Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - Competition Gone Wrong.


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Sunday, October 02, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Competition Gone Wrong.

Overtime I have noticed that some people will just start competing with you and you won’t even know.


I know one lady and her daughter, we greet casually, chat a little bit and I go my way until one day. I was going my way as usual when I saw this lady carrying her daughter (she is around 2 years old) but what called my attention was the way she tied the girl’s head. I asked her why she tied the girl’s head and not tie her own, leave this children let breeze blow their heads o she bowed her head in sadness.

Turns out Lady has a neighbor whose daughter is same age as hers but with longer hair and she got jealous. 

She asked the neighbor what hair products made her girl’s hair long and beautiful and the answer she got sounded like a lie - Hereditary.

Lady says that’s how she will ask the neighbor where she got her daughter’s shoes, clothes and accessories but she will just mention one strange place and when she goes there, she won’t see the same. hmmmm

Okay so why all this stories? I asked her. Then she removed the scarf she tied on the daughter’s head HAAAA the horror. I felt like slapping this Lady. What have you done? She put relaxer on her daughter’s hair and left it for too long then the scalp burnt. When she started washing the hair, some fell out. GAWDDDDD

So why does the hair look like agric male fowl? She said she added hair color to make it look presentable. So if it looks presentable then why are you covering it?

 She didn’t talk. On a closer look I saw the girl’s elbow and knee cap, it was dark.

 Come did you use cream for this girl? She couldn’t answer. I gave her my 2 cents and left her with her conscience. I saw my amebo friend and gisted her, that one said the neighbor’s daughter was yellow and had very full hair like her mother.

 LOL as I black so I come dey expect yellow pikin shey no be juju be that?


  1. She should have started with her own hair and skin and leave the poor baby alone. Envy is a bad thing.

  2. Lord have mercy! I pity the poor child.

  3. Mcheww making the little innocent child start feeling insecure about her body at this tender age.

  4. My daughter's formal sch had this lovely 7yrs old girl with bunt knuckles and feet, sun burnt face and black lips, everything screamed BLEACHING CREAM! Like Why? Them I met d mum. Father God, saggy neckline, always hiding her hands in long sleeve, feet no b here I, then d hair style she wears this 7yrs old ,u might mistake her for a 14yrs . Very sickening

  5. The woman no get sense

  6. I just hate this story I read. Why do people disturb themselves over nonsense come carry a child join.

  7. But seriously parents should stop bleaching there children

  8. This one na big waa oo! Imagine that! I feel for the little child.

  9. That's the problem with mother's this days. Your child is not looking nice or pretty or wonderful because you or husband were'nt as children but see how you later turned out. Think about πŸ€”

    I believe that there are no ugly person in this world but people that are uncared for πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if there is any English like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    My daughter is very light skin and came with a gold like fire hair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's what I tis her with πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ some how I love the hair because of it was not commonly see around were we live, but men it was not easy to mentain, giving the fact that it was wooly and tick; she cries at every touch so because she was a bady I use breastfeeding to comfort her while making the her but as she grew and was out of breast and I wasnt good at platting hair except for the making of small small hair balls, it was hard, couple with people making comments like what kind of hair is this but didn't give up.

    The long and short of my story is that this gave my daughter lots of confidence of her hair without me knowing.

    When a time came that she moved with my dad to our home country and she was registered in school, some children in her school will be trying to make gest of her by saying ' what kind of hair is this? Go tell your Ma to dye your hair '🀣🀣 but to my amazement my girl tells them that "I Love my hair, is because you don't have some" and when I call or visit she tells me about it, although I acted calm but deep down in me I felt proud of her and just give her hugs and kisses say that's my girl you are special.

    Mothers let their children be, as they grow they change and become who they are really meant to look like

  10. Chai see wetin low self esteem dey cause o .
    Poor lil girl, that's how she might grow up with same horrible upbringing
    May we recieve sense in this life

  11. I just pity that innocent girl. Competition will end up sending people to early graves. Follow me lost.
    So if i don't tell you where I shop for my daughter you will not discover your own place abi, oya dey wait na

  12. That women is not serious, she will kill her child because of jealousy. What you don't have just be thankful to God with what he has given you and move forward.

  13. Seems bleaching is normal for most parents of nowadays. No shame again. Everyone wants to outshine the other.

  14. That woman no get sense,anyway all this computer mummies that's how they behave.

  15. I pity the poor child. Upon that she get mind tie her hair join.πŸ™†πŸ™†

  16. That's how one told me today at church that my daughter is getting dark,she said it twice coz I refused to reply her the first time,anyways I replied her,"na her father colour she get and her father no fair". Y do people think it's alright to comment on another persons baby like,like keep your suggestions to yourself and if you're a mother and you don't protect your child but let your insecurities reflect in him/her then you are the worst kind of mom.

  17. Chai! Poor girl!
    A lot of mothers are bleaching their kids. This is so bad.

  18. This one na illiteracy abi na bad belle, abi no sense at all, abi no maturity?

  19. Women are not ok or should I say ever contented some women sha ... I live with my Aunty in PHafter she gave birth to a boy.. the boy did not even want to crawl but rather want to be carried. While our neighbor has a baby similar in age who would stand and move few steps and stop. Low and behold one day aunty's baby who would not even stand on his own .. got up one day and started running... I mean running like crazy out of the blue we screamed ... Best part he just laughed and just was walking since then. Our neighbor was told ... One for the next 3 weeks na cane she use dey beat her own baby ... Until my uncle intervened as cautioned her.


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