionary and BBC dictionary is their pillow

    5 the long epistle category
    You will always notice them by the long write-up accompanying their contributions... The irony of it all is only few people have time to read their epistle to the end.

    6 the chronicle senders
    People in this group will send a chronicle of what happened to them and tag it to thier innocent friends... There is God o o o and he is watching you on his plasma television.. At-times they will see they chronicle unfolding at the beginning of their relationship and they will continue and afterwards will be seeking for our opinions when they can't tolerate it any longer. One Nigeria president will say "kwantinue" when he meant to say continue. Happy Sunday Stella and all the Blog visitors. May the almighty God bless you beyond measures and fulfill your felt-needs Amen.
    *I love infinix *

  22. Most Spoilt (Side eyes at those of you that post spoilt 'shildren' things on Friday nights

  23. Most matured bv
    Most understanding bv

  24. Blog bitter-leaf of the year
    Blog peace maker
    Blog Ashawo of the year
    Blog ITk
    Blog busy body
    Most righteous
    Blog 2face
    Blog chameleon
    Blog gossiper of the year
    Blog onugba(sharp tongue) of the year
    Blog Agbero
    Blog loner
    Blog lover boy
    Blog couple

    And stella i suggest every year, the faces of all those that contested for face of ihn for the year, will contest and be crowned blog queen, king, prince or princess of the year lol
    How u seeam

  25. Most opinionated,
    Most follow, follow,
    Opportunist bv

  26. Blog's fashion police


  27. The most relevant bv of the year ..okiroyalty

  28. most relevant bv
    Most funniest
    Most peaceful
    Most blunt.

  29. Most loved blog visitor
    Most wanted blog visitor
    Most stubborn blog visitor
    Most quiet
    Most talk about


  30. In addition to the already suggested blog award,
    I’ll like to add
    -the most opinionated bv
    -most gbas gbos bv
    -most hypocritical bv

  31. Most commented that is, the person who comment the most on your blog or the person who is always commenting almost on a daily basis with sense

  32. (1)Most Consistent Blog Visitor.
    (2) Most Interactive Blog Visitor.
    (3) Most Blunt Blog Visitor
    (4) Most Courteous Blog Visitor
    (5) Most Sarcastic Blog Visitor
    (6) Senior Advocate of Gender (S.A.G)
    (7) Most / Highest Beneficiary of Give-Away Award.


  33. Most Punctual
    Most trouble maker
    Most popular
    Most lover
    Most Caring

    1. Which one is most lover? Is there anything like the most lover?


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