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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thursday In House News...

 Hailings ooooh


Hey guys!
Sorry fr misinforming you yesterday, i dont have the pneumonia and actually meant to type Bronchitis but i also dont have it so so call me doctor in the mud...heheheheheheheh

Thanks to all those who prayed for me and wished me well.....

I have decided that if Angel Pee does not indicate on the giveaway again i will do it with my own money..  *wink*

Enjoy the remaining of the day and dont let anyone or anything stress you out...



So yesterday morning, I heard in the news how P-town people woke up to some scaring sacrifices on some major junctions. Was really not paying much attention to it, not until I got to work and my babe came to ask me if I've heard the latest gist or saw the sacrifice on at the junction close to the office. True true, there was something like that, but wetin concern me, it wasn't a  new thing. She said the incident happened at the back of her street, say fear dey catch her and wants to come stay at my place till they settle the matter 

Babe said, the day before yesterday, a woman went to her farm and noticed a shallow grave, she was scared and started screaming. People came out and saw that someone was actually buried in her farm, they suspected it could be the cult boys disturbing the area 

The matter got to the community youths and chief, they set out and in the process of walking round they saw plenty blood in a church (ministry) close to the farm

 And my babe told me she and the rest of the people in the street saw plenty ram in the church few days back, they thought the church was preparing for a harvest. 

 And yesterday there were sacrifices made with ram heads at every junction, they are suspecting this ministry oh and today na their church day, abi service day. Some people are saying they may not hold service today being Thursday.
My babe and the rest of the street people are afraid because police may go for mass arrest, make person no enter Wahala for wetin him no know

And they're also suspecting this church have a hand in the shallow grave at the farm. 
We don enter ember months and people need to be careful and prayerful too

I go bring update




Hi Stella,
Thank you so much for posting and big thanks to BVs for all the advice.

I would like to answer some questions BVs asked. I was 100% truthful with all I wrote earlier. There was never a place where I said I took a loan from my brother to get a car. Things were not this bad with us, we were not doing great but we were able to take care of our basic needs, I was getting more baking jobs than now. The whole problem started when my husband got a land through his cooperative which left him with very little salary to cater for the home.

When I took in with my 3rd baby, movement was quite hard for our family, transport is quite expensive in the city I live in and getting a car for a family of 5 was more economical for us, so I jokingly told my brother who has been promising to get me a car to ease my stress. I told him we wanted to get a car, Nigerian used for 500k or less and he said no that it won't be befitting, that he'll get a better one for us. We ignored him as he has been promising for years and my husband didn't like the idea of his inlaw getting a car for him. We actually got a good Honda for 450k, he became angry that my husband was too proud, the issue even brought another quarrel and I tried to settle the issue and told him, if he's ready to buy the car, we'll sell off the Honda.

He then told us to sell it and send him the money, which we did, and he added to it and got us a Toyota Camry. Mind you, we weren't feeding once a day then, things were still slightly affordable in Nigeria. During my Dad's funeral, I took a loan to meet up with my own part of the expenses because my brother kept telling relatives that he cannot buy a car for me, cater for my mum and still bury my father singlehandedly. When I heard all these, I called to know why he said that, because I never told him or gave him the impression that I would let him do everything. He said it was because I had not come to discuss with him about the burial, sth that we discuss everyday on phone and I was heavily pregnant then, my edd was 2weeks from that time.

Well, we resolved the issue and my husband volunteered to do all the running around for me, since I was heavily pregnant. He kept calling my brother to know how the movement will be but my brother kept posting him. I heard from relatives that he said it has to be me because "it's our father that died and not my husband's father". This is someone that we talk on phone everyday but he prefers I travel for 3hrs with 8+months pregnancy and another 3hrs to the village with him. My uncle called my husband and was angry that he had not seen him regarding the burial and he apologized stating that he had made effort to come to the village but my brother has not been available (he was always telling him that anytime he wants to go, he'll call my husband, but he never did, he went on his own).

My brother heard this and became angry that my husband had no right to tell my uncle he was the cause of his absence in the village. With this, he stopped picking my calls and completely blocked me. We successfully did the burial, my hubby even went to him and told him they should go aside and resolve the issue like men and he embarrassed him in front of his friends.

