Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - Father With A Question Mark


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Sunday, October 30, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Father With A Question Mark

When a man abandons or separates from the family without taking up any financial responsibility afterwards, such a man can be called a dead beat dad. But, when the man still sends child support and pays for everything then he is not, abi?

I got invited for a wedding but I didn’t buy the aso-ebi because it was too expensive. The mother of the bride was carrying face for me when I went to check on her a day before. What’s my business? If you like change to hulk I will come to your party and eat jollof.

I got to the venue and just sat at an almost empty table because I didn’t want to sit where the aso-ebi people were sitting. Some parties if you don’t wear the cloth they will just be passing everything over your head and it can be very annoying.

Engagement started and the MC started the normal talks and was stalling. Then people started murmuring. The DJ was now playing good music so everyone relaxed. The women on my table were going and coming and whispering. They are related. As a professional Amebo I moved closer.

The father of the bride is not her biological father. Her biological father left when she was ten years old and her mother married another man. The man never stopped sending money for his daughter’s school fees and other things but, the woman didn’t mention that part to her husband nor her daughter.

Biological father heard about his own daughter’s wedding on Facebook and so he flew down to naija from yankee.

Biological father wanted to sit as father and mother said no and then other father said he abandoned his family so he didn’t deserve the position so they threw punches and biological father spilled. Mother has been a bad girl, she has been collecting money for upkeep, taking advantage of the fact that the man didn’t have papers to come back home and telling people he was a deadbeat dad. My ear full.

Engagement that was supposed to start 11am we were there until 3pm and they already served us food and drinks before the bride now came out. They overcompensated for our waiting because food and booze flowed and that DJ was definitely from the hood.

The biological father sat in his position and although he was dressed differently he didn’t mind, he was all smiles and the bride is a splitting image of her father. The mother was fake smiling and I swear she no send because one could feel the daggers in her eyes.

I wish I was a member of their family because the family meeting will be hot. Not all dead beats are actually dead beats.

Well at least it ended well....


  1. I can feel the mother's hurt lol. Thank God sha

    1. Which mother's hurt again abi it's like kpe you dinnor read to comprehend this one?

    2. Biological father is still a deadbeat dad. Is money all that’s needed to raise a well-balanced child? So he didn’t seek to develop a relationship with his grown daughter and yet he could rush back to drag a chair he didn’t deserve to sit on? Tueh! Dingbat!

    3. Anon 13:53, I'm a woman but I always try to be objective, after hearing the mother's CV, does she look like someone that would have facilitated a relationship with the girl and her dad? Sometimes, it's really sad but the best thing you can do for your child is to let them have a stable home even if you can't be in the picture, especially as he was in a different country. From this story up there, I don't blame the biological dad.

    4. The average Nigerian man definition of Responsible father is school fees and financial responsibility

      Emotional responsibility and physical commitment is often outside their comprehension

  2. You really have long ears. You even wished to be a member of the family because of gist. You need an office then.

  3. When I tell people I coparent ,they don't understand.My child's father takes care of everything that has to do with his finances,there is no way I would remarry and claim he is doing nothing.
    The man should have forced the woman to give the phone to his daughter during her young age,that way the girl will know her father is not around but still doing some of his responsibilities.
    It's not fair on the man.

    1. Very true and thank you very much for being mature with your co-parenting, some mothers will go out of their way to paint the child's father in a bad light, which is very wrong, your relationship/marriage didn't work doesn't mean you should deprive your child of a relationship with the father.

    2. I have a friend dat is divorced and presently coparenting...her Ex is abroad and provides for his Son. The child is 7 and d father got him a phone so he can call him directly. So nothn like d mother is stalln d rltshp. When hes in naija he comes pick his child for holiday.

  4. That woman did wrong by painting the biological father as evil but herself was the devil.

  5. Hmmmm, Stella my friend is sitting on this table. I advised her to tell her man and her parents but she refused. Her child bears her surname and her parents are caring for her and her child, she is about to get married and I told her to confess to her aged parents but she refused. Is to be slaying upandan with her baby daddy’s money. Her husband to be is not aware, he is planning to adopt the child and change his surname. Yes baby daddy fooled her while she was pregnant and married an older woman for money but he has apologized to her and has been in the life of his child financially without complaining especially that his wife is having fertility issues.
    She almost stopped talking to me because I told her to open up to Her man and parents.

  6. That woman didn't do well at all. Nawaa oo.

  7. The man should have tried to have a relationship with his daughter not just sending money,talk with her in phone.
    Amebo your ears na antenna o😂 you even wished you were family member 🤣 reminds me of a day I was in a bus and two women were gisting,the amebo sweet me that I refused to drop at my intended busstop😃 amebo na work true true.

  8. What stupid hurt ? The brides mother is wicked.
    These kind one mo fit forgive .
    I'm happy about what the biological dad did.
    Shameless woman, I'm sure she was poisoning her daughters mind against her dad.

  9. No matter what happens between parents, they shld never extend it to the innocent child or children, because of tomorrow ooo. Hmmmmm
    Make I suffer finish, train pikin , then one Sombori will come out from nowhere to claim what I dont know . I will not lay a curse o but......
    Anyways God is not asleep 🤞

  10. She collected his money, he has the right to be there.

  11. The behavior of the biological dad on that day is exactly the same as the mother. The poor bride has selfish parents who worship money. How did the father think his daughter would feel with a stranger giving her away? Even dogs bond with the person who walks and feed them, not the person paying the bills. This man is not a ghost. As an illegal immigrant, you can still initiate a relationship with your daughter and sustain it. Imagine receiving gifts and letters from your Dad while in school. Imagine phone calls on the weekends. Imagine bonding with your cousins and spending your holidays with your paternal relatives. Imagine aunties and uncles coming over to gist with you or visit you in boarding house. Imagine wearing clothes your dad specially picked out for you. Imagine going through puberty with your Dad playing good cop while he downloads filtered info to your Mum to keep you on the safe path.

    There was a man who did all these things and who your child trusts and calls father, who fathered this child while you saw her as a financial responsibility or employee. What he should have requested was his money back or report at EFCC. He has really burned this bridge to his daughter because no man who sees himself as his daughter's hero will scar her like this on her special day.

    As a man, the least you can do is to be civil and thankful that someone else acted as protector and provider, shielding your child from a child world while you were chasing the money you think you can use to buy people and relationships. If you had been speaking to your daughter, you would know how good her real Dad was and find a way to honor him on that day, not destabilize your child's wedding.

    He got the pictures he paid for. Let the daughter and her team ignore the rude interruption, realize that her mother doesn't have their best interest at heart and continue where they left off.


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