Fast-forward, after the burial, we returned to the city where my mum and hubby's family lived and we were about to travel back to our own base, so we decided to pay a visit to my mum, we were even hoping to meet my brother and resolve the situation. Unfortunately, we didn't meet him at home, we were chatting happily until my brother came and started displaying from outside the fence when he saw our car parked outside. He stated that he had made a law that nobody should allow me or my husband into the house and that they(his wife and my mom) flaunted his orders- (this is a house my mum singlehandedly built on her own land and roofed, he only did the aesthetics and built for tenants when he came into money).

Subsequently, he pulled off his clothes and said he'll kill my husband. His wife locked the guard and told him he's behaving childishly. He then started insulting my husband and I citing every penny he had given to us and said we wouldn't leave the house without dropping the car he bought for us. My aunt came around and tried to salvage the situation, all this while, I and my husband were inside the house hiding our heads in shame. A lot of people came around, begging him to calm down, he refused, they even got angry with him and went to their various houses. My aunt got fed up with all the insults and public display and asked us to give him the key, let him sell it and give us back the money we sent to him, that was how we were able to leave in my aunt's car without being maimed by my brother. Tell me, if you were in my shoes will you collect a dime from this same person?

To those trivializing my situation, because they're probably living better, I don't pray for you to be in such situation. Yes, my mum has recurrent cancer and honestly it is terminal. When I was single and before my brother ever made money, I was the one caring for her, though it was not this bad. I have made sacrifices, I've sent my whole salary for a month when I had nothing in my home. God knows my heart, I feel terrible not been able to do what I want to do because of financial constraints. The only crime I committed was marrying a man that wasn't as rich as my family wanted because they felt I had better choices. My brother has constantly ridiculed my husband because he's "just a civil servant". The story is long and I can't tell all. I'm not trying to paint my brother black because I stand to gain nothing, this here, is the truth- unfiltered, he was helpful to me "OCCASIONALLY", especially in my business, he wasn't feeding me like some people assumed.

I do not feel entitled and I have never felt that way and yes I'm NOT having another child. I and my hubby are still paying off loans we incurred due to the situations I mentioned above that's why it got to this level, my hope is still alive though.

To those who are willing to help, God bless you, I'll provide any proof you want through Stella. I've resolved to go, if I can source for funds, even if it is a day I spend because I really don't know if it'll be our last time, I don't want to live in regret.
Thank you Stella, you're a blessing and thanks to BVs.




I have never wanted to talk about this for once but the TWINZ LOVE issue has pushed me to do this.

Note: I don't toy with my father or Mother, so be careful with what you type on here about them.

I was so tender and never knew what went wrong between my mum and my dad but when I got to a certain stage in life(age 6-10) or so. I realized the man taking care of me wasn't my father but sincerely, he did well and may his soul continue to rest in peace

I got to know my dad one good afternoon, he came to my mum's shop at Lagos Island(story for another day). Then I realized he has remarried, so also my mum.

 One thing Led to another, I started going to my father's house at Onipan. I will abscond from my mum's place and straight to dad's house and after spending 6months or there about, I will run back to my mum's place again. this affected my education which I know so well.(Then I was so small but smart, I can travel on my own without any adult leading me).

During those years, my mum will always sit me down to tell me so many bad things about my dad, trying to make me hate him. Each time I get to his place and remember what my mum said about him, I feel so sad then I will run back to my mum's place. My dad also, will sit me down at different occasions telling me several atrocities committed by my mum and not only that, he will lay curse on her and my mum will also do the same. It went on for years to the extent that, they send me each other text messages laying curse but one thing I noticed is, whenever a party wants to report to me, he/she won't say they responded also.

When I got to a stage in life, I began to think and sat myself down, I gave myself a REBORN THOUGHT and promised never to hate my father or my mother, no matter what both parties tell me about one another and this has been helping me.

 One thing I noticed is, parents are too selfish once they are no more with one another, they tend to spoil and destroy one another just to make sure their children dont love the other party(Women especially). I got to know that, my mum has a lot of fault and my dad also has his own flaws which are so numerous but they both failed to adjust which led to both parties going on their separate ways.

Parents or single parents needs to do better and stop planting wrong things into their kids life all in the name of "I suffered alone and I will enjoy alone", don't forget that, without one another, you can't give birth to that child. Twinz Love issue has really made me see more reason why we need to stop putting everything on shosho media.

Lastly, I won't blame their Twinz mother but will blame the twinz for allowing their mother to plant those bad ideas into them and also allowing Netizens to curse their own father. This will be a long time regret for them but they are blindfolded to see what can actually happen in future. Go and watch the BBC Yoruba interview with their father then you will know that the woman was promiscuous right from day one. Their mother who said the man dumped those girls has now come out to say it wasn't so.

Have your own reborn thought in order to have peace and don't allow your mother or father to lead you to sin.

we move



The sign out meme for today is your state of mind right now! 

What is it?


  1. Una good afternoon!
    IHN is here.

    1. It is well with you chronicle poster. I understand you perfectly well cos i have relations who would constantly look down on your spouse cos they feel you married down. God is still on the thrown nevertheless..

      Just do your best and leave the rest. Explain to your employer as explicitly as you can and if they can grant you one week or few days leave, then go and support your mum as much as you can.

      I'll be praying for you.

    2. Hmmmm its well with you Chronicle poster, I was just smh when I was reading yesterday someone brought her issue here and some set just decided to rewrite it for her na wa.
      To you poster, I think your mum should be able to understand your plight but I have come to realise that some mothers when one of their children is making money to speak the truth to such child dey always hard them.

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    Through the power of the Word and by the working of the Holy Spirit, I walk in God’s perfect will for my life today. There are no accidents or mishaps in my path, for I walk in preordained pathways of blessings! Goodness and mercy follow me everywhere I go, and I have the supernatural grace to excel in all my endeavors today.

    1. Amen.
      Chronicles poster, I am feeling so sad reading your feedback and pray that God will send your shocking miracles that will change your plight in Jesus name amen.
      It is well with you and your family.
      Una good afternoon.
      My state of mind today is that I am so sad.

    2. Amen in my life in Jesus mighty name! πŸ™πŸ½

  3. When you hear of the crash of any marriage, don't ever mock them or make fun of the matter.
    If you are single, you never know how your own go take end up. If you are already married, then you know that marriage is not an easy journey!
    A lot of marriages are crashing and it is very disheartening. To every couple going through turbulence, may God heal your marriage. To the ones who have ended already, I pray you find the strength to move on and heal from the experience. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ.
    There's no perfect marriage. Na God dey epp all of us.
    Una Gud Afternoon....#ALiSpeaks

  4. First to comment πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Una good afternoon
    Thank God for your health Stella

    1. Try again later.

      I understand the feeling, d moment u open a post on SDK and u see there is no comment,then u rush to make a comment hoping to be d first, only to come back and see ur comment on's somehow painfulπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. FAQ about Kelvin Dat Edo Boi:
    Yes I'm Stellz Cousin
    No, I'm not married
    I love Dark ladies

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  6. SDK, thank for your health.
    Good afternoon everyone πŸ’•
    Sunny day 🌻

  7. Separated couples using kids to fight is so bad and planting hateful seeds.

    Just saw Twins love Dad's interview after your comment on spontaneous and all I can say is they should Bury the hatchet.

  8. State of mind right nowπŸ‘‡
    Knack am! knack am!! until water comes outπŸ˜‹that's the best way to break this coconut on my hand. I don't know what you're thinkingπŸ‘€πŸ™ˆ

  9. Greetings, family. It's a rainy day in the city of Lagos. Been raining since the beginning of the week, and not even ready to stop.
    Stella, my state of mind right now is how to forgive those who hurt me & not give any room in my heart for negativity.

    1. Good πŸ‘Œ
      Good day every one πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ weather here for two🌧️🌧️

  10. Good afternoon Jewelu and bvs,wet day here.

  11. ❤❤❤❤πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
    sending love to those going through things they can't share with the outside world, may God come through for you very soon

  12. Good day inside this ihn!
    Stella I thank God say you no get any of them o.
    Hmm this Ijeoma story is really scary, if I were your friend at work I will also look for a place to stay while this whole bloody & sacrifice issue is settled.
    It's a strange world we live in.
    Stay safe people

  13. Oya oh, over to those that will see someone’s story. Tell u the person is lying, formulate their own version and then Judge and advise based on that version.

    Poster, it is well with u. Some of us help our family members but will never use that to insult or ridicule them. I maintain that ur brother is selfish and wicked.

    I have you in my mind. Let me clear my financial obligations I have committed to already. I won’t forget you.

    Wish your mum a miraculous recovery

    1. May God bless you Joy
      I feel for her too

    2. May God bless you Joy
      I feel for her too

    3. Dear Eka, don't you know that people are very wicked and selfish? People are scared to share their stories these days because netizens will call them 'entitled'. I just pray God blesses me soonest, I'll make him so proud. God bless you for having her in mind.

  14. Speedy recovery Stella. Good afternoon everyone

  15. Good afternoon everyone.πŸ€—
    It's a beautiful day!

    Hello mate @ NΓΌmero ΓΉnΓ³, you have some explanation to do here:
    This one that Kelvin is mentioning your name up and down, I hope you two are not up to something behind my back 'cos you've been silent and gone AWOL. πŸ˜‰

  16. Welcome IHN 🧑
    Greetings everyone
    Thank God for you Stella Ma'am

  17. Mine is God please fix it,lovely day all

  18. Sunny day.
    Good afternoon everyone ❤️

  19. Ok
    Go and see your mum and forget all excuses.

    As for you and your brother there's always two sides to a story, 3 sef.
    If all what you say is true then bone him side if he no give you face.

  20. Chronicle poster it is well.
    God fix it for you πŸ™ πŸ™Œ

  21. Una good afternoon

  22. My state of mind is I am bored...Good afternoon everyone

    Wednesday Chronicle Poster Going by your rejoiner, please forgive your brother for his actions, what he did was totally wrong...God will wipe your tears very soon...Glad that you will go visit your mother, just be happy and cheerful..I know that God is still performing miracles...Seek other ways to increase your finances so you don't depend anyone...All the best and God bless everyone who has decided to help you with funds...Keep believing and you and your husband will get there

    Mc Pinky I don't agree that you have to blame the TWINZ and leave the mother out of this to sharing such stories with them...They are staying with their mom so what do you expect them...Though the gist of your write up is valid.

    Ij love na biko I ga di careful...Sacrificing rams and placing their heads on each junction na wa oh...People will do anything for self-preservation....

  23. Good afternoon everyone
    I love this cool weather, Stella please take good care of yourself

    Black Slimzy

  24. Good afternoon SDk fam, see plenty gist. Thank God for your health Stella.

  25. My heart is in a grateful state.
    Good afternoon fam.

    Sunshine BV

  26. Stella Nwanyi Oma, tank God for ya health.
    Hello Thursday πŸ₯°

  27. hmmmnnn. My state of mind...... Mixed feeling but grateful. God please protect, guide and keep us from all evil Amen. So many evil going on in the land but non shall come near us or our dwelling.

  28. In house news is loaded, Stella glad you're fine. Ijeoma tell your friend to be careful around that neighborhood . Chronicle poster,it's well with you and your family and I pray God will send helpers so you can visit your mom,I pray it won't be your last time, she'll be healed. Pinky you made a good decision.

  29. Pinky, nobody will say bad thing about your parents. One thing I have noticed about most of us, we tend to hide things make e no be our own worst. And this don't help matters.
    As you have shared it, someone going through similar experience should just learn from you and have a rethink to save himself/herself from future wahala.
    There's not hidden under sun, only truth stands tall forever

  30. Good afternoon y'all

    Please minimize using filters. What I saw was different from what I got today...

    Some people self, this sun 2day can boil water

  31. Have you heard the latest?

    ASUU about to sue COURT to COURTπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  32. Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  33. Good afternoon folks the hustle today is no joke, so much go slow, haven't really done anything concrete today. Oh well God is always with me , I shall continue to be positive! Grate news Stella, the lord is always with you πŸ™πŸΎ ❤️

  34. "One thing I noticed is, parents are too selfish once they are no more with one another, they tend to spoil and destroy one another just to make sure their children dont love the other party(Women especially). I got to know that, my mum has a lot of fault and my dad also has his own flaws which are so numerous but they both failed to adjust which led to both parties going on their separate ways."

    Bros, talk your truth without fear. Women especially QED.
    Na shout dem go only shout, dem no fit beat you. The truth would clear your conscience and make people who won't to do better take corrective measures. Political correctness and trying to please everyone won't achieve anything, rather it'll make things worst.

    Blessings ✌️

    1. Dante is drunk already..have told u times unnumbered to stop taking excess water but u won't listen.

      Sir, I'm a different being and I love to put my words in a very corrective manner and not in a destructive way.

      Love u

    2. Lol.. Pink

      Construction when you want to talk about women fuck up, but destruction when you want to talk about men's.. fear fear.. grow some balls my geeπŸ€ŒπŸ™‚

      When you say stuff that sounds gay,. Remember to add "no homo".. @your last words


  35. I don't know what to type this afternoon I am somehow overwhelmed by some situations but it is well with the Chronicle poster,I pray helps come for you.
    @pinky your post made me cried this afternoon,I am trying to coparent peacefully but when your ex keeps frustrating your really got to me this morning and I don't know when I will stop saying nice things to my child about his father.i hope you're doing well now?
    Honestly,I am tired of being the strong woman.
    Don't know why I have to go through all these...
    It is well!

  36. Good afternoon everyone
    Thank God for your health Stella.
    @ chronicle poster it is well with you and your family

  37. Thank God for your health @stella,
    @ chronicle poster May God heal your mother and provide for your family, everyone must/will not marry a rich man so your brother should take it easy. Somebody like me will only call this kind of brother only when it's extremely important cos I hate this kind of disgrace and drama.
    May God deliver us from this native doctors parading themselves as pastors, only God knows the kind of sacrifices that goes on in some of this so called churches

  38. Beautiful afternoon peeps ❣️πŸ’–

  39. Good afternoon,lovelies.
    Were you part of a choir group in your campus fellowship back then in school(precisely higher institution days)?
    I can still remember Md Dan telling me that i sing through the nose sometimes and that i should open my mouth to sing more.

  40. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone.

    Chronicle poster,as I was reading all what you wrote your brother did to you and your hubby,a picture of someone I know flashed at him..he is exactly what you wrote. So sorry for what you are passing through and I pray help comes to you so you can go and take care of your mother cause you never can tell if she'll survive ( I pray she does) and you won't live in regrets.

    Pinky's corner,you're very right about separated couples tanishing their patners images to their innocent kids.
    That's why I say it is the children that suffers when parents divorce or separate,I can imagine how your innocent mind was toiled with. It is well.

    Ij baby with the saucy gist πŸ˜ƒt today's own is terrifying 😯 evils everywhere,may God help us.

    Jewelu,my state of mind is "All things are working out for my good".

    Bvs I hail o.
    E go surely be ✌️

  41. It is hard and difficult out there in the world. God please continue to sustain your people. Thursday IHN. I thank God for you Jeweluchi Stella.

  42. Chai too many sacrifices littered on my street here every morning na God hand we dey.
    Pinky hmmm I was in the same state of mind like that,once they are separated ,everyone is a saint. God help us all.

    1. A wife left her hubby after years of enduring cheating.
      This man now turns around to abuse the wife that she is heartless for leaving her children with him, he condemns this woman to anyone listening.
      I don't know anything about her, only seen her once.
      One day ,while the man was thrashing her before me, I asked him one simple question.
      Sir, if a man treats your daughters, the same way you treated your wife, will you be happy?
      He got angry, that his son can't marry a wife that acts like his mother. I told him that's not the answer to my question, he was furious, I zip my running mouth instantly.

  43. My mind is in a Confused but hopeful state. I taya.

    May God perfect your healing @Stella.
    Good afternoon y'all. Do enjoy the rest of the day.

  44. Good afternoon everyone 😍

    Chronicle poster, I pray your mom survives but pls make sure you see her.

  45. Chronicle poster i pray you get all the help you need. It is well with you

  46. Chronicles Poster, do as your spirit directs you. Some yesterday even called you entitled. Some asked why did you guys buy a car knowing full well your condition. I knew there was more to buying the car. I concluded your husband used it as side hustle.

    Some gave advice they themselves will not give themselves, (some will even quarrel anyone that gives them such advice). Some said find a way to talk to your brother as if you have not done that before sending your chronicles. These same folks that insulted and called you names yesterday will come around today to talk different things and you wonder if they actually forgot what they said yesterday. Some did not understand the chronicles because they could not finish it but were quick to "offer advice" to be seen as having contributed yet talked out of point.

    You have said you will find a way to go and see your mother. Very well. May God grant you the resources to go visit her. And may God heal and prolong the life of your mother.

    As for your brother, he does not know tomorrow. You and your husband might be his benefactor tomorrow.

    Good luck.


    1. Some Bvs also gave good pieces advice. She herself admitted one in her rejoinder. Another comment made was about management of their resources. In the primary school we were told about cutting coats and sizes. Some opportunities come once. But if we take them, without being fully capable, there is a price to pay. This applies to the rich and poor. Poster and her husband over reached themselves financially. That is the real reason for their predicament. She admitted this also in her rejoinder. Her brother is not the reason why she cannot go be with her mother. Her school may not even grant her the long leave. But if she was financially bouyant, she could have asked for leave without pay.

      Yes, some of the comments yesterday sounded harsh. However, the truth needs to be told to ourselves and posters who seek public advice. The only requirement is that it should be made soft to avoid shock and depression.

      Tomorrow, she and her husband will enjoy the sweet fruits of today's actions. The pains of the seed time now are because they are doing too much with less at once. She overshadowed her post with my brother, my brother... That's what led to some of the responses she got.

      Please note that she needs permission from her employer to go before anything else. Nowhere did the Poster said she has applied for leave and was granted or refused.

      Almost everybody here don't know her. So...

      Lady Stella, please post. Doh. Welldone.


    2. /'re a wise person.

  47. The thing that goes on in an African family no be here.
    Pinky, sometimes it's even better out parents part ways because the damage they do to us trying to force the marriage to keep going is much.
    When we were kids, I and my siblings use to pray for our parent to get a divorce but they didn't.

  48. My state of mind is to show so much love to everyone πŸ’• welcome IHN

  49. Well, my state of mind is not balance right now .


    What I posted up there took me back to memory has damaged alot about me and till date, I'm still trying to adjust..hmmmit is well

    Please and please, don't ever try to put your children through this.

    1. It is well with you...I just pray you find healing and strength to learn from your parents' mistake...Be good

  50. Good day everyone.
    Pinky,you must have gone through a lot growing up,I'm impressed by how you handled your family situation.

    I'm emotionally downcast,that's my state of mind.

  51. Doctor in the mud🀣🀣🀣🀣Good to know you are well mama.

    Good afternoon Stella mama and BVs.

  52. State of Mind: I still wan nack.

  53. I wan nack, nack, nack, nack.......................

    1. I don't know where Stella got u many spoilt child in hereπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  54. May God come through for you@chronicle poster. Just try and go see your mum.

    Thank God for your health @SDK.
    Its a sunny day and I'm loving it, enough of the rain abeg.

  55. Good afternoon all
    Let me go and read

  56. Chronicle poster
    I saw you mentioned family of 5 before the car brouhaha, so you already had three kids but still went and took in again for the fourth child in this economy and your husband is a civil servant, you a baker? Na your husband I pity pass in this whole thing, that is how you people will push the poor man to go and do rituals.

    1. Some people really have reading comprehension issues. She has just 3 children. She had 2 and was pregnant with the 3rd.when her Father passed. And no, she has no plans for a 4th.

    2. Lady T, desperation to bash will not let them understand

  57. Chronicles poster of yesterday pls stop the pity party. You were aware of your financial situation before birthing three kids in four years of marriage. Take your last kid and go to Ibadan, plead with your sister in-law and drop your kids with her or let your husband relatives take care of them. You don't know if this is the last thing you will have the opportunity to do for your mum when she is alive. Your brother has tried.
    As for your teaching job, plead with them to give you three weeks leave,even if it is without pay. Of they sack you, there are teaching jobs everywhere. School just resumed, teachers are wanted seriously. You will get another job. Hope you are on family planning now? If not, let your husband use condoms, abi you can't afford that too?

    1. All she’s saying his the brothers fault , please also say all the things he has done for you..... if we hear from the brother , we will be shock .....

    2. Anonymous 16:32, she has said all that her Brother did for her or has done for her. You have yet to understand the purpose of the chronicles of yesterday and today. What has her having 3/4 children go to do with her fault. Haven't you seen where contraceptive failed? Assuming that is the case. I'm wondering that we are bashing this lady for having this number of children without looking at the main issue. Which is that she is a school teacher. Schools are in session and she has to go take care of her mother inspite of the fact that she has 2 todlers and a baby.
      Poster of the chronicles, I sincerely pray that the Lord will give you a miracle that looks like a lie to shame those who shame you. And may your Mum live long and well. Amen

    3. Having "two toddlers and a baby..." is hindering her in so many ways. Less money , less care for themselves and the children, less movement,less hustling, less everything as they are still building themselves. How will they build themselves now with number of kids the now have?
      Now to the main issue like you mentioned, ngwanu Lady T, dash her money. No be prayer and pity she need nowπŸ™„

  58. How do people cope with toxic people in their lives. I have always consciously move far from them even if it is a siblling.

    1. Same with me, cos I can't always keep calm ,enduring.

  59. My state of mind is hopeless right now.

  60. Good afternoon fam
    Chronicle poster,it is well with you

  61. Hello to everyone 😊❤️πŸ’•

  62. God bless my father 1 million times.
    He never tried this shit. Always telling us to respect our mother.
    He always asks did you give your mother money also whenever we give him.
    We all grew up with my dad and he never remarried. My mum did and my God it didn't end well also. Hmmm. Things dey happen.
    My mum tried to badmouth him few times but no body resonated on her frequency abeg.

    1. My mum for a very long time didn't say anything bad about my dad. She only wanted him to be responsible and help with school fees. Infact, she usually asks us to go spend time with him. I also used to pray for them to reconcile.
      But later I realised they were better seperated and my dad never said anything good about my mum, not even once.
      Yes, the kids are usually affected. But thank God for growth and wisdom. I am navigating life and praying to do better than them in every way possible.

  63. Stella, hope you're better today.

    Those twin love issue ehn, their mother no do well at all,I don't like the way they're encouraging the twins to disrespect their dad, someone commented that thunder fire their dad and they replied Amen, I was shocked.,its on their IG page. The man might have hurt them,but the least they can do is to respect him,I'm not saying they should love him,but respect him ad an elderly and their dad.

  64. My state of mind right now is of one hoping on God. Chronicle poster, God will bless you and make a way for your family to the amazement of your brother and everyone indirectly mocking you, Amen.

  65. Ihn....... pneumonia and bronchitis are brother and sister... giveaway with Stella loading.
    Ij Gist..... not our blood,ember month is full of renewing for evil people and also renewing for good people.
    Chronicle... it's well.
    Pinky.....this does not only happen with parents, also with siblings against siblings.
    State of mind... eleven start treatment on my mind

  66. Nna menn I love the frog 🐸 meme

  67. Pinky you are clearly siding with the father from the interview. How can you say the woman has been wayward from day 1 just because the man insinuated that? I watched the interview and realised the woman didn't lie, how can a father have evidence of sending 22k to two children in 24 years? Is that a responsible father? He said he stopped because she was always cursing him, why didn't he do his part even if it is to send the little he had consistently over the years? The man gave his side of things and I don't think he lied either but he should have put the welfare of his daughters in mind regardless.
    The man is part of those that say, when the child is old, he would come looking for his father. Let's stop making excuses for irresponsible men and women. In this case, God is the only one that knows the truth but iya ibeji raised those girls and saw when through their education while baba sent 22k in 24 years so make what you will of it. However, I respect your opinion Mc Pinky

  68. Stella I am glad you don't have any of those sickness and they shall never be your potion. Doctor in the mud😁😁
    .Una good night oo.

  69. Pinky well said. Greetings to SDKERS.


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